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‘Did she say she can solve it?’

If the target of cosmetics sales was mainly the aristocracy, the supply and demand of ingredients was not a big problem.
They just needed to increase the unit price in return.

However, rather than simply making money… It seemed that Yuria wished that ‘people did not die from applying powder made with lead’ and that ‘there were no people who were troubled by their skin’.
So she wanted to get that right.

‘It may sound cold, but the distribution rate of cosmetics is highly linked to the cost of ingredients. Of course, I wish I could do as the lady says… But in reality, I don’t think it’s possible.’

Enoch was running an imperial business, but at the same time, he was also the crown prince of the country.
From that perspective, he tried to propose a way to bifurcate the line for supply and high-quality, rather than selling only to those with money.

‘Lady Yuria has no business experience. I have a brilliant idea, so she just needs to assist me.’

Crown Prince Enoch didn’t expect much when Yuria said that there was a way.
It was a problem without an answer in the first place.
It would be harsh if she were to become disappointed because she couldn’t solve it. He just thought she had a great heart for trying to do her best for the people.

However, in the way that she could not give up everything, Yuria did not make any claims that didn’t have a sense of reality.
And so, she did not accept the alternative that the crown prince had mentioned earlier.

“I have a plan in mind for the supply of the cosmetic ingredients.”

Because Yuria had already prepared a countermeasure accordingly.

“Your Highness just needs to make several kilometers of ‘greenhouses’.”
“What I thought was ‘a facility where you can grow cosmetic ingredients regardless of how the climate changes’.”

Crown Prince Enoch listened to Yuria’s explanation… and admired her excellence. He couldn’t help it.
Growing crops was a waiting game.
Waiting for when it warmed up during the spring, and making plans for when it cooled down during the autumn.
Learning the flow of nature for farming was the way of all humans, including Enoch himself.
It was an area that he didn’t even think he would resist, considering it a divine principle.

“‘Greenhouses’ provide a constant supply of cosmetic ingredients, regardless of the climate.”

The crown prince looked at the vast land he and Yuria had arrived at.
Although nothing was blooming right now, if Yuria’s plan actually materialized, it would be filled with beautiful spring flowers even in the winter, and a scenery of beautiful crops would be seen even in the summer.

‘I’m glad that His Highness understands my plans.’

Yuria felt relieved as she handed the clay-wall greenhouse plan to the crown prince.
In fact, she only pretended to be confident. She was actually feeling anxious.

It was too difficult to build a glass greenhouse with the technology of this world. It wasn’t just difficult; it was almost impossible.
Building a glass greenhouse was already a problem in itself, but the heating technology that maintained it would also be a disaster.
With that, she couldn’t even dream of growing sustainable herbs.

‘That’s why I thought of the clay-wall greenhouse…’

The ‘Korean paper greenhouse’, from the Joseon Dynasty, which was built by mixing mud and straws to make the walls and sticking oiled paper to seal them.
The ‘fruit walls’, from the Middle Ages, where crops were grown with solar energy absorbed by the walls that were hardened with plaster.
And Yuria’s ‘clay wall greenhouse’ that could prevent external shock, was built by appropriately using the theory from both of them.

‘It’s unreasonable to control the temperature and humidity on bare ground using just the power of a spirit.’

Instead, she devised a facility where after building the walls of the greenhouse with clay, what was lacking would be covered with the power of a spirit.

‘In other words, the spirit will do the part that glass and heating are responsible for.’

Of course, this was also great enough, but Yuria saw the excellence of Crown Prince Enoch before he himself did.

‘I already understand the problem, but it’s not easy to understand how it is possible to supply ingredients only by listening to this verbally.’

Of course, even if Crown Prince Enoch didn’t understand, Yuria could still make a greenhouse by herself.
However, there would be a lot of trial and error in the meantime.
Because she wouldn’t have a partner.
She was fortunate to be able to partner with Crown Prince Enoch, who had many wonderful conditions.

