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Chapter 53

Yuria did not want the compliments she sincerely uttered to be taken like this.

“If you devalue yourself to compliment me… I’m not happy at all.”

But after saying that, Yuria bit her lips.

‘Was I being presumptuous just now?’

Perhaps Crown Prince Enoch merely spoke words of humility.
It was possible that Yuria was too excited taking everything too seriously at this moment.
In the end, Yuria let out an apology.

“I apologize. I think I got a little excited when the greenhouse was built.”
“No, I have also said something similar to the Lady. Hm…”

In business, it was important to clearly highlight what one has done.
However, it was true that Yuria shone so brightly in the eyes of the crown prince that he said something uncharacteristic of him in response to her compliment.

“Then neither of us… well, neither of us should say something demeaning about ourselves.”
“We should both take care of those bad habits, right?”
“That’s right.”

Yuria recalled something that happened in the past.
When the crown prince had come to her, saying that he wanted to partner with her because he appreciated her abilities and the feasibility of the cosmetics business, she told him that she would refuse an offer that was nothing but a reward for what she had done.

‘Back then, I thought it didn’t make sense for someone to reward me for something I did before I even stepped up first.’

Yuria humbled herself and turned her gaze slightly.

‘Did His Highness feel the same way about me at that time? It doesn’t feel good to hear him say it was nothing after he did such a great job…’

She couldn’t believe she still remembered that.
Even if she pretended to be confident as much as she could, she still had that weak appearance that came out at first glance.
Before she went back in time, and even now.

‘The crown prince is such a good person.’

Though, of course, it wasn’t just for her. The crown prince was kind to everyone.

“Thank you. For caring about my speaking habits.”

Still, it was a valuable help to Yuria. She wanted to make it clear.

“And… For making my dream come true today.”

After finishing organizing her thoughts, Yuria smiled brightly.
This time, Crown Prince Enoch stiffened when he met Yuria’s smile. He, who had a sense of relaxation at any moment.

‘I’ve never seen her smile like this before…’

Yuria didn’t just stick to her expressionless look.
She raised the corners of her mouth, pretending to be confident, and she also showed interest with a small smile.

However, it was the first time she had smiled brightly like just now.
Right now, Yuria seemed to have let go of all her hesitation, shyness, and many other thoughts.

‘Even though she’s been smiling in front of me, she always seemed to be uncomfortable with me…’

He blinked blankly.
For a moment, time seemed to have slowed down.
He had just come to this place today to build a farming facility.

“I’m glad… to be of help.”

He was naturally someone who knew how to speak quite smoothly, and he spoke with ease when talking to anyone.
Without much friction in human relationships.
As the crown prince and as a human being, he had been doing well.

“… However, there’s still time before we open the cosmetics shop.”
“Ahaha, that’s right.”

Strangely, it took him a while to say something.
Crown Prince Enoch suddenly cared about something Yuria had said and opened his mouth.

“But what we did today was… the Lady’s dream.”
“Yes, regardless of my family’s wishes… I wanted to do business as a human being named Yuria.”

She hated Duke Primrose, her brother, and her sister Lilika.
She just wanted to be free without being restricted by them.

“The business I’m doing right now is just something I’ve been dreaming about. What I wanted to do.”

She didn’t want the love of the Primrose family, she just wanted to exist as an individual named Yuria.

“Ahaha. Strangely enough, I ended up telling His Highness all these things today.”

Only then did Crown Prince Enoch realize why Yuria’s smile had been engraved in his eyes today.
Today, Yuria was very defenseless.
So much so that she told him her feelings without any expectation, and smiled in front of him without thinking about anything.
No, perhaps he was the one who was defenseless.

‘She’s just an old first love…’

He thought he knew how to control his emotions, so it was strange.
The woman in front of him shone so much.
She was different from him, who moved as his grandfather, the emperor, wanted and was satisfied with.
She moved as an independent human being.


