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“Did you not understand me? You should only eat pure food.”

Carrots, beans, cauliflower… Just looking at it, it was like a herd of vegetables had poured into Serian’s plate.
Serian looked at it, dumbfounded, and turned his head to Florence’s plate.

“But why are you giving Florence meat?”
“Florence is a child. He’s still growing up.”

With that said, Yuria raised her eyes sharply. Like someone who saw something they shouldn’t have.

“Are you that jealous of your little brother eating meat?”
“That’s not it…”
“Are you trying to prevent even your younger brother from eating it because you can’t?”

What was even more unfair was that Florence cautiously covered his plate when he heard those words.


Since he couldn’t eat it alone, he thought he would show how sorry he was by asking her to give it to his older brother too, or if she didn’t, he thought he would give it to him secretly.

‘Is he afraid she’ll take it away from him?’

Even if the training was intense, and even if the food he was eating right now was a high-quality ingredient he had never tried before.
Florence was eating smoked sausage, shrimp, and chicken breast on top of the salad alone… alone…

‘Why, why does it smell so fragrant?’

And Serian’s restrictions did not end there.

“There is something called the ‘Five Pungent Vegetables’… You have to have a pure body to have a pure spirit.”

Garlic, green onions, wild rocambole, leeks.
While mentioning the ‘Five Pungent Vegetables’, which he had never heard of before in his life, she was saying that there were a few vegetables he was not allowed to eat at all.

‘I’m already just eating grass, but I can’t even eat all the grass?’

However, there was no wavering in Yuria’s voice when she gave the order.

“Hey, your mind is healthy only if your body is healthy. Don’t you know that?”

It was the first time he had heard such a thing.
And like that, Serian continued his rigorous summoning magic training while eating nothing but grass.

“Feel the nature and increase your affinity with water!”

The next day, and the day after, too.
He only trained to increase his skills. The whole day…

“Yes, do one lap around that lake. Then your affinity with water will increase and your stamina will improve, right?”
“That big lake? I mean, it’s not like doing a lap around the garden…”
“Then do you want to swim to the other side?”

In the end, they had no choice but to follow the intense physical training.
After running, not walking, around the huge lake, the two brothers collapsed, breathing heavily.
If they tried to stop halfway through even for just a moment, they would hear a loud voice without fail.

“Ah, ugh…”

Even though they had lost strength in their legs and couldn’t walk, the girl didn’t even blink.

The next day, it was a mountain.
After climbing in the morning, after lunch, and in the afternoon, a mountain that seemed far even to him, who was from a different race, Serian clenched his teeth and said,

“You’re not human.”
“You’re the ones who aren’t human. You’re from another race. Your bodies are stronger than those of humans, so why are you acting like that?”
“You devil!”

Florence, who asked if Yuria was a good person at first, was the first to explode.
His younger brother’s eyes, who did not raise his voice even when he was abandoned in the slave auction house, became fierce.
On the contrary, Serian, who was rebellious at first, looked at the girl in front of him with a weak gaze.

“It’s a physical training course I received from none other than the knight commander of the Primrose duchy. I even ask him to pay attention so that you wouldn’t overwork yourselves.”

The girl’s true self had been revealed from the beginning. They just didn’t want to believe it.
The girl’s statement that she needed a summoner was not a lie.
He thought he would do something else when he was having a lot of trouble because the girl wouldn’t be sticking around all the time, but he couldn’t.

“Did you want to just live comfortably after I reduced your subordinate contract from 100 years to three years?”
“You two are the devil. Where’s your conscience?”
“Subtract three from 100. I reduced it by exactly 97 years. Me, the one you call the devil!”

It was ridiculous because he seemed to be a person who only demanded things and didn’t keep his duties.
Yuria was right in every single word.

