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The whisper in her ear, asking her not to leave, sent chills down her spine. The grip on her cheek was firm. It wasn’t her imagination.

Elysia found Damon’s willingness to let her go more terrifying.

“Take care.”

Though his voice and actions were gentler than anyone else’s, she felt a chilling fear through her body. Whenever Damon revealed his obsession, it often made no sense.

There were plenty of people who could replace her.

She was nothing special.

If anything, she lacked. Any random person chosen could offer better prospects than her. Honestly, she wasn’t an ideal bride by any means. Under normal circumstances, she wouldn’t have become the Grand Duchess. It was only due to exceptional circumstances that she lucked into the position.

“Come back soon.”


“I don’t like the Grand Duchy without the wife.”

Elysia could only nod like a fool to Damon’s kindly attitude until the end. She had no other response.


She sat blankly in the carriage while thinking.

There must be a reason Damon wouldn’t let her go. But no matter how much she thought about it, there seemed to be no reason for him to cling to her. It was neither beneficial nor advantageous for him.

In the original story, Damon was known not to like his wife, killing her without any guilt or hesitation.

This much was certain. It was her own setting.

“It can’t just be a deception…”

He displayed an abnormal possessiveness towards her. Though it seemed he let her go on her own, she knew it wasn’t the case. He might even be tracking her himself, capable of arriving at the Grand Duke’s castle before her.

“Ha… Let’s not think about it anymore. Dealing with Edward and Sierra is overwhelming enough.”

Indeed, just the situation with Sierra and Edward was giving her headaches. She should tackle the urgent matters first. Even while focusing solely on Sierra, Elysia couldn’t guarantee uncovering the truth.

She took a deep breath, trying to gather her thoughts.

“She must be at the Duchy…”

She hoped today wasn’t one of Sierra’s outing days. While she could have sent a message ahead of her visit, Elysia chose not to, fearing Edward might escape in the meantime. According to her memory, Sierra wasn’t particularly fond of outings either, only venturing out for specific purposes.

Sierra wasn’t naturally outgoing or sociable. Her continuous attendance at social circles was solely to help her gain power.

“Today… there didn’t seem to be any major parties…”

The position of the Grand Duchess had its perks. She was invited to parties every time, even if she never attended. Every social gathering sent her an invitation despite her not actively participating. The same would likely apply to Sierra.

She hoped Sierra didn’t have personal engagements today.

Even if not for a party, Sierra often went out to scheme. However, with Edward now on her side, it seemed unlikely she’d leave.

That was why Elysia had hurried to the Duchy.

“They will have to let me in.”

It would do no good for rumors to spread about Grand Duchess Raphael being treated poorly. At times like this, she was glad for her title as Grand Duchess.

The sound of the carriage stopping signaled their arrival.

“We’ve arrived.”

She was in such a hurry that she remembered too late that she’d left Chloe and Rachel behind. There was no time to wait for anyone, so she had boarded the carriage alone.



As she opened the carriage door, she saw Chloe. Her face was red. It wasn’t just Chloe, several knights and another carriage followed. As expected. Damon wouldn’t have let her go alone, knowing the Grand Duchess had many enemies, an outing alone was dangerous.

“Why are you in such a rush… We barely caught up.”

Feeling guilty, Elysia offered an awkward smile. She should have approached this more calmly and collectedly.

“Please announce that Her Grace, Grand Duchess Raphael, has arrived.”

Without realizing how quickly they had gathered, five knights now stood behind her, all draped in black cloaks bearing the Grand Duchy’s insignia. The all-black attire, even here, drew a bitter smile from Elysia.

“Grand… Grand Duchess Raphael?”

The gatekeeper was startled by Elysia’s sudden arrival, though the knights behind her didn’t utter a word in response.

“I, I wasn’t aware you’d be visiting today…”

The gatekeeper hesitated, trying to gauge the situation. Elysia offered a kind smile in response.

“I came to see Lady Armando.”

“Ah… That is…”

Since there was no prior notice, it would be problematic to let her in immediately, but refusing to let the Grand Duchess enter was out of the question. The backlash of a rumor that they refused the Grand Duchess entry would be severe.

