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Dyson’s response to being rejected by Lily was enough to ignite Theodore’s anger.

‘I’ve been patient with her refusals until now… but if she rejects my proposal, I won’t just stand by. I’ll do whatever it takes to break her.’

‘What will you do? Do you have a plan? Should we help?’

The encouragement from his friend was just as vile. They seemed to perfectly complement each other’s worst traits.

’But that woman, she’s a contractor with three spirits… how will you overpower her?

’Just catch her off guard before she can summon them. There’s this fast-acting anesthetic that knocks you out in a second. We could use that.

‘Ah, I still have some of that.’

They were discussing a classic tactic: using a drugged handkerchief to quickly incapacitate someone.

Truly an idea only fools would have

‘These novices have no idea what it’s like to deal with a spirit contractor…’

Benjamin Dyson might be a local lord, but lacking any affinity for spirits, the duty of sealing rifts fell to his sister.

Theodore found it utterly repulsive that someone could inherit a title merely because he was the firstborn, when he was so incapable in protecting his territory.

Though Lily was unlikely to fall for such a clumsy ambush, Theodore decided to keep a vigilant watch just in case.

Soon after, Lily appeared at the banquet, and their eyes accidentally met.

At that moment, Theodore felt his heart might stop.

She looked at him for what seemed like a long time. If possible, Theodore wished he could capture that moment and preserve it forever.

But he couldn’t indulge in the thrill of seeing Lily after so long.

‘Let’s go. Hide in the corridor first…’

’You propose first…’

After completing their plan, Benjamin Dyson and his cronies had exited the banquet hall.

While Benjamin Dyson tried to lure Lily into the corridor to propose, his friends intended to ambush her nearby.

To think they planned to commit a crime right in the royal palace, they were truly cunning. Perhaps this wasn’t their first time.

No matter the location or the number of times they had committed similar acts before.

‘Dyson was a clean family…’

Theodore had already investigated Benjamin Dyson’s family after learning that Dyson was pursuing Lily.

Given that the previous Count and Countess were well-regarded, Theodore hadn’t anticipated any major issues….

However, it seemed he needed a closer examination of Benjamin Dyson himself.

‘For now, I need to….’

Glancing briefly at Lily, who was conversing with Lady Delacroix, Theodore swiftly exited the banquet hall. Sure enough, he sensed movements in the corridor and a few men were hiding behind pillars.

With a scoff, Theodore headed towards the staircase. He intended to give the impression that he had left the corridor.

As he was about to reach the stairs, another presence caught his attention.

Theodore stopped dead in his tracks as Benjamin Dyson’s voice reached him.

‘Viscount Arendelle! Please, wait a moment…!’

Lily found herself blocked by Benjamin Dyson in the corridor.

Dyson appeared flustered, his plans clearly disrupted. He had intended to call her after all preparations were complete.

Theodore watched from his spot as Benjamin Dyson proposed to Lily.


The urge to kill the man surged within him, but he clenched his fists and restrained himself.

After all, this was something he planned to deal with soon enough.

All he had to do is get rid of it before they harm Lily, so for now….

Without waiting to hear Lily’s answer to Benjamin Dyson’s proposal, Theodore quickly came down the stairs.

Perhaps Dyson’s friends, wary of having Theodore as a witness, did not attempt their planned ambush on Lily.

Even if they had, it wouldn’t have succeeded.

The Valentino family’s carriage was near the stairs. As Theodore approached it, he instructed the coachman to go ahead and leave behind one horse.

Then, he stealthily returned and hid near the staircase to remain unseen.

Lily finished her conversation with Benjamin Dyson and left him alone then approached the stairs. She passed by without noticing Theodore hidden in the shadows. Although she could have noticed him if she had been more attentive, Lily seemed too agitated to pay close attention.

Theodore closely monitored Dyson’s gang movement while keeping an eye on Lily in the garden. Her gaze was fixed on the Valentino family carriage departing the palace.

Since he was unable to see her face from behind, Theodore couldn’t tell her expression, but he felt a strange tug at his heart.

Especially when he saw her hands drop in despair.