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A week later.

All the money needed to enjoy a splurge at Walpurgis Night had been secured.

Although the value of Count Zachary’s Manor had risen, it wasn’t that expensive, but since Baron Ella’s Manor was practically a steal, there was quite a profit left over.

I was on my way to Walpurgis Night, wearing newly purchased clothing, shoes, accessories, and even a butterfly-shaped mask.


“Why the long face?”

With everything seemingly falling into place smoothly now, my expression was sour.

“Don’t know why? Because you look displeased.”

That’s right. I was feeling dissatisfied with the current situation.

Seated with his legs crossed on the opposite side of the carriage, Douglas muttered as if he found me even more displeasing.

“Where do you find all this unnecessary stuff, bothering me with it…”

“Got something to say? Why are you making a fuss today of all days? Go do some work or something, geez.”

A suffocating atmosphere began to build inside the carriage.

Oh, why did I have to come to Walpurgis Night with Douglas? For the first time, I resented Tara.

It was Tara who had assigned Douglas to me. When I told Tara that I was going to Walpurgis Night, she stuck Douglas on me.

“It’s dangerous there. …I’d rather go with you, but I’m busy, so I can’t help it. Take Douglas with you.”

“What? No way! Why do I have to go with that brat? I’d rather go with Asil!”

“Evelyn, I’d like that, too, but your brother has an important deal today…”

“…Then Dad.”

“Sorry, Honey. Dad has to help Mom with her work.”

That’s right. I was completely duped by my family.

It was natural. The villainous family, who exploited people day and night, was busy even at midnight. And of all days, Douglas was the only one free.

“Douglas always feels like he’s gonna criticize everything I do.”

Of course, the source of this money was Douglas. Sure, I made him sign an agreement that it’s the end once he gives it to me, but I didn’t want to stress myself out while shopping.

“Hey, Douglas.”

I called out to Douglas as gently as possible.

“Why are you calling me?”

“Don’t you have any thoughts of going home right now?”

“Of course not.”

Ugh, useless kid. Just as I was sighing openly, the carriage stopped.

Unbeknownst to me, we had arrived at the auction hall where Walpurgis Night was being held.

“Seems like we got here pretty quickly.”

Douglas was the first to get off and extended his hand to me. I ignored his hand and gracefully got off the carriage by myself.

Douglas glared at me as if I was absurd and in turn received a warning from me.

“Just because you’re escorting me doesn’t mean you can offer me your arm.”

Rather die than link arms with Douglas. I can’t help it, even though I have a Korean soul, I can’t bring myself to do that blood-related arm linking thing.

As I habitually lifted my fan and walked briskly, I felt Douglas hurriedly following behind me.

I gave him a nervous glance as he seemed to be getting uncomfortably close to me.

“Hey, step back and walk.”


But Douglas strangely looked annoyed. His expression wasn’t clear because he was wearing a mask, but it was almost certain.

“Is he trying to say something?”

Ridiculous, even if I didn’t like it, I disliked myself more.

I arrived at the auction hall ahead of Douglas with brisk steps. The gatekeepers said to me:

“Please show your invitation.”

I silently took the invitation from my bag and handed it over. The gatekeepers checked the invitation and immediately opened the door for me.

“Welcome to Walpurgis Night.”

“Have a wonderful evening.”

The door to the auction hall opened, and a splendid light poured out.

* * *

The auction hall had a structure akin to an opera house.

Well, in fact, it was actually an opera house. It had been rented out for the night despite its dimly lit chandeliers, as it was the largest opera house in the city.

‘I don’t know who’s hosting this, but they’re insane…’

Among the items being auctioned off, there were overwhelmingly more treasures than those obtained through legitimate means. That is to say, the coffers were quite full.

Ulysses was also participating in this auction. If it weren’t for Dahlia’s radiance, while the noble buyers might have remained unaware, the sellers would have all faced punishment.

‘It’s true that luck plays a part in scams, too.’

Are they really going to such lengths just to get their hands on a large sum of money? Surprisingly, there were more people from the Praviche Family, who were rumored to be messier in many ways, than expected.

Anyway, I made my way upstairs. The seat I was guided to was in Box 3.

Only a handful of nobles could occupy the box seats.

Everyone wore masks to conceal their identities, but just by sitting here, even a fool could tell that I was Evelyn.

‘Well, it doesn’t matter.’

One advantage of being a villain is that, since I’ve already done a lot of bad things, even if I act a little bit crazy, it might seem cute.

I draped my arm over the back of the sofa and crossed my legs as I sat down. There was still a little time left until the auction started.

‘I could go for some snacks.’

I want popcorn.

Fortunately, there’s popcorn in this world, too. I rang the bell attached to the box and called for the attendant.

“A glass of champagne and some popcorn, please.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Because I’m a true sister, I didn’t order anything for Douglas.

Douglas looked incredulous, but what can you do? I have the grace of Tara, also known as cash.


The real sigh was from Douglas. He tried to sit next to me with a sigh, but I was not having any of that. I grabbed a cushion and pushed him away.

“Don’t sit next to me.”