“You’ve made a contract with a spirit, but you can’t even use proper summoning skills. If you increase your affinity with nature, make a contract with a higher-grade spirit, cultivate a physical body that can withstand the summoning of several spirits, and have good mana control, you’ll be able to put your summoning skills to good use in the right places…”

He felt remorse as he listened to her.

“If you were sold to someone other than me, you’d be enslaved forever! Is it that unreasonable to ask you to do a good job in return for shortening the timeframe?”
“And do I make you do bad things? You’re steadily increasing your skills now! Is it that revolting to just work a little hard and read more books?”

Of course, the level of training didn’t seem to be ‘a little hard’.
After completing the physical training, they had to read the books she had brought while their bodies rested.
And they even took a test.

“What did I say we need to do to quickly make the chrysanthemums bloom?”
“A-about that… I think you said to adjust the light.”
“Exactly how?”
“You make them grow quickly by… exposing them to a lot of light. It was called the artificial cultivation method.”
“Wrong. It’s the opposite. If you expose them to more than 13 hours in the sunlight, it will delay the flower’s growth.”
“I’m… sorry.”
“What’s there to be sorry for? You said you weren’t used to studying before. Then, while your head is resting, how about taking as many laps as the questions you got wrong?”

Their owner was a genius in terms of being harsh with people.

“I’ll ignore the fact you spoke casually to me. I have a pile of work for you to do.”
“I’d rather… I’d rather…”

Serian trembled and shouted inwardly,

‘I’d rather you hit me!’

In fact, Serian didn’t trust Yuria blindly.
After preventing them from escaping by reducing the restraints to three years, she might make them do something indescribably cruel during those three years.
The kind of things that made one’s life dangerous or unbearable.
Still, Serian believed in Yuria, and she even brought Florence…

‘How could a human being possess such powerful spiritual power?’

Although Florence was so frightened, it wasn’t just because of how weak-hearted he was that he said Yuria didn’t seem to be a bad person.
Even if he wasn’t as discerning as Serian, he felt it instinctively.
The spiritual energy deep inside Yuria.

‘I heard that there is something called the power of blessing in the families of humans.’

Although the empire was a land of humans, he had still heard rumors of the duchy.

‘Is the source of the power of blessing a spirit?’

It wasn’t similar to the spirit they made a contract with to ask for power.
Was it a more ancient spirit… Should he say that their aspirations remained in the bloodline…
In any case, it was very strong.
Although the person concerned didn’t seem to know.

‘For her own good… It’s best not to tell her.’

How could a human like this have a strong spiritual power? The world seemed to be completely wrong.


“I asked you to help me with the construction part, but you don’t have to work too hard.”

Yuria went out with Crown Prince Enoch to build a cultivation facility and talked about the research she had done so far.
If the construction time of the ‘clay wall greenhouse’ was long, she would just research the products during that period.

“It would be ridiculous to build it quickly on my own in the first place.”

Telling him not to worry because they had plenty of time, Yuria took the crown prince to the land she had already bought.

“First… We should start by setting up a barrier.”

Twinkling dust flowed out of the crown prince’s hands.
He had prepared this barrier magic thanks to Yuria’s emphasis on it being the most important part of the business.
It was a land in the outskirts, far from the capital of the Piaast Empire, so there was less risk of being seen by others, but the more prepared the better.
Crown Prince Enoch also agreed with Yuria.

A ‘clay wall greenhouse’ was something innovative.

“Lady Primrose. There are many cosmetic ingredients that are difficult to obtain systematically in the Piaast Empire. Is there any way to minimize them or replace them with another ingredient?”
“I don’t want to compromise.”
“Of course, I know you want to make cosmetics with only the best ingredients, but there is also a possibility that they may not be available from abroad according to some circumstances.”

Until now, Yuria had always shown an attitude not to worry about the cosmetic ingredients.
Even when increasing the number of cosmetics to be presented during the opening, or when measuring the quantity to be made in advance. Always.
And there was a reason why Yuria was so unshakable.

“It’s alright. I think I can solve the problem.”