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I lightly touched his cheek with my fingertips, then slowly stood up from my seat.

Suddenly, my thoughts turned to the coin in my pocket.

I slipped my hand into my pocket and gently took out the coin, which reflected the faint light from the fireplace. After a moment of contemplation, I tossed the coin high into the air.

It spun briefly before falling back into my palm. Heads.

A small chuckle escaped my lips. Was it merely coincidence, or did this coin truly possess some mystical power?

Shaking my head, I placed the coin on the nightstand and quietly left the room.

As I stepped into the hallway, a chill hit me, though it was less cold than the night before.

A warmer season was approaching.

* * *

Early in the morning, Theodore woke up.

It was likely because the absence of the person who had left his side felt so profound.

Even in his dreams, he had seen Lily, and after waking up, her image seemed even more vivid.

Embracing the inconsolable sorrow, Theodore deeply sighed.

He wished for morning to come quickly. That way, he could see her again soon….

Theodore got out of bed and reached for the nightstand to get some water but instead noticed a familiar object.

It was Camillus’s coin.


It was clear that Lily had left it there while he was asleep. Theodore reached out and picked up the coin.

Theodore recalled the time he had secretly slipped the coin into Lily’s luggage. He had placed it, hoping the luck contained within it would follow her.

Whether it worked or not, she seemed to have spent those five years happily.

It was a great relief.

For Lily’s happiness, Theodore felt he could have sold his soul to the devil.

Over those five years, he had pondered that every day.

He thought of ‘what ifs’ and harbored crushing regrets for things he hadn’t done.

And he contemplated what he could do for Lily in the future…

That was his only way of atoning and repenting to her.

‘Even if you never forgive me, I will…’

Love you until I die.

And he had resolved over and over again to live the rest of his life for her.

So, one of the first things Theodore did over the past five years was to rid those who spoke ill of Lily.

Being a female lord and even receiving a new title from the Queen mother, Lily had unknowingly made many enemies.

Despite knowing her great deeds, there were those who harbored ill will.

People who refused to acknowledge others’ accomplishments and sought to disparage them.

Such people were not only petty but also cowardly. They tried to undermine Lily from behind the scenes or spread false rumors to tarnish her reputation.

Moreover, there were also attempts to dig into Lily’s private life or explode baseless scandals to damage her honor.

Thus, Theodore secretly dealt with them before they could harm Lily.

Mean people don’t stop at one wrongdoing.

Those who attempted to harm Lily were often guilty of other crimes and corruption. Theodore gathered all this information, collaborated with the king, and had their assets seized and have them thrown into prison.

Since this increased the royal treasury, King Radel was pleased.

As enemies of Lily were removed one by one, others took notice.

They realized that if they tried to slander Lily Arendelle, they might be next.

Thanks to these efforts, public opinion about Lily quieted down, and Theodore was glad to be able to give her peace.

He simply watched her from afar.

Watching, and whenever she needed help, he assisted her without revealing himself.

So carefully and secretly that no one could pinpoint who was helping.

Those five years were torturous yet blissful for Theodore.

The agony of only being able to observe from afar, the bone-deep regrets, the heart-searing affection.

Yet, he was happy that he could protect Lily.

At some point, he began to suffer from insomnia, plagued by sleepless nights, but he was okay with it.

He could endure it.

As long as he focused solely on Lily’s happiness…

‘At the royal banquet not long ago…’

Recalling that unpleasant memory, Theodore’s eyes inevitably hardened.

Benjamin Dyson, that bastard.

‘Ah, there she is. The woman you’re always following around.’

‘Ah… she came quick.’

‘Planning to propose today? You prepared, right?’

‘Of course. I’ve been waiting for this moment…’

‘What if Viscount Arendelle rejects you? What will you do, Benjamin?’


It was indeed a striking coincidence that Theodore overheard Benjamin Dyson and his friends talking.