“Then where should I sit?”

“Stand or go home.”

Douglas seemed to be on the verge of losing his patience, but it wasn’t my concern. I had Tara and Henry watching my back.

Just then, the popcorn arrived right on cue.

“Here is your order.”

“One moment. Please bring an extra chair as well.”

I heard Douglas request a chair, but as long as he didn’t sit next to me, it was fine.

Munching on my popcorn, I surveyed the auction hall.

‘Well, well, quite a turnout.’

Perhaps because it’s the Super Express Auction held once a year, the noble attendees seemed more interested in spectating than purchasing.

But that’s not to say they didn’t buy anything at all.

Those gathered here were people who knew how to make a deal with either their wealth or through illicit means.

It would go against noble etiquette to attend an invitation and not purchase anything, so they would buy at least one item before leaving.

By the time I finished a bag of popcorn, the auction had begun.

The lights around the audience dimmed, and a booming voice came from the stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Walpurgis Night. Allow me to introduce the exquisite items we have prepared for you tonight. Once again, I am Mister G!”

The man who called himself Mister G wore a mask. He twirled his cane flamboyantly and exaggeratedly bowed.

“With so many of you gracing the festival tonight, we are delighted to present the items we have prepared. This year, we’ve gathered only the finest, most beautiful, and mysterious items. Now, let’s begin!”

As Mister G tapped the floor with his cane, people who looked like seedlings behind the stage brought trolleys covered in cloth. Mister G shouted,

“Now, the first item we’ll present is this!”

Mister G lifted the cloth, revealing the first auction item—a set of shackles, chains, and ankle cuffs inside a glass case.

“Here we have exclusive bondage gear for slaves! It’s enchanted with powerful magic and can only be unlocked with a specific key! And the magician who made this is currently missing from this world. Do you have disobedient slaves? Or perhaps someone you’d like to tame? Then this is the item for you. The one and only bondage gear in the world! Let’s start the bidding at 50 gold!”

Fifty gold was about 5 million won.

‘Wow, it’s an underground market after all. The price jumps depending on whether the creator is alive or dead.’

Impressive, truly impressive.

I’m not one to speak for coming here just to scam Dahlia’s radiance, but is there really someone willing to buy something like that?

Contrary to my thoughts, surprisingly, there was someone who bought it.

“60 gold!”

“Yes, bidder number 29! Any more bids? Alright, sold for 60 gold!”

The bondage gear went to an elderly lady.


Internally, I grimaced. She’s going all out in her twilight years.

Other bizarre items continued to come up on stage one after another.

“If I may speak about this item, it’s a perfume that seduces the senses. Don’t worry, it’s not black magic. Let’s start the bidding at 10 gold!”

“Now, onto the next item! You all may know the world-renowned painter, Horeisha. This is Horeisha’s hidden masterpiece! It’s said to be a depiction of first love. Let’s start the bidding at 40 gold!”


Various signs popped up here and there, but I just yawned.

There were some fascinating items I’d never seen before, but with the auction time being so long, even spectating was starting to get boring.

When will Dahlia’s radiance appear?

I looked around the box seats and grumbled.

‘I don’t know where Ulysses is, so everyone in the box seats is trying to buy everything.’

Currently, except for where I was, there was only one box seat taken. Perhaps Ulysses might be there, so I was cautious, but there was no sign of anyone trying to eavesdrop, with the curtains firmly drawn.

The sofa was as comfortable as a bed, and the lighting was just dim enough to induce sleep. As I lay halfway on the sofa, enjoying its comfort, the next item was brought onto the stage.

“Alright, next up! If I may speak about this item, it’s a revolutionary self-defense weapon!”


Suddenly, I was wide awake. The item Mister G introduced resembled a gun.

Even in a world where magic was prevalent, such weapons didn’t exist. Though familiar to me as someone who had lived on Earth, it was a rare thing in this world.

“This weapon is called a Roulette, and its operation is very simple. Just load this magical bullet into the chamber and pull the trigger to eliminate your enemies!”

So, it wasn’t called a gun. Probably named Roulette because the magazine rotated like a roulette wheel.

On top of that, a gun operated by magic. I understood why Mister G called it a revolutionary weapon.

Someone signaled to ask a question.

“My master wants to know if additional magical bullets can be purchased.”

“Ah! Unfortunately, we only have these ten bullets here. Alright then, let’s start at 30 gold!”

Hmm, a one-shot self-defense weapon for 30 gold.

People with a proper sense of economy wouldn’t buy it. But…

‘I have plenty of money, so it doesn’t matter.’

Buying a self-defense weapon that could barely hold its own against high heels every day was a bit much, but it was cool, so I bought it anyway.

I raised my placard. The auctioneer, excited, shouted out.

“We have 30 gold! Do we have any more?”

There was no competition. Who would pay 30 gold for a one-shot self-defense weapon? It’s more profitable to buy gems with that money.

“3, 2!”

I would be the only one who could buy this. At that moment, as I leisurely waited for the roulette to fall into my hands.

“Ah! 40 gold! 40 gold is bid!”


Someone challenged me to a money fight.