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“Who on earth is bidding against me?!” I exclaimed, scanning the audience with a fiery gaze.

It wasn’t on the first floor. The one who bid 40 gold was seated right there in Box 5, just two rows away from my box.

However, over there, instead of holding a sign, a person was holding a sign for him. The individuals who seemed to be his masters were hidden behind curtains.

Taking advantage of my distraction, Roulette slipped from my hands into theirs.

“3, 2, 1! Sold for 40 gold!”

Oops, my Roulette!

In my daze, I missed out on my Roulette.

“No way…”

If I didn’t have the money to buy it, that would be one thing, but having it and still missing it due to my daze was frustrating.

“Could it be that Crown Prince?” I thought as I scrutinized Box 5.

“Is he challenging me over money?”

Just wait and see. The next item won’t be snatched away, for sure.

There were still plenty of items left, so there was no need to despair.

“Behold this elegant accessory! A blade hidden within Duke feathers! Crafted by the renowned Sundrium fan artisan Pompfri just days ago, this alone will elevate your social standing! Starting at 20 gold… Ah, now it’s at 30 gold! Sold to Box 5!”

“Look at this. Isn’t it beautiful? This deep fancy vivid color, the most exquisite pink diamond in the world! Starting at 10 gold… Ah, now it’s at 20 gold! Sold to Box 5!”

But every time I tried to bid higher, Box 5 always bid even higher, almost as if they anticipated my actions.

I slammed my fist on the sofa.

“That despicable scoundrel!”

Whoever it was, they were getting everything I wanted!

From what I observed, it seemed like the owner of Box 5 wasn’t Ulysses.

In the original story, Ulysses only bought Dahlia’s brilliance. Even if there were hidden episodes not mentioned in the original, adding up the prices of the items Box 5 had taken would surpass what Ulysses could afford for Dahlia’s brilliance.

“What a jerk!” I muttered. Could there really be a person left in Sundrium who dared to fight against Evelyn Praviche?

I intended to show off my wealth properly, but unfortunately, the money I had set aside for hindering Ulysses in Part 2 couldn’t be used here, which was incredibly frustrating.

As the number of items taken away exceeded count, Part 1 of the auction came to an end.

“We will conclude Part 1 of the auction. Part 2 will start in 30 minutes!”

After Part 1 ended, the audience became restless. People were either going to the restroom or leaving, having finished their business.

Box 5 was no different. The curtain was drawn inside.

“Show your face, you shameless coward!”

I glared fiercely at Box 5 through my opera glass.

If you wish hard enough, it might come true. And it did. I spotted the owner of Box 5!


The owner of Box 5 slightly opened the curtain, seemingly trying to scrutinize me. As soon as our eyes met, they visibly panicked and quickly closed the curtain.


Confirming the owner of Box 5, I sarcastically dropped my opera glass. I couldn’t help but laugh bitterly.

“So, that’s how it is…”

Everyone seemed suspicious for some reason.

I stood up from my seat. I was about to go find the nobles who were quickly filling their belongings.

I coolly ordered Douglas, who was sleeping whether or not my belongings were taken from him.

“Douglas, come with me.”


Perhaps sensing something, Douglas followed quietly.

So, I stepped out of the box seat and walked along the second-floor corridor. Then I swung open the door of box seat number five.

With a smirk, I asked, “Everyone seems busy, gathering here?”

The scene was as follows:

One woman with black hair, two men with pink-blond hair.

They were the people I expected to see.

“….That’s right.”

I crossed my arms, looking at Tara who was starting to make excuses with a rifle in her hand.

“So, what’s the reason for coming here, even lying?”


Except for me, the Praviche family avoided my gaze as if they had made a promise. I made up a ridiculous story about intruding into someone else’s box seat.

“Huh? What’s the matter? You lied just to snatch my Roulette?”


“Answer quickly. Otherwise, I’ll end up being cooped up at home again.”

With my cute threat, Tara quickly scolded Asil and warned.

“Quiet down, Asil.”

“Or we might get caught!”

Henry poked Asil’s side. The Duke Praviche couple, known as villains, were busy blaming their son. Asil defended himself with a wounded look on his face.

“But it seemed necessary for Evelyn. Even her allowance wasn’t enough, so couldn’t big brother buy her one thing? Especially with all the unfortunate events lately.”

“Oh, just let Evelyn buy it! We can save the money for later!”

“But I wanted to give it as a gift myself!”

It was hard for Tara and Henry to blame Asil for an action done for his little sister.

The blame naturally shifted to Douglas.

“Douglas, what were you doing next to Evelyn without even holding a sign? Because of you, we got caught!”

Douglas couldn’t hide his expression at the unfairness of Henry’s scolding. He couldn’t even hold a sign and had to ask for a separate chair from the butler.

I sighed and asked, “….Was this what you were originally planning?”

Tara nodded slightly.

Indeed, the wealthy and villainous Praviche Family couldn’t resist such an event.

Asil wouldn’t have missed the invitation, and Tara and Henry, who cherished rare and valuable things, wouldn’t miss this event that only happened once a year.

“Since we’ve been caught anyway, Evelyn, why don’t you sit here, too?”

Asil smiled nervously. But without erasing my smile, I asked this dysfunctional family for a favor.

“Everyone, please leave. I don’t want our shopping to be interrupted.”

As long as they stuck around, the items I was eyeing would surely be snatched away. Dahlia’s brilliance had to be in my hands no matter what.

* * *

Part two of the auction began. By the way, Douglas hadn’t left. There was an opinion that at least one person who could use force should remain.

“Why go so far as to lie and sneak in?”

It would have been enough if anyone had come with me from the beginning. I didn’t understand why it had to be like this.

The answer to my question came from Douglas.

“All three of us were originally planning to come here.”