Yuria smiled happily.
Even though they acted like this and that, they were a mass of talent, so their growth accelerated.
She expected it from Serian, who was the second male lead, but she was also pleased with his younger brother Florence.

‘The soft look in his eyes he had at first has changed.’

She liked that his eyes were full of spite. They were definitely gleaming at first.
But she also gave him a healthy vegetarian diet and made him sleep in a good bed, so why was he looking at her like that?

‘Did ever hit him or say something abusive?’

She just made him practice summoning magic.
If there is a businessperson who trains their employees so kindly for their development, come out!

“What are you looking at? Do I make you upset?”

Yuria crossed her arms.
She couldn’t understand why he looked at her like he was a part-timer looking at a vicious business owner.

“At the end of the day, I’m just telling you to do well… tsk, tsk. As expected, kids these days are weak.”
“When you reach a certain level, I can take off your restraints. You only have to help me until then.”
“… Really?”
“Why, don’t you trust me? I’ve done everything I’ve said so far.”

However, the siblings trembled even more when they heard those words. Then, they timidly rebelled.

“… If you just let us rest now.”
“Okay, then, shall we do something other than training today?”
“… Really?”

The two brothers looked surprised, but Yuria decided that this much was needed to make them invested in the real deal.
Then, she led the brothers to the land where the crops would grow.

“Well, take a look.”

The three of them arrived in front of the majestic greenhouse.
Yuria spoke to Serian and Florence with a proud expression.

“I can grow different crops with less impact from climate changes. I have a lot of things I want to make with this.”
“You made this?”
“Yes. It’s my dream. Cool, huh?”

Serian couldn’t argue.
Even though Yuria had always mixed a little criticism when she spoke to him.

The vast expanse of land, systematically placed walls…
In the meantime, he could imagine the crops that would grow in the future, as Yuria said.
It was surely a landscape that had never existed before.

‘If this is completed… there will be a big transformation…’

While Serian was speechless, Florence was honestly impressed.

“I-it’s amazing. I didn’t even think of something like this. What are you going to plant here?”
“Actually, I already knew you were coming today, so I prepared the basics.”

After briefly explaining, Yuria naturally entrusted the task to Florence, who was filled with admiration.

“Now, use the Water Spirit to give me water. Ah, of course, you can’t just give it to me. Do you remember the books I’ve told you to read so far? You can give it as it is written there.”
“When are you going to snap out of it? I made you memorize things about plants as well as summoning magic.”
“You did…?”
“Of course, I am growing them well with the blessing of growth, but there is a limit when it comes to growing many crops. Managing it is your role.”
“No, is that how…”
“Well, it must be difficult at first, right?”

Yuria said she had summarized it herself, pointing at the data with her chin as she handed it to Florence.

‘Did she say she summarized it?’

Florence’s jaw trembled with betrayal after receiving a thick batch of papers.
Whatever the case, Yuria cheerfully clenched her fists in front of Florence.

“Show me what you’ve studied! Fighting!”

That’s right.
Compared to regular greenhouses and glass greenhouses, the clay wall greenhouse has its advantages and disadvantages.
It was the role of a summoner to make it perfect!

“Ah, I could have made you do your job as a summoner on bare land. It’s a good thing that the greenhouse was built. Right? All you have to do is play your role as an auxiliary.”

Yuria said, smiling cheerfully.

“What you have to do is to control the temperature, and if it suddenly hails, you have to stop it. And stop the birds from attacking the crops too. I think that’s about it?”

It was a lie. Starting from the ‘temperature control’, it was very difficult.
What was written in the summary Yuria handed him in the first place was the change in temperature according to the direction of the wind, the crops to be planted according to the distance from the wall, and the amount of moisture to be maintained.

‘How is that the role of an auxiliary!’

Of course, controlling temperature and humidity was incredibly easy thanks to the greenhouse! They would die if they were to keep these large crops alive without walls! But still!