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Wounds from relationships don’t easily fade away.

But as these wounds become smaller, we grow into bigger people.

We rise from a hurtful past and head towards a better future.

Charlotte was right. The past five years have been a time for this growth.

“Over the years, I’ve imagined countless times how we might meet again, what we would talk about, what might have changed by then…”


“I even thought…. we might never meet again.”

But whether by chance or fate, we reunited. And once again, I realized that my love has not faded, only time has passed.

And you, you remain unchanged.

I looked into his deep blue eyes, as vivid as the emotions filling them. Before I knew it, it had spilled over with tears that had gathered.

“I’ve reached an age where I no longer believe in things like eternity or romance.”

The realization that some things do not change was unexpectedly moving.

I pulled out a handkerchief and gently wiped his tears away. He gets hurt too often, cries too often, I thought.

“After the banquet… let’s have a long talk. Just the two of us.”

Theodore closed his mouth as if swallowing his tears and nodded as I said, “Stop crying.” His tears stopped, but the redness around his eyes was a clear sign he had been crying.

I summoned Frigga to cool his eyes with tiny ice crystals. The small white snow rabbit gently landed on my shoulder, causing Theodore to look surprised.

“…It’s still hard to believe…. Frigga actually looks this cute.”

I chuckled and playfully poked Frigga’s cheek.

“She’s quite fierce though.”

Friga swatted at my hand with her paw. Of course, it wasn’t painful.

* * *

After the evening banquet, late into the night.

After a long discussion, I finally managed to get Theodore to sleep.

It’s not like he was a child excited from a trip, but at well past 11 PM, he still wouldn’t settle down to sleep, giving me quite a hassle.

Understandably, we had much to catch up on.

Our conversation mainly revolved around how we had been over the past five years.

As well as discussing some issues from our past that we had buried.

Although touching on painful memories was something both of us approached with caution, it was certainly different from the past when pain dominated our exchanges.

We managed to discuss them more boldly this time.

‘If only I had been honest with my feelings back then… would anything have changed?’

’Speculating like that is pointless. The past is already behind us, and we must live in the rapidly approaching future.’

That was the conclusion I had come to. Being caught up in the past wouldn’t allow us to move forward.

If we want to live in the future, we shouldn’t remain bound by the past.


I gazed down at Theodore as he slept. His complexion seemed a bit more lively…. It was a relief given his extraordinary ability to recover.

The ticking of the clock spread through the quiet bedroom. I raised my head and glanced at the wall clock.

It was nearly midnight.

‘Maybe I should go to bed too…’

Just as I was about to quietly get up from the bedside,


Theodore suddenly grasped my hand.

Stunned, I opened my mouth to speak.

“Were you pretending to be asleep?”

“….I can’t sleep.”

That was a lie. His eyes were heavy with sleep.

I sighed deeply and said,

“Go to sleep. I’ll stay with you until you fall asleep.”


Theodore, who had been silently watching me, smiled faintly. His fingers playfully tickled my hand, and I firmly grasped his hand to stop him from fidgeting. He then mockingly groaned in pain.

….That was absurd.

“If you don’t sleep soon, I won’t wait until you fall asleep—I’ll leave right now.”


Startled by my warning, Theodore grimaced and quickly shut his eyes, pretending he would sleep immediately. Watching his antics, I couldn’t help but laugh helplessly.

“….Do you want me to sing a song?”

When I asked gently, Theodore, who slightly opened his eyes, responded with a hint of shyness.

“If you would…. I’d be very happy.”

I smiled and gently stroked his dark hair and began to sing a lullaby in a soft tone.

Under the night sky where the moon rises, echoes the stars’ song…

Gradually, Theodore’s breathing became more steady as he comfortably closed his eyes.

After finishing the lullaby and checking on him carefully, I heard his even breathing.

It looks like he has finally fallen asleep.

‘Sleep well, don’t wake up too soon.’