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“Milady, do you know what Dante is talking about?” Dante pointed outside, where the sun was shining brightly. At that time, the Empire was suffering from a historic drought. It was natural for Dante to be suspicious since most people were starving.

“So that means… That means if something like this really happens, you can trust me, right?”

“There are a lot of people living under Schopenhauer Bridge. If your prediction is true, their lives are in danger.”

“It is Your Excellency’s choice to believe me and evacuate them. If my prophecy is true, Your Excellency will be a hero to the masses.

“If not, I will be a liar.”

He nodded his head.

“By the way, in the future I saw, many people died, and Your Excellency managed to rectify the situation.”

Werner was not the only one who realized the importance of helping the flood victims. Dante also saw Illyae that day. The image of a beautiful female protagonist smiling and reaching out to help people.

“I’ll give you time to think. If my words are true, come and meet me in Tyrannia.”

Dante’s sapphire eyes fixed on me. It was as if he could already see it. My happy future.

Dante pondered for three days. Over 3,000 people lived on the river bank under the Schopenhauer Bridge. If there was a flood, all of them would be in danger. But it wasn’t easy to evacuate 3,000 people on blind faith. The only shelters that could accommodate them were the shelter under the Repinel Cathedral, prepared by the State for emergencies, and the shelter under the Sinien Cathedral. Both required the authority of Duke Petros.

It became an official matter.

“It’s definitely risky”

But it was a risk worth taking. Three thousand lives and the lifting of the curse. That bold woman had bet on two things.

Dante called to Kelos. Kelos, understanding his gesture, replied mechanically, “There was a report this morning of a severe drought causing crops to wither.”

“What about the meteorologists?”

“Two of them predicted a massive flood soon. People treated them like crackpots.”

“I see.”

Dante gave the command.

“Open two shelters under my authority and evacuate the river people to them.”

“Excuse me? But Your Excellency, this could lead to the palace’s condemnation.”

“I will take the responsibility.”

Even his aide couldn’t resist Dante’s firm will. It took the Duke’s authority for the Duke’s knights to evacuate everyone, a total of six long hours.

Even the royal palace was visited.

This was to explain why the shelters were opened without consulting the palace. At a time when everyone thought Dante was crazy.


Drops fell on the parched earth. It was the beginning of a three-day deluge. I was the happiest to see this rain.


I swallowed my happy cry.

“Isn’t the weather beautiful… even with the rain pouring down? Do you know that it’s been raining for three days now?”

Marion asked, looking puzzled. How many were tied down by this heavy rain? The people in our villa were no different. The cancellations of events Illyea had been invited to caused quite a stir. Moreover, some of these events were supposed to be attended by Prince Werner, so household hysteria reached its peak on the third day. Thanks to this, it was the servants who were exhausted.

I couldn’t say anything, but Illyea didn’t just lose the chance to meet the prince this time. The event known as the ‘Schopenhauer incident’ would have spread Illyea’s fame far and wide, but I prevented that. Since there were no articles about it even after searching various newspapers, it seemed that Dante believed me. Once this rain stopped, brightness would come into my life. There was no reason for me not to be happy.

“Go away! Can’t anyone get this woman out of my sight? My dress is ruined!”

It was another peaceful start to the day. Standing next to me, Marion nudged my shoulder. Even the scratching sound seemed like sweet music.

“Illyea sings like a cunning fox.”

Marion said with a face that looked like she might cry.

“Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere, Miss…!”

What could be wrong with me? I was better than ever.

There was no contact from the Duchy of Petros. Mother and Father were curious about what happened between me and the Duke. But since there were no rumors of a separation from the Ducal household, they couldn’t treat me disrespectfully. I knew what they were thinking.

But none of that mattered. I rubbed my neck. At first, Marion went crazy when she saw the bruise on my neck.

“Is it because of the Duke? People talk like he’s some kind of monster!”

It wasn’t like that at all. Dante wasn’t that kind of person either. This was a kind of proof for me. That day wasn’t a lie, and the opportunity I took was still valid proof. It was proof that if I held on a little longer, I could leave this place!

* * *

“I really didn’t expect it to rain like this. Even in the royal palace and among the scholars, praise for the Duke is high.”

Kelos said in a surprised tone. Dante stared out the window with a stern expression. The newspapers carried articles every day about how the city was a mess from the overflowing rivers. It was just like Chloe had said. The more it rained, the more confused Dante felt.

“What do you think about being able to see the future?”

“Well? Hmm… No philosopher has ever had such an ability. Even the most revered Saint Solene never had records of being able to see the future.”

Kelos replied, wondering why he was asking such strange things. Normally, Dante didn’t say useless things or deviate from established norms. But lately, Dante had been acting like someone else. Suddenly evacuating people without any certainty, without consulting the palace, and now even seeing the future.

There was only one instance where Dante broke his own rules. When it came to the ‘curse.’ Kelos carefully took stock of Dante’s reaction. Dante slowly ran his hand through his hair. Even this small gesture carried a weighty meaning. The black mask he wore added an air of mystery.

Dante’s long fingers played with the mask.

“Someone has appeared who can lift the curse.”

Kelos, who had been working diligently, froze. He jumped from his chair and ran to Dante’s desk. The items on the table clattered to the floor. But neither of them paid any attention.

“Is that really true?”

Dante frowned and sat back. Kelos’ excitement made his breath catch slightly.

“Hmm. Step back.”

“Now is not the time for this! Who on earth…! Do you really think that’s possible? How?”

“The one who predicted the rain said so. They know how to lift the curse.”

“That person also opened the shelters! And earlier you mentioned someone who can see the future!”

Kelos’ voice grew louder, causing Dante to lean back even more.


“What do they want? What must you give them to lift this curse?”

“Do you believe that statement at once?”

“No one has ever solved it! Even if it’s a small chance, I can at least grab a strand of Frejya’s hair!”

Dante chuckled. Frejya was Kelos’ precious and only friend who was currently having a fit.

“Thank you very much.”

“So, what do they want?”



Dante paused for a moment before blurting out, “Marriage.”

“Yeah, that’s a good way… What? Marriage? That marriage?”

Kelos shouted, causing the mansion to shake.

Who on earth was this young lady? Was Lady Restor wrong in her assessment? There were rumors of a marriage to the Duke without consultation. And what of his proposal to Tyrannia?

Dante remained unmoved in the midst of Kelos’ confusion.