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But a question arose.

“But isn’t the temple supposed to help people? They actually perform miracles in the name of God.”

“God’s miracles, God’s watchman, yes. Well, there aren’t many imperial families left who know about this matter.”

The Grand Duke swirled his wrist, releasing a sweet aroma from the glass he held.

“Did God ever speak to you directly? To go to a foreign land to shed your blood and save only the people of a specific nation? Or, from now on, I will rule the empire in the name of God, so do not defy me.”

That was a concern since she arrived in this world. She had never believed in such entities like God even in her original world. She doubted and resented. If there truly was God and God sent her to this world, shouldn’t God have said something beforehand?

In an empire unified by religion, everyone was believed to have faith in the.God

Or that such a God truly existed.

But that seemed not to be the case.

“….That won’t be true.”

“You’re just implicitly consenting since God hasn’t said anything to you either.”

Jiwoo chuckled.

“It seems Akarna is more relaxed here than in the temple.”

“Thanks to you.”

The Grand Duke got up first.

“Have a good night.”


For the first time since arriving in this world, Jiwoo looked up at the sky with a feeling of relief. The clear sky was bright with stars and the moon.

Jiwoo wondered.

What that person gained from all this.

* * *

Neseph Leveion and Aleph Karbauude left for the empire and did not return for a while.

Jiwoo and the twelve knights were left alone in the castle, having nowhere else to go.

Having not seen them for a while due to the Second Prince taking them elsewhere, Jiwoo now had a chance to see their faces.

The knights were quietly dining in the castle’s spacious dining hall.


“Ah, Akarna…! You’ve been well, I see.”

They all brightened up and stood from their seats.

“Yes, thanks to the people here.”

“It’s amazing how quickly you’ve learned to speak.”

“How stifled you must have felt at the temple.”

With newfound ease of heart from staying here, Jiwoo jokingly said.

“But I thought you weren’t allowed to converse with me?”

“There’s no reason to continue following the rules the temple made to exploit Akarna.”

“They dare to use Akarna in the political struggles of the lower world. Those who do deserve divine punishment.”

“If it weren’t for the significant events here, you would have just been exploited again.”

From their conversation, it was clear that the knights hadn’t lost their faith. However, it seemed that after what the Second Prince had put them through, they harbored considerable resentment towards the temple.

‘If it weren’t for the significant events here… So that’s how they’ve been told.’

The only notable thing Jiwoo had done here was eat well, sleep well, and rest. But she felt no need to correct that impression.

“Please, take a seat.”

As Jiwoo approached, the knights pulled out a chair for her. There was no food prepared specifically for Jiwoo yet, but the bread and cheese they were casually eating were piled high in front of Jiwoo.

“What have you been doing? You went somewhere with the Second Prince, didn’t you?”

“Ah, we were hunting beasts. It was our first time going all the way to the outer walls.”

“Really? That must have been dangerous.”

The north was already a region vulnerable to beasts. Especially further from the north, where the land became more barren as the number of beasts increased.

It was usually dangerous for ordinary people, so Akarna often went alone. It was hard to imagine him taking the knights and personally hunting beasts there.

No, it wasn’t. Having only met each other a few times, somehow, it seemed fitting for that person.

“It wasn’t that dangerous.”

“It’s incredible. The Second Prince seemed like someone who had been fighting beasts for decades.”

“It seems the tales of his achievements are true.”

“War with people is different, Akarna.”

There was an immediate objection she had, but she had no sense to dismiss or an attempt to educate. It seemed more like they were just recalling the situation and shuddering.

“When people are cornered, they can at least surrender…”

“Beasts are like… lumps, completely wrapped in malice. Actually, I’m not even sure if they’re truly living beings.”

“But there was a way to stop them. It’s a mystery how he knew.”

“Still, they weren’t to be underestimated. Even the Second Prince, who appeared so formidable, was seriously injured.”

“He was injured?”

“Yes, there was an old-looking scar across his back. It seemed like it was torn by a beast.”

“He says he’s fine, but from our perspective, it didn’t look good…”

They interspersed their story of how they dealt with the beasts with mentions of the Second Prince. How they escaped a crisis because of him, how he vanquished the beasts…

Jiwoo had thought of him as merely young, but it seemed he was far more remarkable than anticipated.

But why had such a person suddenly decided to bring down the temple?

“So, won’t you return to the capital? You must have been away from your families for a long time.”

“No, Akarna. We are all orphans. That’s the case for all paladins.”

“So… have you all lost your place to return to?”

“Ah, no. The Second Prince has offered to take us in. He told us to continue serving as Akarna’s escorts for now.”

“By the way, there was something we were supposed to give to Akarna.”

One of them handed over an item. It seemed they had been too anxious to store it anywhere and had kept it on them all this time.

“What’s this?”

It was a wooden box small enough to be held in one hand.

“The Second Prince asked us to give this to you. He said to open it when you are alone.”

“Hmm? It’s heavy.”

Jiwoo slightly opened the box then immediately closed it, surprised.

The knight who had handed it over looked puzzled, suggesting that, indeed, these excessively diligent people had never once peeked inside.

After finishing their meal with the knights, Jiwoo returned to her room alone and opened the box again.

“Why would he give me this…?”

Honestly, Jiwoo was surprised.

It was gold. A considerable amount of gold coins. Jiwoo almost dropped the box, dazzled by the wealth she was seeing for the first time in her life. A closer look revealed a piece of paper, presumably a letter, nestled among the coins.

The letter was brief. Without a greeting or anything.

“Run away…?”

It mentioned that in case things went wrong, she should flee to the outer walls with the knights. It also said she could leave before then if she wished.

The many gold coins seemed intended for use in such a scenario, explaining why the contents were purely gold coins without any jewels of second-hand value.

Jiwoo closed the box. Then, as if she couldn’t believe it, opened it again moments later.

The stakes were too high for it to be a mere political maneuver, and too generous to be simple sympathy.

What kind of person was the Second Prince, really?


Jiwoo paced around the room restlessly and eventually sat down at the desk, pulled out ink and writing tools. She began to write a letter with crooked handwriting.

* * *

With the arrival of a new year, the empire welcomed a new emperor.

The new emperor, Nezeph Karbauude, dismantled the temple and declared the end of the era of myths.

He proposed the era of humanity.