My expression twisted. Ignoring my annoyance, Douglas continued.

“I was actually planning to look around and maybe get something for your gift, too, but when you suddenly said you wanted to come here, everyone panicked and lied. They just wanted to show you their best side.”

“What are you talking about? Who asked you?”

I grumbled bluntly, but I felt a strange sensation.

Now I understood a bit.

Perhaps it was a bit awkward to show up at an illegal auction house after meticulously grooming their daughter.

“Alright, then, let’s announce the start of part two with the first item!”

With Mister G’s boisterous announcement, the second part of the auction began.

Fluttering, a white cloth revealed a cage. But inside that cage wasn’t a bird. It was a cat.


I doubted my eyes. Oh, are they really selling lifelike animal dolls? But my happy thoughts were shattered by Mister G’s explanation.

“Now, if we talk about this animal, it’s the largest and most beautiful black cat in the world! …It’s a baby cat! Abandoned on the streets with a sad story!”

‘Are these people crazy…? Selling animals, too? Especially an abandoned one? Don’t they know “Don’t buy, adopt”?’

So far, everyone’s reactions weren’t satisfactory. Not for the same reason as mine, but because a filthy street cat, especially an ominous black one, was on display in this sacred auction house.

“Our owner is curious if it has any illnesses.”

“Did these dirty street cats and the items we bought earlier come from the same place? Our owner is displeased.”

Like true nobles, complaints erupted from everywhere. As if expecting this, Mister G explained provocatively while waving his finger.

“Don’t worry. It’s healthy. Plus, this cat isn’t ordinary! It possesses magic!”

Mister G tapped the cage with his cane. The trembling cat inside suddenly shot a blast of dark magic from its mouth, smashing a corner of the stage in an instant.


The entire opera house fell into silence, then erupted into applause. Mister G lifted his hat, as if he had orchestrated this.

“We named it ‘Noir Cat.’ How about it!”

“Our owner wants to know the age of this Noir Cat.”

“You asked well! It’s currently three months old, a female! Perfect age for training! Starting at 50 gold!”

Placards were raised everywhere. I hesitated.

A cat possessing magic. As far as I knew, this world still considered pets as pets.

How would it be treated? Could I let this cat fall into the hands of nobles?

“Usually, I wouldn’t care but…”

It felt like I made eye contact with the cat earlier.

Its crouched body, continuous hissing, frightened blue eyes. It was pitiful.

And maybe because it was a black cat. Kim Geumhee also came to mind.

I reluctantly raised my placard. No one here could outbid me.

“10 gold! The Noir Cat is sold to Lady in box three for 10 gold!”

…Sigh. They say don’t buy animals, adopt them.

I had a guilty feeling for buying the animal with money, but pretending not to know that I can save it is a difficult thing to do.

I looked sadly at the cat.

‘Let’s go home with your sister, Geum-hee.’

Ah, Geum-hee is the cat’s name. I just decided on Geum-hee Praviche. I had already paid the fee in advance and purchased Geum-hee.

As soon as Geum-hee arrived, I checked the condition of her claws. Douglas snorted at my behavior.

“Evelyn, it’s hard to pretend you don’t know when we might be attacked like this…”

“Oh wow… Look at those claws. How neglected they are.”

Of course, I didn’t hear Douglas’ concerns.

It was because Geum-hee’s condition was worse than I thought.

Still, I had a conscience to at least give her a bath.

No, if I had brought a cat to sell, shouldn’t I have taken better care of her?

“I wonder if she’s had proper food.”

I also touched Geum-hee’s stomach.


“Oh, come on, get a grip!”

Glaring at Douglas, I touched Geum-hee’s stomach again. It felt skinny.

Poor thing… Geum-hee looked at me with pitiful eyes. Her appearance was so forlorn that it felt like my heart was tearing in two.

I have to protect this fragile life. I rang the bell again.

“Did you call, ma’am?”

“Do you sell steak here?”

“If our guest desires, there is nothing we cannot provide.”

“Then one rare steak, not overcooked. It’s for our Geum-hee.”

The waiter seemed slightly puzzled by the mention of Geum-hee but quickly realized it referred to the cat and nodded.

“Yes, please wait a moment.”

As the waiter left, I stroked Geum-hee’s fur. She was a bit big but still felt very young.

“…Did you like monsters, I mean, cats?”

Douglas may not have known if he was interrupting our peaceful time when he spoke.

“Do you have to know everything?”

Douglas frowned again. Since I didn’t really know, I personally fed Geum-hee the steak that arrived.

Mew… Meow. Geum-hee made strange noises as she hurriedly ate the steak.

“Making weird noises while eating. Is it not tasty?”

No, it’s not that. If she’s eating this eagerly, it must be delicious. Douglas added with a smirk.

“That’s the sound they make when they enjoy it.”

…You seem to know everything. Anyway, I fed Geum-hee the rest of the steak without worry. Her stomach quickly filled.

With a full stomach, Geum-hee lay down on my lap and started to sleep. I watched her contentedly, stroking her full belly. In the meantime, the second part of the auction reached its climax.

“Now, the long-awaited item is here. The biggest diamond ever discovered! A sun-like yellow hue!”

Finally, the item I had been waiting for appeared. I hugged Geum-hee tightly, leaning forward eagerly to hear the auctioneer’s words.

“A jewel that will go down in history, ‘Dahlia’s Radiance.’ Do you see it? This dazzling hue! A 590-carat diamond. We will start from 100 gold!”

“100 gold.”

It wasn’t me who held the sign.

As the second part began, Box 5 remained empty, and a person entered Box 7.

“100 gold! The gentleman with blonde hair in Box 7 has called 100 gold!”

Ulysses had finally revealed himself at the Walpurgis Night.