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“I beg you. Please save them.”

[ Yes! ]

Karentina dropped Leah, who replied valiantly, to the knights and walked towards Damion. Perhaps it was due to the lingering emotions that remained in her body. Her shoulders were trembling slightly.


Damion was a handsome young man who looked so much like her, with the same silver hair and sharp features that one thought they were siblings.

With each step she approached, her heart tingled, and her fingertips grew cold. It was confusing whether this emotion was mere empathy as a reader or the longing left in Karentina’s body. In the storm of emotions she was experiencing for the first time, she couldn’t keep her thoughts straight.

‘…It seems like I’ve become completely one with Karentina now.’

The sight of Damion lying on the cold snow with a pale face made her heart ache as if it would tear apart, and in the end, her tears burst out. It was only after confirming that he was breathing slowly did she regained her composure.

‘He’s alive.’

She was really glad that Zion quickly informed her of Damion’s condition.

At that moment, Leah and Zion, who had finished the divine treatment, came to her side.

“Damion… No, how is Brother?”

[ His condition is the same as the knights, but there are wounds from the sword. ]

Her heart sank when she heard the words stab wound.

“I-Is it serious?”

Leah shook her head gently and spoke cheerfully.

[ It’s not fatal. It might be difficult to move for a while, but the poison has been neutralized. And the wounds from the demon’s claws and the sword will heal soon over time. ]

“Thank you so much, Leah.”

When Karentina wiped away her tears and smiled, Leah covered her face with her fluffy ball arms as if she were embarrassed.

‘Then, all that’s left is…’

At the thought, she turned her gaze to Ignis, who had collapsed beneath the tree.

“Stay here for a moment.”

The next moment, she walked towards him.


Was it because he was the male lead?

Ignis’s appearance, which became clearer the closer she got, was truly indescribable. His golden hair swaying in the wind seemed to have been created by gathering all the most sparkling lights in the world.

His clean, white skin akin to perennial snow in the north and his perfectly chiseled features made him strikingly different, to the extent that the words ‘beautiful’ effortlessly applied to him even though he was a man. Even with his eyes closed, there was an air of decadence, causing her heart to race.

‘This is crazy. He’s really handsome.’

Karentina was at a loss for words in front of the male lead’s appearance that surpassed imagination.

[ I think I’m more handsome. ]

Thanks to Zion’s bitter voice, her thoughts that had run away returned belatedly. Well, why would it matter if he was handsome and tall? He was a devastated male lead who was obsessive and confined the female lead.

Her body trembled.

‘He must’ve fainted, right?’

She waved her hand in front of Ignis’s face.

Among the knights who had fallen in the forest, Ignis’s injuries appeared to be the most severe. Karentina gestured to Zion and Leah.


Seeing Zion coming this way with Leah in his arms, she slowly pushed herself to her feet and muttered to herself without realizing it.

“…It must hurt a lot. Just hold on a little longer; the heroine will come to save you soon.”

It was at that moment that she turned her body towards Zion—


—A strong grip tightly seized her wrist.


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