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Tessa greeted the baby owl with a soft voice.

“Hello there, little one. How did you end up all alone here?”

Hearing Tessa’s question, the owl, initially cautious, slowly began to relax its huddled body. It then started bobbing its head and stared at Tessa. Finding it adorable, Tessa couldn’t help but smile.

“Madam, should we check nearby for a nest? If there’s one, we can place it back.”

“Is that okay?”

“As long as the mother bird is around. But… looking at it now, there’s something strange about its posture. Why is one wing hanging like that?”

Lilah, sensing something unusual in the fallen owl’s posture, approached and gently scooped up the baby owl with her ample apron. As she did so, one of the owl’s wings seemed to hang weakly. Lilah clicked her tongue.

“No wonder… looks like it hurt its wing when it fell. Well, it wouldn’t be crying here if it was perfectly fine from the start.”

“What happens if its wing is injured?”

Lying docilely in Lilah’s hold, the baby owl was only rolling its eyes. Tessa asked in a worried tone.

“If the mother bird detects an injury, the chances are she might abandon it. Judging by its size, it seems to have struggled to eat and grow, probably pushed aside by its siblings. Poor thing. At this rate, it might not survive for long.”

Upon hearing the grim outlook, Tessa’s shoulders tensed in shock.

“What can be done then…”

“Well, treatment could help, but…”

“Then let’s treat it!”


“If it gets treatment, it can survive, Lilah. Am I right?”
Tessa wanted to treat the baby owl. Despite it being their first encounter, she couldn’t bear to leave the cute and small creature to die. Sensing Tessa’s earnest gaze, Lilah soon nodded her head.

“Well… if Madam wishes. Then, let’s start with first aid. We can call a vet afterward.”


“To request first aid for this…?”

Kennis momentarily doubted her own eyes. No matter how she looked at the creature in the basket, it didn’t resemble a person. The bright yellow eyes that met her were blinking in a somewhat bewildered manner. Surprised? So was she.

After Marquisate Jutert’s extinction, Kennis had been working at the Duchy. The reason being the need for a female doctor to attend to the Duchess.

In fact, when she was first offered the job, Kennis had planned to reject it since she was preparing to move to a peaceful County. However, the salary proposed by Hert, now Duke Calias, was… too significant to refuse.

Having already tasted the allure of money once, Kennis couldn’t resist the temptation of such a high salary, and that’s how she became the Duchess’ personal doctor.

Of course, she didn’t know she would have to examine something other than humans as part of her duties as a personal doctor.

“I apologize, but I couldn’t think of anyone else…. “

“….No worries, Madam. Since you’ve brought it here, I’ll take a look. By the way, did you say it’s an owl? It looks cute.”

Kennis sincerely examined the baby owl. It felt a bit awkward to inspect a fuzzy bundle of fur instead of smooth human limbs, but surprisingly, there weren’t many difficulties in the examination.

“Indeed, as you mentioned, the wing is injured. However, it doesn’t seem to be a severe injury, and it should heal quickly if taken care of properly.”

Kennis advised wrapping the injured wing with bandages to immobilize it and suggested calling a vet promptly. Although there seemed to be no other abnormalities aside from the wing injury, there could be internal injuries, so it was essential to get a professional examination.

“But this owl patient is the first of its kind, and surprisingly quiet.”

Whether it was due to hunger and lack of energy after having cried so much at first, the baby owl was now quiet, blinking its round eyes. The round eyes that seemed to say ‘I don’t know anything’ made it appear even more innocent.

Lilah, who had been silently watching from the side, suggested.

“Madam, should I try offering something? If you allow me, I can go to the kitchen and get some meat.”

With Tessa’s approval, Lilah went to the kitchen and returned with finely cut pieces of meat.

Tessa delicately picked up a piece with the forceps provided by Kennis and offered it to the baby owl. Fortunately, the owl eagerly accepted the tasty-smelling piece and ate it. It seemed quite hungry.

After devouring a dish of meat, the baby owl looked satisfied now and crawled back into the basket then lazily stretched out inside.

Witnessing this scene, all three of them burst into laughter.

“Normally, it should be very alert. But seeing it relax like this after just one offering of meat, it seems like it knows Madam has a good heart.”

Kennis agreed with Lilah’s words.

“Even animals seem to know everything, where to extend their paws for good treatment. It’s a lucky one to be discovered by Madam.”

Tessa found the comment amusing. If it were genuinely lucky, it wouldn’t have fallen from the nest or injured its wing in the first place. However, she chose not to voice these thoughts.

“Kennis, thank you… for attending to my somewhat unreasonable request.”

“It’s okay, madam. I also enjoyed the chance for a different experience. I hope the young owl patient recovers quickly. But more importantly… isn’t it about time for Madam’s counseling session?”

“Ah, it’s already time…”

Even after moving from the temple to the ducal residence, Tessa’s counseling sessions continued. However, as the Cardinal wasn’t able to freely go between the Duke’s residence and the temple, the counselor had been replaced by another priest.

Just as Tessa was about to leave, a maid arrived, informing her that someone had come from the temple. Tessa hastily got up.

“Please tell them I’ll be down shortly. Lilah, I’m sorry, but could you put the baby owl in my room instead?”

“In your room, madam?”

“Yes, it’s better to place it in my room for now.”

It seemed convenient and reassuring to leave the baby owl in her room. After all, she was the one who discovered and took responsibility for the owl’s care.

“I’ll be back soon. Sleep well.”

Tessa gently waved to the owl in the basket and then headed out to meet the priest.

* * *

“If you had come any later today, it would have been a disaster.”

“No, it would’ve been more entertaining. We could have witnessed those old fools tearing each other’s hair. Too bad, if we had come later, there might not have been any hairs left to pull.”

After the noble council meeting ended, Hert left immediately, throwing a sarcastic remark at Lange. He responded coldly.

In truth, Hert couldn’t comprehend why he had to attend this gathering where the old nobles played at power struggles. However, as Duke Callias, he had no choice but to participate whenever the noble council convened. This obligation had been passed upon him when Marquis Borwen promoted him to the title of Duke Callias.

Yet, Hert had no idea that these noble council meetings were held for such useless matters—according to him. Knowing or not knowing wouldn’t have made a difference, but it was undeniably annoying to leave the pregnant Tessa in the mansion while having to come to the palace for the absurd fights of the dirty old nobles.

“As if they have so much to do today and tomorrow.”

“…We’re still in the royal palace, Sir.”

“Those guys are so greedy with dirty ambitions.”


“I hope they all die at once. Then, there won’t be any council meetings for a while because of funerals.”


After Marquis Borwen dealt with the remnants of the former Duke Callias, his hidden fortunes were revealed, the remaining nobles were fervently discussing how to distribute and seize the newfound wealth.