“Lady Primrose, can we move to a place where we can see the land at a glance?”
“Of course.”

As they walked to higher ground, Crown Prince Enoch said something out of amazement.

“I was initially surprised to be asked to help with the construction of the facility, but I didn’t expect it to be such a specific design.”

Crown Prince Enoch gave her a sincere and innocent compliment. Yuria could immediately feel that they were not empty words.

“In fact, magic is mostly used only for fighting… I never thought of how to use it in this way.”

He had only ever used magic in the bloody battlefield… and now prepared his magic to be used in a peaceful way for the first time.
He had never used magic on a large scale like this, unless it was ordered by the emperor.
Although it helped to create the perfect crown prince he now was, it was a difficult question to answer when he was asked if he had any great happiness.

“Your Highness, though I am grateful to you for doing this, I heard that earth magic is not easy…”
“I’ll do it.”

It was a trustworthy voice.
The low and pleasant reverberation was heard in Yuria’s ears louder than ever before.

“As close as possible to how Lady Primrose designed it.”

Crown Prince Enoch held out his hand in front of him, drawing up his mana. Then, he closed his eyes.


In an instant, she wondered if the ground was shaking.

“It may be a little loud… don’t be surprised.”

Crown Prince Enoch opened his eyes.


A tall pillar rose where his gaze reached. It was well over the height of an adult man.
And it didn’t end there.
Wherever the crown prince stretched out his hand, the pillar became connected—


In the spacious but empty land, a wall that could span several kilometers sprang up in an instant.


Seeing that, Yuria let out an exclamation without realizing it.

‘Is this possible just from one person drawing mana?’

From the eastern part of the land, to the western.
The clay walls rose, filling Yuria’s vision.
And that wasn’t the end of it.


The ever-growing clay walls even bent according to Yuria’s design.
The curved surface was the part of the design that she was most worried about.
But Crown Prince Enoch wasn’t even looking at the scene.
As if he knew that it would, of course, be done according to his will, he was only keeping an eye on the design without even glancing at it.

“… Cough.”

How much time passed?
Surprised and unable to swallow properly, Yuria closed her eyes with a small cough, when she opened them, the magic was already over.


Before the dust from the first wall settled down, the clay wall structure was completed.

“Are you alright?”

And that was the first word uttered by a man who had quickly erected a clay wall.
Yuria asked back, dumbfounded.

‘Is he asking me if I’m alright?’

She wondered if he was asking what the significance of her small cough was.
Was he looking after her well-being first, even after doing such a great thing?
There is a degree of humility in a person!

‘How many months it would take if I asked someone to do it… It could even go on for years…’

It was done much more effortlessly than she thought, so she felt dazed.

“Your Highness… You’re really amazing.”

Now that it had come to this, the time she had set aside just for the greenhouse construction felt meaningless.
Seeing how exceptional he was in such a moment, she didn’t even have a clue what to praise.
And she knew that no amount of praise would suffice for the sight that had just been made in front of her.

“I heard that Your Highness was a skilled wizard, but I didn’t expect this much…”

Magic was great.
No, it wasn’t because Crown Prince Enoch was a wizard, it was because he had great skills.
In the same way the power of blessing descends on the Primrose family, magic will descend on the imperial family…

“The greenhouse construction… I didn’t expect it to end so quickly. I did ask for earth magic, so I actually thought that you would get a few more wizards, or that you would say you needed more time.”
“I’m embarrassed. It’s not such an impressive ability. The Lady’s design was really amazing. In comparison, I only do what I have been taught.”

Crown Prince Enoch simply shrugged with a soft smile.

“It wasn’t like I was fighting with anyone; it was an environment where I could just concentrate. I’m thankful that it made you happy.”
“Your Highness, it’s a little strange that you say that.”
“You know how great it will be to grow crops with this greenhouse. So why do you think that you, the person who built it, aren’t great?”