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Dante took a step back from me. He regarded me with an unreadable expression in his eyes. His face was marred by the curse, his life was shattered. And on that cursed day when Dante received it…

The man stared at me with melancholic eyes. I knew there had been quite a few scammers trying to prey on Dante’s hope. Given that, his reaction now made sense.

Cough! What I’m saying… I’m sincere.”

“Do you think I’ll believe that…?”

“There’s no proof it’s true, but there’s also no proof it’s false!”

Dante narrowed his eyes at my fervent plea. Then he sighed heavily.

“Ha, this is a waste of time…”

Before Dante could continue, I interjected. It seemed Dante wasn’t easily swayed. I needed to earn his trust somehow.

“I’ll prove it’s not a lie.”

Dante’s lips pressed into a thin line. Before he could leave me behind, I quickly added, “…Next time we meet, I’ll bring that proof. If my method fails, you can break off the engagement. It won’t be too late.”

Hidden behind his mask, Dante’s eyes met mine. Could he see my desperate plea?


Dante’s gaze fell to my exposed wrist. My arm extended, ready to touch the ground, revealing the unsightly mark my mother had tried to conceal.

Dante cursed under his breath, then turned his head to stare into the empty space.

‘What could she be thinking?

‘She regarded me with the mindset of a death row inmate awaiting sentencing.’

Dante sighed and ran a hand through his hair before reaching out to me.

“I can at least hear the story,” he said.

“Thank you. Truly.”

I clasped his hand firmly.

Did Dante feel it?

My intense longing for life.

* * *

“What on earth are they discussing in there?”

Countess Tyrannia paced the corridor.

Tap, tap, the unpleasant sound of her nails being bitten echoed softly.

Countess Tyrannia cast an anxious glance at the drawing-room door.

“Surely, she wouldn’t spill everything, would she?”

Had she been too complacent?

What if Chloe were to gossip about the treatment she receives?

What if she were to proclaim she doesn’t love Duke?

Despite being swept up in Count Tyrannia’s words and working for the Petros Family, a lineage with a royal succession right!

Anxiety crept in, wondering if they had staged an outrageous farce against such a family.

“No, no, surely not. Besides, with the Saintess present, what could they possibly do?”

A saintess was born in a hundred years.

Moreover, the current Emperor also relied on Illyae’s powers due to his illness.

In fact, it was more astonishing that the Emperor had not once proposed the Crown Prince for the throne until now.

“That… could it be?”

The Countess couldn’t withstand her anxiety, her nails finally breaking.




The Countess swiftly turned her head.


She thought it was Chloe.

The Countess awkwardly smiled.

Despite their strikingly different appearance and atmosphere, their voices had a resemblance.

Illyae spoke to the startled Countess.

“What are you doing here? Is Your Grace returning? A private consultation?”

Illyae grinned cheerfully.

She had come down to eavesdrop, and her mother was right before her.

“…Your Grace is conversing with Chloe.”

“Just the two of them?”

Illyae’s voice sharpened.

“His Grace wished for it. What’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing.”

Illyae quickly lowered her tail.

As always, mimicking the innocent daughter, she linked arms with Countess.

With a charming smile, Illyae said lovingly,

“Everything will be fine, Mother.”

Will it really?

“After Chloe finishes her conversation, I’ll share mine.”

Illyae whispered softly.

Filled with confidence that no man would reject her, she added,

“Is that so?”

“Yes. If Chloe has done anything wrong, I’ll apologize and try to make this consultation go well. Do you trust me?”

“Of course!”

The Countess’ face brightened considerably.

“Our sweet Illyae. How is she so clever? Without you, Mother would’ve already suffocated to death.”

“Oh, Mother…”

Illyae playfully nudged the Countess.

From an unseen angle, Illyae’s expression turned cold.

It was pitiful, almost contemptible, to have parents who couldn’t even handle such trivial matters properly.

But what could she do?

Currently, Tyrannia was Illyae’s only support.

“What are they discussing in there?”

Chloe, be careful not to babble nonsense. Stay still.

Illyae’s pupils flickered maliciously.

* * *

“I don’t know how to lift the curse because I’m involved with its origin.”

I spoke with a cold voice.

Dante nodded.

He seemed to regain his composure.

His exposed face was cold and composed.

What expression he wore behind the mask, I couldn’t tell.

Dante slowly opened his lips.

“I see.”

Polite language.

It seemed like Dante suppressed his emotions and was ready to listen to me.

I took a deep breath. This was Dante’s last chance for me.

I carefully spoke.

“I’ve been influenced by Illyae’s awakening as the saintess. I’ve gained limited precognition.”

I carefully chose my words to package the information I had.

Illyae has never been helpful to Chloe in her life but could provide this much of a pretext, right?

“Precognition? Does that mean there’s a way to lift my curse in the future? How? Will it even be possible to lift my curse in the future?”

It was a question full of question marks.

It felt slightly irritating. To think I would lift the curse in the future.

I pondered what answer would be helpful to me.

Originally, it was Illyae who lifted the curse, not me.


“Where should I start and how should I tell it, but yes.”

I replied casually.

“I’ll lift Your Grace’s curse.”

At that moment, Dante’s gaze wavered.

Even if he were Dante, could he not be shaken after hearing such a story?

He lowered his eyes, perhaps afraid of being exposed as a liar.

“It’s a secret from my parents.”

When your life is at stake, you end up doing things you couldn’t do before.

In the past, my face would turn red when I lied.

“…So, there was no known information about Illyae’s abilities.”

“I didn’t want anyone to know. My precognition was limited, and most of the characters were the same.”

“The same characters?”


This was another small lie to create a connection between me and Dante. The future I know is what I read in the novel.

The protagonist of the novel is Illyae.

I should have said I know all the futures related to Illyae.

But it would be better to have a more dramatic presentation.

I met Dante’s eyes again.

“Mostly, Your Grace was there. That’s why I had to marry Your Grace.”

“…Because that was the case even in the future?”


Dante’s brows furrowed.

“It’s to change the future.”

This was also a lie.

Originally, we married. And that marriage ended in disaster.

But Dante would never be pleased with this truth.

I, too, had no intention of ruining our marriage like that.

Anyway, if fate were to change.

Rather than being dragged by fate, wouldn’t it be better to appear more plausible?

“If I don’t marry you, I will die.”

This, too, was somewhat true.

Anyway, I die.

“So, this is good for both Your Grace and me.”

Dante’s gaze wavered again.

I’ve set the stage and put down my stake. Now it’s time to show my hand.

Dante seemed ready to believe me.

“…There will be a flood within a week, causing the Schopenhauer Bridge to collapse.”

I remembered this event, along with Dante and Illyae’s meeting.

Illyae was involved in rescuing people because of that incident.

And based on that incident, Illyae was once again recognized as a saint by the public, and her story reached the Royal Palace.

It was the first moment Crown Prince Werner became aware of Illyae. It was quite an important scene, so I had to steal it.