“May, may I at least report your arrival first?”

“I can’t wait too long.”

A boy was seen dashing towards the mansion as soon as she finished her sentence. Had it not been a child, she wouldn’t have waited.

“Please, please come in.”

The doors to the Duchy opened shortly thereafter. It seemed the plan was to let her in first and then figure things out.


* * *


“Lady Armando is—”

“The Lady is currently out on personal business.”

Elysia sat in the drawing room, quietly looking around her surroundings. Her unexpected visit had thrown the Duchy into disarray.

Could Sierra truly be out?

“Where could she have gone? There weren’t any notable parties today…”

“Well… She left on personal business, so I don’t know the details.”

Personal business… It wasn’t a lie. Sierra often left without disclosing her destination. The question was whether this was a lie or truth.

“Did you inform her of my visit?”

“Yes, yes… We did. We received a message that she would return soon…”

“You can leave us.”

Sierra’s personal destinations were limited. Either the Solar Information Guild or the black market. Surely she wouldn’t have gone there with Edward… In the original story, Sierra never let the male lead, Eddie, catch wind of such affairs. Everything was conducted in secrecy.

“So.. is Edward still here?”

It was uncertain if Sierra was genuinely out. She debated whether to cause a commotion demanding Edward be brought to her or wait for Sierra to appear.

Knock, knock.

An urgent knocking sounded.

“Your Grace, may I come in?”

It was Sierra.

“Ah, Lady Armando.”

“What brings you here? Without prior notice…”

It was true that she lied about going out. Sierra couldn’t have returned so swiftly otherwise. Yet, Elysia felt her assumptions weren’t entirely wrong. It was the first time she saw Sierra so disheveled and panicked.

“I rushed over without sending a message ahead. I’m sorry.”

“No, I’m thankful you came.”

“Perhaps we should sit.”

Sierra’s excessive panic over Elysia’s unannounced visit seemed odd.

“Did you return because of me? I hope I haven’t ruined your outing.”

“No, not at all. It’s fine.”

Still, Sierra was still Sierra. As if she’d never been flustered, she quickly regained her composure, returning to her usual demeanor. Elysia hadn’t expected her to return so promptly.

“What brings you here?”

Had she realized it, or had Edward not told her yet? Judging by Sierra’s behavior, she seemed unaware. Elysia had expected an immediate revelation… Was he not entirely on Sierra’s side yet?



“I’ve come regarding my brother.”

The drawing room fell silent. Mentioning Edward caused Sierra’s eyebrows to twitch.

“Are you referring to your brother, Your Grace? Is there an issue?”

“Lady Armando. There’s no need to pretend. I know everything, which is why I’m here.”

Sierra looked momentarily caught off guard before resuming her usual expression. If not for this situation, Elysia would never have seen such a crack in Sierra’s facade.

“…You’ve utilized the information guild.”

Technically, Elysia’s silence wasn’t an admission or denial. After all, she had learned that the two were going to get married through the guild.

“I thought you had come to me for a different reason…”

“I want to see my brother.”

“Edward isn’t here right now.”

Sierra’s casual mention of Edward surprised Elysia. Though Sierra used to call him Eddie, it was under the assumption that he was a commoner without a title.

“But I’ve confirmed he’s here.”

“He is staying at the Duchy, but he’s currently out.”

Was she expected to believe that?

“Though you may not believe it, it’s true. How much do you know?”

“I know about the marriage and that my brother has been hiding his abilities.”

“Then, it’ll be easier to discuss. Currently, Edward is visiting a wizard I know for training.”


“He had only hidden his abilities, so he could not develop them.”

“How did the two of you meet? And all of a sudden, marriage and succession…”

In the original story, Sierra helped Edward develop his abilities to stand against Damon. Did this mean she was using Edward again to ascend to the throne?

“As I’ve said before, I have no intentions of being enemies with Your Grace. We are not on opposing sides.”

“And you expect me to believe that?”

“If you wish to understand what I say in the future, you’ll have to trust me.”