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Joking about such a truth, I soon let out a hollow laugh.

“Well, I didn’t want to be the only one admiring how pretty I look dressed like this. Jane, you too should come here at 5.”

“Me. too? Um… okay.”

As if calculating her tasks, Jane counted on her fingers, then briskly left the room. I watched her until the door closed, then straightened up once it did.

Silence enveloped the room.

After our lengthy chatter, the empty room felt more silent than usual. Despite the curtains being fully drawn back, not a sound from outside entered.

Only the glaring sunlight filled the room.

It’s bright. So bright.

I sat at the vanity alone, looking around the room bathed in light.

This room, which had been with me from the moment I woke up as Selena, had been my constant companion.

The bed that is like my soul, the desk and chair I’ve grown quite fond of, and the tea table where Aiden, Jane, and I would often gather to eat cake.

The window offering a clear view of the sky and garden.

Looking back, I’ve lived a good life. The child who used to huddle in a storage room has lived a good life for nearly a year.

Goodbye, my life. Goodbye, my room. Goodbye, my Selena.

Before bidding farewell to my dear ones, I first said goodbye to myself.

A chill breeze seeped into the room.

* * *



It seemed Jane was faithfully executing my instructions. Aiden visited my room shortly after Jane left.

As Aiden entered, he widened his eyes and looked at me. After a moment of silence, he softly spoke.

“Is this….a dress?”

“Yes. Pretty, isn’t it?”

At my question, Aiden’s lips slowly curved upward.

“Yes. You look beautiful.”

Not me, the dress.

However, I didn’t bother to correct him since the compliment was given so sincerely and purely, it didn’t feel bad.

Well, it’s true that I look pretty, too.

“It’s a dress for the New Year’s party, but I decided to wear it a bit early. I probably won’t be able to attend the party.”

The smile that had been bright on his face stiffened.

The corners of his mouth that had started to fall slowly lifted again.

Though it was a forced smile, it looked surprisingly natural—perhaps a result of working in service for so long.

“Don’t say that. If you don’t attend the New Year’s party, who will dance with me, even if it’s a clumsy dance?”

“Well, that’s right, our dancing is quite unique, isn’t it?”

“Indeed. No one can replicate it.”

As Aiden jokingly replied, he slowly approached. I remained seated on the vanity chair, quietly welcoming him.

Aiden reached out to adjust a strand of hair that had fallen beneath my ear.

“You must be nervous.”

“Very. Ah, maybe we should start by revealing that we’re a couple to ease the tension?”

“…That sounds good. Then I can always, always, stay by your side.”

“You’re always with me now.”

As I spoke, Aiden chuckled and nodded.

Well, that’s true.

A brief affirmation followed, and we laughed together.

“We should hold hands.”


“We promised not to cry.”

“I won’t cry.”

I lifted my pinky and reached out. Soon, Aiden’s fingers intertwined with mine.

There was a time when we made a promise like this.

What was it about? I can’t quite remember.

Anyway, we made a promise like this, fingers intertwined. Did that promise… hold?

Whatever it was, I hoped it did.

“It’s already this late. They’ll be here soon.”

4:47 PM.

Soon, the guests I invited would start arriving.

We did not let go of each other’s hands. From pinkies to thumbs, our fingers were entwined, sharing a firm warmth.


“Yes, Miss.”

His immediate response made me close my eyes, then slowly open them.

Squarely in the rising vision, there was your lovely face.

“…I love you.”

Despite my straightforward and somewhat embarrassing confession, Aiden gave no reply. He just looked down at me with a stiff face.

The lack of response didn’t bother me.

The barely noticeable pulse at my fingertips was too fast. The redness of his earlobes under his hair was too lovely.

Knock, knock.


Aiden has started to say something to me but looked back in surprise

The calling voice was my brother’s.

One by one, the guests I had called were arriving.

Looking toward the door, Aiden then turned back to face me, smiling.

His free hand, which hadn’t been holding mine, caressed my cheek, and soon his lips touched my forehead.

After a brief kiss, Aiden let go of my hand.

He turned around, slowly approached the door, and reached for the doorknob. The air that had been warm suddenly felt cold.

With each step he took, little by little, little by little.

Eventually, Aiden stopped right in front of the door. As he clutched the doorknob with trembling hands, he gave a low sigh.

The sigh was followed by Aiden’s hand moving.

Click, creak. Sounds seemed especially loud today. With such noise, the door swung wide open.

Time flowed ceaselessly.

* * *

At 5 PM, everyone gathered on time.

These wonderful people never arrive late.

I looked at each person who had come.

My family immediately showered me with compliments on how beautiful I am when they saw me. And then there was Lucas, looking at me with a skewed gaze… Why is he looking at me like that?

Anyway, Jane, who was seemingly exhausted from the effort, wiped sweat from her forehead. Ian looked at me with a faint smile, the doctor with a puzzled face.

And you, Aiden.

‘It’s okay.’ With those words silently formed by your lips, you flashed me a beautiful smile.

Taking them all in, storing the sight as if to save it, I closed my eyes tightly.

So that even when my vision blurs away, on the day I die, I can recall this moment clearly.

“Selena, what’s wrong?”

Mother’s voice that was once filled with excitement was now filled with worry.

Seeing me silent after calling everyone here, she must have wondered if something was amiss.

That’s when I finally opened my eyes.

Again, my vision was blurred.

One seemed like two, two seemed like one, colors merged making it impossible to distinguish anything.

This confirmed that this was indeed a symptom of the fourth petal.

I had been scared until now, but realizing this was the symptom of the fourth petal… it just seemed somewhat amusing.

Really, life throws everything at you, huh?

At that moment, I felt glad for the blurred vision. Perhaps I could proceed with what I had to say more calmly, without seeing the saddened faces.

“I’ve called everyone here because… there’s something important I need to say. It’s important.”

See? With faces not clearly visible, words just flowed out.

In the silent room, only my voice echoed.

“Something important?”

As Brother prodded, I nodded. My fingers trembled slightly. Even the smile that I forced felt stiff.

But let’s endure it. Let’s smile. Let’s show them a smile.

“I’m sick. I’m… quite sick.”

The only one who could talk about their illness with a smile here was me, after all.