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Lucian arrived at the door first and waited for Belissa.

As he held the handle, Lucian stared intently at Belissa, who stood upright.

The soldiers were swooning over the princess.

Leaving aside the fact that it wasn’t a place where women usually traversed, it was probably because of the unique atmosphere exuded by the princess.

She was eye-catching.

The gravity of the small face tucked beneath the lustrous wavy hair, her expressive gaze, and her red lips.

Pearl-white skin revealed over the neckline of the magnificent dress she wore, befitting of a princess.

Lucian lifted the corners of his mouth.

The princess was definitely a beauty.

A moment later, they set foot in the deepest recesses of the military.

It was a place with cold stone walls, devoid of decoration. Only neatly arranged beds holding patients and medical staff could be seen.

In the distance, individuals enclosed in a white cloth partition were visible at the center of the room.

Lucian bent down and leaned over Belissa’s shoulder.

Belissa was started by the sudden sound of his breathing.

Lucian spoke in a low voice.

“If you want to run away, now is your chance, Princess. If you are infected by the epidemic, no one can save you. The choice is yours, Princess.”

Belissa understood that Lucian was testing her.

The epidemic claimed people’s lives as a swatter would a swarm of flies.

“I have no fear.”

Belissa had nothing to fear.

She took the first step forward, followed by Lucian.

The voices of the struggling medical staff could be heard clearly inside the white cloth.

“He vomited blood last night. Thomas won’t last long either.”

“…Three died yesterday, Gilbert. We still need to report to the Commander-in-Chief! Is there any kind of progress…”

“Well, we did manage to extend their lifespans by a couple of days?”

“What are you saying now…?”

“The situation is so dire that we may have to blockade all of Florence…”

Lucian extended his arm over Belissa’s shoulder.

He pushed aside the curtain like a wave.

Lucian looked over the situation with a smile.

“I’ve received your report. Thomas is going to die soon, too? And the blockade of Florence.”


Appalled, the medical staff bowed their heads which set the white cloths covering their respiratory systems fluttering. The eyes above their masks were consumed with dread.

“Not even the most excellent doctors in the military can make a difference, it seems. Some outstanding talents you are.”

Lucian chuckled.


No one dared to speak; it was a battle of wits. The medical staff were speechless.

“Everyone, leave.”

“But, Commander-in-Chief…!”

Lucian warned with an icy gaze.

Understanding there was no room for discussion, the medical staff withdrew, seemingly defeated.

* * *

I checked the medical chart, and as expected, the symptoms were exactly the same.

I gulped and clutched the chart.

“Even the so-called great talents have had their hands full for several weeks, Princess. Many have perished aboard the ship, including my aides. If it turns out that the Princess is merely bluffing—

Briefly, the eyes looking at me narrowed sinisterly.

“—If you exploited the death of my subordinates, you’ll pay for it.”

It was as if he was warning me—that I was next.

“…The disease is caused by coming in contact with a siren. The siren’s wings are covered in toxic powder.”

In fact, many suffered from such a disease, and even the Kingdom of Medice wasn’t spared.

However, humans were creatures of development.

The Kingdom of Medice managed to establish a territory for sirens and herded them into it.

It had been seven years since a medicine capable of combating siren’s poison was released.

The medicine was likely unfamiliar to the Boswell Empire, as they had never faced threats from sirens.

Grand Duke Lucian raised his eyebrows.

“We already received a warning from Medice about the sirens. I don’t recall ever passing through an area with a high population of Sirens?”

“…I think that’s strange, too.”

Those arrogant and cold eyes looked at me sharply. He looked every bit the scheming villain.

My knees buckled at the expression in the man’s eyes. Bracing myself on the bed, I mustered the strength to stand.

Grand Duke Lucian stared at me as if he were choosing a mare from the horse market.

His eyes were gauging my usefulness, while also concocting a plan.

Grand Duke Lucian smiled coldly.

“I’m well aware that there’s a siren cure in the Kingdom of Medice.”

“I can help. I know the cure.”

“One question. Is it possible to collect the powder that falls from the siren’s wings and use it as poison?”

Sirens themselves were aggressive and hostile creatures. And they usually moved in groups. If someone were caught by a group of sirens, there was almost no chance of survival.

However, I had heard that there was a pirate ship that occasionally hunted for a lone siren.

“It’s possible. In fact, there’s a hidden channel for such poison. I heard that few people know of Siren’s Wing Poison, and that it’s difficult to obtain, so it’s distributed only among the wealthy. It’s strictly controlled in my hometown, but it should be no problem.”

Grand Duke Lucian caressed my cheek with the back of his porcelain hand. The seemingly intimate gesture only gave me chills. He was measuring me.

Grand Duke Lucian slowly moved his thick lips.

“The Princess made a grave error.”

What in the world? What was the problem?

I was definitely of use to Grand Duke Lucian.

Just now, I had hinted to him about the conspiracy lurking in this matter, from which Grand Duke Lucian may obtain a clue to alleviate his own suspicions.

My heart pounded as I ruminated on the conversation with Grand Duke Lucian that day.

The man quirkily lifted his lips.

The blue eyes reflected me and sparkled like jewels, while his lips glowed red like pomegranates.

Grand Duke Lucian brought his face closer to me.

As I caught a whiff of the scent mixed with his breath, the man’s lips parted.

“A princess’ most important use is not such trivial things.”

“Then what —”

“—To f*ck up that accursed imperial family, that’s what.”

The man’s eyes were those of a snake.

Then, it dawned on me.

He was livid, as if he would burn the world down.

Grand Duke Lucian spat harshly.

“If Thomas survives—fine. Let’s marry.”

At that moment, all tension left my body.

This is it.

* * *

I paced around the room restlessly.

Dixie stamped her feet when she saw I wasn’t going to sleep, but how could I sleep in this situation?

I was stuck between starting my life over again while stuck in the abyss, or staying with new wings outstretched.

Clearly, Grand Duke Lucian said I was useful.

My greatest use was to ruin the imperial family.

Surprisingly, the goals of Grand Duke Lucian and I coincided.

“Then why hasn’t he contacted me yet?”

Frederick would arrive tomorrow.

All preparations had to be completed before Frederick arrived so that he couldn’t act as he pleased, regardless of circumstances.

“Did he take advantage of me and then leave me?”

I will remember this!

My lips quivered.

I didn’t know if I was bluffing, but I had the resolve to do it.

My eyes were bright red and bloodshot. My lips were puffy. My white skin radiated with tension and anger.

“What’s with your appearance? Even a ghost would flee at the sight of you.”

Larino laughed.

I glanced at Larino and sighed.

My whole life was at a stake, but was it just a pastime to Grand Duke Lucian?


“Princess! A messenger has arrived!”