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Ha-ugh, Weed…”

Hana called out to Weed in whimpers. Her voice was strange, even her ordinary speech sounded like cries of ecstasy.

Weed responded by kissing every corner of her face. He nibbled on her ear while his hot breath filled it as Hana continued to convulse under his touch.

“Not yet…”

Hana pushed against his chest, trying to back away in alarm. Even that single word from him was overwhelming.

“…We need to do more. Hana, it’s not enough. It will still hurt.”



He thrust powerfully once more, and a short sigh escaped Weed.

“…Because it’s necessary.”

As he slipped his hand between her knees and pulled, her body slid slickly. She twisted, attempting to escape, but it was futile.

“Hana, stay still.”

There was no escaping.

Weed straightened his upper body, holding Hana’s waist with one hand and her opposite knee with the other and pulled her to him. Her legs were spread wide, and without the cover of being closely embraced, their joint was blatantly visible.

As he half-withdrew, Hana struggled against the grip on her leg.

Aah, Weed, Weed—wait, ha-ugh!

Hana arched her head back and couldn’t close her open mouth as he drove deeply. She cried tears continuously while just clutching the sheets, not knowing what to do as he scraped her inner walls with each thrust.

Weed didn’t even lick her tears away, so her tears just wet the sheets. Perhaps she was drooling like a real addict. She was intoxicated by an overwhelming pleasure that was almost numbing.

“Hana, if you move, haa, it won’t do…”

Ah, ah, ahng! Aahng!

Her moans were so much that she couldn’t respond properly. Hana thrashed, trying to escape the relentless pleasure that threatened to obliterate her sanity.

It felt as if her brain would melt.

Whining and writhing seemed to annoy Weed, who paused his rhythmic movements and overlaid his body on hers.

Knowing what would happen if he caught her, she tried to push him away.



Her hand that was outstretched was feebly caught as Weed intertwined his fingers with hers and pressed her into the bed. He gazed down at her as he continued his thrusts.

Hana burst into tears and shook her head.

“Don’t move, okay? If the poison spreads wrong, it could be dangerous. I don’t want to see you in pain.”

“It’s not, it’s not pain, it’s just that… I, I c*me… ah…! Weed! Heuk…huwahng!

Even though she had to say something, she couldn’t make coherent sentences. Hana didn’t even know what she was babbling about. Perhaps her mind was already melting away. Soon, she couldn’t even afford to think as sparks flew in her mind.

While pressing down their arms together, Weed took in her blank gaze. Her lips were moist and parted, her breath heavy, she was irresistibly beautiful.

Lust surged within him again.

Hana just opened her mouth and trembled uncontrollably. The arms that held her were tight, veins likely bulging on the backs of his hands.

Inside her, his engorged member moved slowly, friction building until he climaxed. Hana felt like she couldn’t breathe in that moment, as if sparks of pleasure were igniting inside her. Instinctively, her stomach muscles tightened.

“Hana, you can’t let it spill.”

Ah… huuahh…”

Taking advantage of the slight relaxation, his hot lust ran down her thighs. The flowing fluid brought with it a scorching wave of pleasure.

“It’s okay. I’ll… hu, put it back…”

“We, uh… hah!

Had it not calmed down? Or had it swelled again so soon? How could it seem even more engorged than before?

Pleasure needed to be manageable. This was too much. It was too much, far too much.

Hana tried to turn away, but she was quickly caught by the waist.

“You can’t go like that. Do you know how much shock your body is taking? Huh? You have to heal your foot, right? Right, Hana….”

“I, don’t, I don’t….know… huahng…”

Her facial muscles relaxed entirely. What was she supposed to say? Could she even say anything at that moment?

She hadn’t known it would be like this. She felt as if she was suffocating in pleasure. Positioned on all fours like a dog, only her hips raised for Weed, he grabbed her waist and ground into her again. The obscene squelching sounds filled the air.

“No. No… Ah, no!”

She was terrified of this level of pleasure. She was scared.

If fixing her foot was supposed to be dangerous, if the pain needed to be eased, the actions at this moment felt like they would kill her first. One could die from too much pleasure, couldn’t they?

“No? Does it hurt?”

Ah, uuhahng! No, ah, aahh…”

“I must not be doing enough. Hana. For you, I’ll try harder, so please, ah… please don’t hate it. It’s necessary, isn’t it? I’m sorry to trouble you, but I will do my best to make it pleasant…”

Ah, ahng!

The place that was completely loosened had her juices flowing freely, and he pierced her smoothly. Hana screamed sweetly.

“No, Weed! No! I… I don’t want it! No… Stoop…!”

“Is that not it? You’re not in pain, right? Hana, Hana? Please, answer…”

Huaaa, uh, aht, aahh!

Overwhelming pleasure stripped away her sanity. It made her say strange words.

‘It’s good. It’s good. But… but this is…’

Even though it wasn’t bad, and even though she saw how visibly hurt he was by her words, swept away by unbearable pleasure, Hana ultimately couldn’t bring herself to tell him it felt good.


* * *


She dreamt. She saw something incredibly bright and dazzling. Then, a long and endless dream followed.

When it felt like everything was over, Hana woke up. Someone had called her.

[ I don’t understand. ]

She felt as though she was floating, suspended in a bottomless void, motionless. Normally, she disliked such sensations of weightlessness, but for some reason, it felt okay now. Her body and mind were completely relaxed, her thoughts not following through deeply.

She looked around and saw nothing. It was as if all light had been extinguished, and only her body was distinctly visible below.

[ What makes you hesitate? ]

A familiar voice echoed in the emptiness.

[ Is it because of lingering human attachments? Humans are quite complex. ]

It was a dream.

In this dream, the voice didn’t hide anywhere; it didn’t threaten. It was endlessly close. Hana wasn’t sure whether to respond or to just let it mutter to itself.

[ Ha ha ha. Every time you say you don’t like it, he distorts its face so funnily. ]

The voice chattered on with a laugh.

It seemed to have observed everything she had done before the dream.

Hana blushed. The series of actions taken to reduce pain. The mingling with Weed’s drug-like fluids. Her screams before fainting. And now, this lengthy dream. It was an embarrassing memory. Yet, she didn’t feel embarrassed before this voice.

Feeling a whim, she opened her mouth vacantly.

“Come out and talk. I don’t know where to look or speak to.”