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The man’s hand, previously rolling the clitoris, now gently massaged around the entrance in circles. The tightly stretched opening had been greedily taking him in. It was a significant improvement from the struggle to enter at the beginning. With his other hand gently caressing her protruding belly, Dustin said.

“Ha, it’s all going in now. You’d be surprised how greedily you’re taking me in.”

“Uuhng, ung, ah, Dus, tin…”


Gently caressing the pale buttocks that were stuck out to him, Dustin suddenly gave a light smack. The sudden, though mild, shock made her inner walls tightly clench around him.

He let out a restrained moan then looked down at Andra’s now reddened buttocks. Her white, slender body reddened quickly with just a slight impact, a fact Andra might not realize how much it excited him.

“Andra, your insides are always so tight and hot… it drives me mad.”

He gripped her hips and suddenly thrust his waist upwards. Ang! Andra cried out nasally. Her body lifting and falling like a wave, her vision flashing.

As her thighs trembled and her inner walls contracted, Dustin did not stop but started thrusting again. Andra, unable to support her upper body, was pushed forward by his movements.

“Ah, huk! Too, much, uhng!”

After a light climax made her body even more sensitive, Andra couldn’t easily gather her thoughts. His shaft pressed and thrust wildly inside her. Each time he thrust, her mouth opened involuntarily and released moans of pleasure.

Pleasure seemed to dominate her entire body. Moreover, the changed position allowed his substantial girth to fill in and out of her deeply, making her breath catch in her throat.

“Ahng! Ah, ha, haht, ah, Dustin… St, ah!”

Their first relationship after a long time heated Andra’s body endlessly. Pleasure swept through her mindlessly. The delightful sensation made it impossible to think of anything else. Andra moaned and tightly closed her eyes.

The nightmares that tormented her were long pushed away by the continuous orgasms. If s*x with Dustin could keep the nightmares at bay, Andra would want to keep doing it with him.

“More, hu-uht… harder… ung!”


“Huhng, ung, harder! Ah, huh, please…”

Immediately after Andra’s plea, Dustin wrapped one arm around her waist and lifted her upwards. With his other hand cradling her shoulder and neck, he began to nibble on Andra’s nape. He then started to thrust into her more vigorously than before.

Slam, slam. The thrusts, barely widening the entrance, shook her body from below upwards.

“Ah, hu, more, uht, ung, aah, huht!”

The thrusting felt as though it would pierce through her body, but the pleasure that followed made it impossible to stop. Tears welled up in her eyes amid the cascading orgasms. From her belly to her thighs trembled, yet Dustin did not let go. Andra clung tighter to him and moaned out loud.

Suddenly, Dustin slowed his pace and began to knead Andra’s full breasts. The soft flesh that filled and overflowed his palms was addictive. When he gripped her breasts tightly, Andra let out a weak moan and straightened her back.

Dustin looked down at the woman squirming in his arms for a moment.

He buried his nose in her sweat-drenched body and the faint scent of flowers from her blonde hair and whispered softly.

“Andra, say my name. Call my name.”

“Ha… What?”


Half-conscious, Andra managed to voice out with some effort. Dustin? Encircling her with his arms, Dustin then left a small kiss on her cheek. He just wanted to confirm. He then increased the pace of his thrusts once more. Andra gasped and gripped the arms of the man pulling her close.

“Keep saying my name.”

“Ahhk, suddenly… Ah, Dustin!”

As Dustin pinched and tugged at her erect nipples, Andra called out his name while swaying her hips. Hearing his name from her lips, Dustin had a satisfied expression and began to endlessly stimulate her.

“Keep doing that.”

“Uh, Dustin… Dustin!”

The seeds that had spilled earlier now trickled down and dampened the bedsheet. Suddenly, Dustin sat back and placed Andra on his thighs. He kissed her lower back lightly and then pulled her hips down. With her seated on him, his pillar penetrated deeply, causing Andra to inhale sharply and clench tightly.

“Too deep, uht! You’re doing this, on purpose, uhng!”

“Just keep saying my name.”

Dustin slid his arms under Andra’s knees and spread her legs wide. The junction of their bodies was explicitly visible as her thighs spread apart. Her folds that were fully engulfing his thick member were slick with their fluids.

Then, Dustin lifted her body and started thrusting deeply. Andra’s abdomen visibly bulged and then flattened.

“Ah, ang, aht, Dus, tin! So, deep, ung! Ah!”

“I wish… you would keep calling my name like that.”

“Hu-ugh, uht, st, op, ha, ah, ang!”

The thrusting intensified. Andra felt dizzy each time his pillar moved in and out. It felt like her body was being lifted high only to plummet down again. Ah, it’s strange. It felt like something was about to burst inside her, something indescribable boiling up from deep within.

“Uhng! It’s, strange, ah, haht! Dus, tin, wait, ah!”

Stop, stop… Andra pleaded and called out to Dustin, but he increased his pace, stimulating every sensitive spot. The blunt tip specifically targeted her most sensitive areas. Andra gasped for air, desperately trying to hold back what was about to explode. Dustin whispered in her ear and nibbled on her nape.

“Don’t hold back, Andra.”
As if his words were a trigger, Dustin’s forceful thrust caused Andra to convulse, then suddenly her body released a stream of water. Ah, hu-ugh… Her abdomen and legs twitched uncontrollably in violent spasms.

Only after Andra’s release did Dustin climax deeply inside her. It was only after releasing his come for a long time that he withdrew from her.

With the departure of the immense foreign sensation, Andra felt an immediate wave of lethargy sweep over her and quickly fell into a deep sleep.

Dustin finished cleaning up and then carefully pulled Andra into his arms from behind. Her face, drained of energy and asleep, looked the most peaceful he had seen it, which was a relief. Given her heightened sensitivity and agitation after waking up, he had been worried and anxious.

In truth, Dustin hadn’t shaken off his own worries and fears. His anxiety had been growing even in this moment. Although he didn’t know what dreams Andra might have had while asleep, her reactions to him hinted at something deeply troubling.

Occasionally, the look of outright hostility from Andra was unmistakable.

He knew that much of it stemmed from him and that it was his responsibility to bear, but seeing Andra seemingly push him away at times made it hard for him to breathe.

His insistence on her calling out his name was a plea for affirmation. He wanted to be sure she hadn’t let go of him yet.

Dustin held Andra even closer as he watched the dawn break. He wished time would stop right there. The thought of her reverting to her former self was unbearable. Now that they had finally grown closer, he didn’t want to grow apart.