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As winter approached, we found ourselves caught up in a whirlwind of preparations, inevitably delaying our wedding. The previous Duke too was busy finalizing accommodations for the citizens brought from the Capital.

In the meantime, I learned the ropes of internal management alongside the Duchess.

The flood of proposals that once troubled me ceased altogether after I proposed to him. Instead, I began receiving a barrage of invitations. Surely, Lucian must have spread the word, though the resulting hassle was slightly irritating.

Nevertheless, attending banquets together with Lucian turned out to be quite enjoyable.

Before we knew it, winter passed, and green sprouts began to break through the snow. Time swiftly moved on, bringing a full-fledged spring adorned with pink, yellow, and white hues.


Oscar called out, his shoes caked in mud, presumably from a trip to the back hills as the weather warmed.

“Oh, Oscar! How can you enter looking like that on such a day?”

Amber lost her patience with him and shouted, causing him to hide behind me.

“Master! Amber keeps picking on me!”

“You idiot! Haven’t I told you over and over? Today is an important day!”

Amber, who usually spoke to him in a sisterly tone, was of no use in front of Oscar.

At that moment, Demian approached me. Though he likely accompanied Oscar to the hills, his shoes were spotlessly clean. Because he flew there, perhaps? Seeing Demian leading a normal life brought me a belated sense of relief, considering the terrible fate he once faced.

Noticing my gaze, Demian smiled and called out.


“Yes, Demian?”


“Ah! You sneaky thing! I was going to give mine first!”

A fresh, crisp floral scent wafted through the air, originating from behind Demian. He presented me with a wreath made of green leaves and white flowers. The intricately woven wreath was cute and lovely.

It was all the more special because of the thoughtfulness behind it.

“Thank you. Would you mind putting it on me?”

“Wait, Master! Take mine, too!”

Oscar hurriedly held out something. It was a cute-size bouquet similar in color to the wreath made by Demian.

“Ah, really. There’s already a prepared bouquet…”

Although Amber chided Oscar, I found myself preferring the bouquet that seemed like a set with the wreath.

“Amber, please help Demian tidy up the wreath. And could you add some more ribbons to this bouquet?”

“Yes, Madam.”

Another maid responded as I passed the bouquet to her.

When Lucian and I decided on our wedding date, we chose a day when flower buds were blooming, signaling the start of the new year’s first season. I wanted to begin our new relationship with him during this fresh start. Thus, our long-postponed wedding was set for a beautiful day filled with cool breezes and warm sunlight.

“Master, congratulations on your wedding.”

“Really, congratulations on your wedding, Master.”

“Thank you so much, Demian. Oscar.”

“Even after getting married, you know you’re forever our Master, right? You can’t abandon us.”

Waving his white hair that was more beautiful than my wedding dress, Oscar sternly reminded me.

Foxes would be foxes. Yet, he still appeared cute to me, likely because Oscar had already become part of my family. Even when he caused trouble, I couldn’t truly scold him, meaning that I had long since considered him not just an aide but a family Amber.

Of course, Demian and Amber were no less than family to me as well.

And now, Lucian would join us as well.

“Why would I abandon you? Have you ever seen me abandon family?”

Of course, I had, but they were not my true family.

It was a different situation.

Aahh, no! Okay, now you get it, so go. Just go sit in the spot I told you about.”

Amber scolded Oscar and Demian like younger siblings, having already designated seats for them.

“Got it! Amber talks too much.”

“I kind of agree with that…”

I burst into laughter at Demian’s comment adding subtly to what Oscar had dsaid. Usually, Demian wouldn’t show it, but it seems Amber really did nag a lot in my absence.

Certainly, I agree with that.

Once the two had left, the bridal waiting room finally quieted down.

With the help of Amber and the other maids, I finished getting ready. The dress, made of snow-white silk, was a clean design I had wanted. Its long train wasn’t a common style in the empire. The wide V-neckline and A-line skirt gracefully spread out, looking elegant.

It was simple yet embellished with countless tiny diamonds along the hem, sleeves, and neckline. It sparkled under the sunlight like rippling waves. Besides the matching ring, Oscar handcrafted a necklace from white pearls and earrings from pink pearls as additional accessories.

“Madam, I’ve brought your bouquet.”

I smiled at the maid who elegantly presented Oscar’s bouquet with added ribbons.

“Thank you.”

“You look beautiful, Madam.”

“Miss… No, you’re not Miss anymore.”

Amber, who had watched over me since childhood, teared up at the sight of me.

“…Amber, you get married too.”

I joked, knowing all too well her hard work was due to her younger siblings at home. Even though she stubbornly refused my help, I insisted.

“Don’t spend your best years just taking care of your younger siblings. Find someone good for yourself. Your younger siblings would be happy for you, too.”

“Yes. I will, Madam.”

As I firmly held her uncertain hand, a voice called from outside the door.

“Excuse me, Madam. It’s time to go out.”

A knight outside the bridal chamber announced.

With Amber’s help, I got up.

Before stepping out, Amber and the other maids carefully placed a veil over my head, ensuring it didn’t press down on the wreath Demian had given me. Following the maids who were holding the end of my dress and veil, we headed to the hall where the ceremony would take place.

An old hall in Duchy Leon’s estate has been refurbished for the wedding venue since last year.

I headed to the hall along the path strewn with white rose petals, a favorite of the previous Duchess. I paused for a moment in front of its majestic, antique facade.

Lucian, who was already there and waiting, gazed at me.

Dressed in a contrasting black suit, he was enveloped in darkness from head to toe. However, his shirt was as white as my dress, adorned with gold chain decorations around the collar, adding a stylish touch. He also wore a boutonniere made of the same flowers as my bouquet.

As he approached me, I asked in a low voice.

“Did Demian and Oscar visit you, too?”

Lucian, with one side of his hair raised, slightly nodded and whispered back.

“Yes, they were quite cute today.”

“Did Oscar behave arrogantly again?”

“Well, I can bear that kind of arrogance today.”

I was curious about what made him smile, but I knew it wasn’t the time to ask.

I felt a wave of nervousness as I faced the waiting guests. As I took shallow breaths, Lucian extended his arm toward me. Though we usually held hands, his offer felt slightly awkward in my elaborate dress. But it felt like I would misstep if I didn’t rely on someone.

Glancing around the hall, the previous Duke and Duchess seated at the high table caught my eye first. Then I noticed Belisa waving at me, and in a corner, Samuel and the Countess quietly applauding.


He gently shook the arm he had offered, signaling me to take it. I lightly placed my hand on his, and he firmly grasped it as if ensuring a secure hold.

In his black suit and my white dress, our harmony resembled the contrasting light and shadow. Perhaps making us even more attracted to each other. Without light, there can be no shadow, and it’s the presence of shadows that make the light appear brighter.

The golden eyes looking down at me seemed as sweet as honey. I once thought his gaze resembled the full moon.

Like a being that was unreachable…

The knights of the Duchy entered in perfect order and lined up in a row. They waited for our entrance with swords drawn. It was a tradition of the Leon family to have the knights standing along the path sprinkled with Black Rose petals.

As I glanced down the long path, I turned my gaze towards him. He must have already been looking at me, our eyes meeting instantly.

“I love you, Ray.”

He whispered his confession softly before we entered the ceremony hall, and I gladly responded.

“I love you too.”

“I will love only you forever.”

His steady confession was an oasis quenching the endless thirst of my heart. Not a mirage but a precious oasis found in the midst of a desert that was solely mine.

We tightly held each other’s hands and looked forward together.

I was excited for the future, which was about to start anew for us.