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The envoy quickly responded.

“Then, the escort soldiers will be…”

“We’ll punish them here in Machi. It’s a crime that happened in Machi, after all. Additionally, we will provide ample financial compensation to the families of the victims. Those are my terms.”

These terms seemed almost too good to be true for Makaeri. When Ejnar added, the envoy’s face brightened, ready to nod in agreement.

“Oh, I forgot something.”

“Yes, Your Majesty. Please, go ahead.”

“Princess Serina must apologize to us for her role in this incident.”

“…Excuse me?”

That single remark made the envoy’s previously bright expression crack. He looked as if he had misheard.

“Why should Princess Serina…?”

“It’s a crime that occurred under her silent consent, isn’t it? It’s only right that she apologizes.”


“Is that difficult?”

Ejnar stared intently at the uneasy envoy, who couldn’t breathe properly as he pressed for an answer.

Since entering the room and being alone with the king, the envoy had been intimidated by Ejnar’s overwhelming presence. Compared to Makaeri’s Emperor, Ejnar was far superior. He was not even slightly inferior to the legendary first Emperor, Gunnar, in terms of spirit.

His towering stature and height, not falling short of any Makaeri, contributed to the atmosphere. However, it was the charisma flowing from his deep emerald eyes that truly set him apart. The envoy found it unbearably difficult to say it was difficult in front of such an imposing figure.

But to easily agree would be…

‘There’s no way Princess Serina would ever apologize!’

An apology.

It seemed like the most unfitting word for Serina, known for her imperious behavior throughout the empire. Yet, there was no denying the validity of the demand.

The envoy’s face turned pale as if he might faint at any moment. As the stalemate continued, Ejnar let out a slow sigh of irritation. The sight was reminiscent of a lion’s breath before the hunt, sending shivers down the envoy’s spine.

Finally, the envoy stuttered out a response.

“Your Majesty, I regret to say, but could we possibly consider substituting that last condition with something else…?”


“Please propose another form of compensation, whatever it may be, so that Your Majesty does not remain offended over this incident.”

“I have no interest in profiting from the dead. Any compensation should rightfully go to the families of the deceased.”

“But that’s…”

The conditions were already set. This meant that there was no room for negotiation.

Caught in an awkward moment, the envoy’s gaze met Elfreda’s. It was as if he was seemingly pleading for agreement, as if to say, ‘You know the princess’s temperament, right?’ Although Elfreda agreed, this wasn’t something she could assist with.

Just as Elfreda attempted to subtly avoid the envoy’s gaze,


Suddenly, Ejnar took Elfreda’s hand in his. His large hand enveloped Elfreda’s entirely. Startled, Elfreda looked up at him. Ejnar, still looking forward, explained,

“The princess nearly jeopardized the friendly relationship between Marche and Macaria with this incident. Moreover, she has complicated the position of the queen, who has only recently married into Machi.”

It was clearly a supportive statement for her. Elfreda paused a moment to look at him.

“In light of this, I hope for the princess to formally apologize to both my wife and me.”

As Ejnar and Elfreda’s eyes met, she felt her heart race, yet she didn’t look away. He concluded,

“There are no other conditions.”

Faced with his resolute attitude, the envoy reluctantly accepted,

“Please, give me some time. I will discuss this with the princess.”

“Of course.”

As Ejnar graciously nodded, the envoy, struggling to leave with trembling legs, bowed courteously.

Ejnar finally released Elfreda’s hand. She gently touched her hand, which was still warm from his touch. Alone now, the throne room was silent. She couldn’t bear the awkwardness and broke it.

“…I apologize.”

Ejnar looked at her as if she was making a strange request and asked.

“Are you Princess Serina?”


“Why would I apologize?”

“…That’s because.”

“Are you and Princess Serina truly sisters?”

At those words, Elfreda’s heart sank. As she looked at Ejnar with a pale face, he met her gaze with an inscrutable expression and explained.

“It seems the younger sister is quite stingy with apologies, whereas the older sister seems to have them readily at your lips.”


“I have no interest in such meaningless apologies. So please, spare me. Understood?”


Elfreda managed only to utter the first syllable before hastily closing her mouth. It was a bad habit of hers. Beside her, Ejnar narrowed his eyes and shook his head slightly before he heard her timid voice.

“I thought you were angry with me.”

Ejnar looked at Elfreda intently,

“Because I didn’t take care of my sister properly…”


“I should have paid more attention.”

Normally, ‘I apologize’ would have followed like a period. Ejnar chuckled softly,

“The princess seems old enough to discern right from wrong.”


Elfreda hesitated before finally voicing the thoughts she had buried deep in her heart.

“You haven’t visited since…”

After those words, Ejnar’s expression turned peculiar, and her, as if suddenly coming to her senses, was startled.

“Ah… I apologize. What I said…”

Elfreda hastily got up from her seat and bowed quickly,

“I’ll take my leave now…”

At that moment, he stood and kissed her lips.

Shocked by the sudden contact, Elfreda flinched before slowly closing her eyes and fluttering her lashes.

Ejnar, now fully standing, pressed his body closer with a much more urgent movement.

Elfreda, rather than retreating shyly, clutched his collar tightly. Ejnar, who cupped her cheek, swiftly caressed her neat row of teeth and persistently sucked the tender flesh inside. The moist sounds filled the spacious throne room softly.


As the kisses intensified, she let out a short moan and wobbled. Ejnar grabbed her by the waist, lifted and pressed her against the wall.

When his hand began to push aside her dress, she was startled and stopped him.

“Your Majesty, just a moment…”


A sneer followed, but the touching did not stop.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?”

“But here, someone might come in…”

“That’s possible.”

The voice sounded detached as if speaking of someone else’s affairs.

“But what does it matter? Is it so strange for a king and queen to be together?”

He tried to persuade Elfreda with a somewhat affectionate tone. Though his argument seemed sophistry, Elfreda found herself to refuse and hesitated.


At that, Ejnar sighed softly and took a step back from her. When Elfreda looked at him with surprised eyes, Ejnar coldly said.

“As I said on the first day, if you’re not willing, I have no intention of continuing.”


“Let’s go back now.”

His tone was as calm as if it was hard to believe they had been passionately kissing just moments ago. Ejnar quickly tidied up his disheveled clothes, looking ready to leave at any moment, while Elfreda felt a rush of embarrassment in the face of the fleeting time.

She quickly weighed what was important. Not to lose him against the fear of being caught by someone.

The hesitation didn’t last long.

Elfreda, who was still afraid of initiating contact, barely managed to grasp his clothes. When he glanced at her, she cautiously lifted her dress. The sight of her white skin quickly heated the area below his waist.

Lifting his gaze to her face, he saw her blushing deeply, but it seemed like she had shown quite a bit of courage.

“Is it really okay to do this here… Hu-uht!

He had no intention of hearing more hesitant words. Ejnar quickly silenced Elfreda’s lips.