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A large palm cradled Andra’s slender back. The other hand firmly gripped her back and head to keep her in place. Warm breaths brushed against her neck before reaching her lips.

With each light touch, one and two. By the third, Andra instinctively parted her lips to welcome Dustin’s tender flesh. As she consented, his warm and moist tongue eagerly explored every corner of her mouth. His tongue intertwined with hers in a dance of passion.

In the fervent kiss, Andra closed her eyes and held Dustin’s neck tightly. While he was busy teasing her with his tongue, Dustin swiftly untied Andra’s nightgown and pulled it down her back. His fumbling hands hinted at a sense of urgency.

Suddenly, the fabric parted, and the nightgown slipped down. The smooth shoulders and a soft back were now exposed.

Dustin lifted Andra onto his lap and supported her back. Then, with the hand that had been supporting her, he slowly rolled up her white nightgown, revealing her slender waist illuminated by the moonlight.

As the nightgown reached her chest, Andra momentarily parted her lips and raised her arm to help remove it. The thin fabric fluttered down to the ground.

After stripping her, Dustin gently licked down Andra’s neck while his other hand firmly grasped her exposed breasts. His thumb and forefinger pinched her entire nipple, causing it to harden instantly. As he scratched the nipple with his fingernails, Andra finally let out soft moans as a tingling sensation enveloped her chest.


As his hot breath trailed down her neck and nibbled on one breast, Andra arched her back and pulled Dustin’s face closer to her chest. His wet tongue eagerly sucked the soft breast and occasionally grazed her nipple with its tip.

“Uht, haa…”


Dustin’s hand, which had been supporting Andra’s head, trailed down her spine and gently touched her underwear. Feeling the dampness within, he felt himself feeling tight. Dustin quickly tore off her underwear without waiting for her consent.


As her secret place was suddenly exposed to the air, Andra gasped and flinched. However, Dustin continued to caress her back, waist, and stomach while sucking, licking and biting her ample breasts to generate heat. Her pink nipples glisten with his saliva and turn red. The sensation sent shivers down Andra’s body.

“It’s so sweet…”

The sweet scent was so overwhelming that it felt suffocating, Dustin buried his face in Andra’s chest and murmured softly.


As Andra’s back arched and lifted slightly off her knees, Dustin spread his hand wide over her secret place and gently rubbed it.

A lifetime of wielding a sword had made Dustin’s rough palm firm and calloused, as it roamed around her opening and rubbed around the clitoris and the surroundings, slowly awakening sensation. Gradually, as the excitement increased, her opening began to trickle out liquid.

When she was wet, Dustin cupped his fingers around Andra’s protruding clit and lightly shook it up and down. Unable to resist the peculiar sensation, Andra leaned into him, pouring her weight onto him.

“It’s already flooding. Can you tell?”

“Huht, I feel it…”

“I’ll make you feel even more.”

The gentle touch that had been caressing her wet orifice stopped. After leaving a small kiss on Andra’s cheek, Dustin laid her on the bed and swiftly removed his own clothes. His muscles, sculpted tight from rigorous training, were visible under the white shirt. His body, with muscles densely packed on his shoulders, arms, chest, and abdomen….. resembled a magnificent stallion.

As Dustin removed his pants, a large bulge protruded from his underwear. The already erect member strained against the underwear. As if irritated by it, he took off his underwear and the unusually large member dangerously bobbed while oozing fluid. Seeing that, Andra unknowingly gulped.

Every time Andra looked at Dustin’s, she felt overwhelmed by the size which was as large as her forearm. It was beyond comparison, like a formidable weapon. The past when she had accommodated it within her seemed like a distant past. Meanwhile, her lower abdomen was gradually tightening with excitement, feeling a flow of wetness from within.

“Suck it quickly.”

Andra said, writhing her body in a strange state of excitement, Dustin approached and spread her legs, holding them apart while lightly sipping the liquid trickling from her opening. Ung! Andra shivered and let out a soft moan, he lifted her legs and placed them onto his shoulders.

“Don’t spill, it’s all mine.”


Soon, his soft tongue cautiously touched her. As his hot breath rushed in when he nuzzled his nose under her, Andra gasped and grabbed Dustin’s black hair. Strands of hair slipped through her fingers. She looked down at him with a flushed face. Before long, she felt his tongue delicately flicking against her clit.

“Ah, Dustin… Uuhng, more…”

Dustin’s tongue began to delicately lick down her secret place. Each time causing Andra to tense her body and curl and uncurl her toes. Her hole also responded, twitching in response to the stimulation.

Despite feeling his climax coming to his lower body, Dustin didn’t let impatience take over. Andra’s satisfaction was his priority. Above all, Dustin loved it when Andra couldn’t resist the pleasure and called out his name in ecstasy. To be able to see her blue eyes swimming in pleasure was also nice.

“Uh, hng…”

Andra felt Dustin’s ministrations with her eyes closed. It was hard to remain still as his rough tongue licked up all over and rolled around her clit.

She gripped Dustin’s hair tighter and pointed her toes. His tongue pressed firmly against her clit, causing her clenched lower abdomen to twitch along with her thighs. It was a sensation of unbearable pleasure gradually seeping in.

“Uht, Du, Dus…Ung!”

Andra lifted her hips and let out a muffled moan as Dustin wrapped his lips around her clit and rolled his tongue around it. Water gushed from within and Dustin eagerly sucked them all up. Glug. His throat gulped roughly.

He briefly raised his head to admire Andra. Her cheeks flushed from excitement was adorable. There was no woman in this world as beautiful as her.

Dustin flicked her clit with his tongue and gently caressed the pulsating entrance with his thumb. The eager hole, demanding to be filled immediately, responded to his touch. However, instead of inserting his fingers right away, he teased the area around it very slowly. As his tongue and fingers worked in tandem, Andra let out a series of moans and arched her back.

“Ah, uhng! Ple, please…”

The overwhelming sensation rising from below made it impossible for Andra to control her body. She felt as if her hole wanted something to be pushing inside her. Or maybe she just wanted to experience even greater pleasure.

The teasing sensation of being gently lifted and dropped was driving her crazy. I want to come, please. Andra covered her face with both hands and whimpered.

“Not yet. Just hold on a little longer.”


Despite Andra’s plea, Dustin resolutely continued to flick her clit with his tongue. As Andra unconsciously spread her legs wider and slipped it off from his shoulder, Dustin gently caressed her thigh and calf with his other hand.

The watery sounds echoed in the room. As Andra once again shot the fluids from within and stretched her toes, Dustin slowly inserted his index finger into her pulsating entrance.

“Ah, hu!”

The eager entrance eagerly swallowed his index finger. Dustin withdrew his lips from her and gently rotated his finger, while rubbing her inner walls.