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‘We’re not just simple cosmetics store employees.’
‘She even received the education fee, but she couldn’t serve even one person. Our welfare has improved after becoming full-time employees, so we have to earn our keep!’
‘I worked so hard to pass the test, I can’t just let it go to waste!’

The difficulty of the test for becoming a full-time employee never faltered.
The employees worked at Yunette with pride. They didn’t try to sell cosmetics carelessly.
They tried to listen to the customers who were visiting for the first time.

“What makes you most uncomfortable?”
“My face is dry…”
“I see. Because you have dry skin, we recommend a product that is more moisturizing than this water cream.”

The employees of Yunette wore neat white clothes.
It felt professional and clean, as Yuria had intended.
And, unlike other cosmetics stores, they did not say things like ‘this will make you beautiful’ or ‘attract men’s attention’.

“Oh my… I guess the employees aren’t trying hard to explain it to the nobles only.”

Yunette gave a one-to-one consultation to all visiting clients.
In addition, they gave away something called a ‘sample’.

“If you’re worried, would you like to try a sample?”
“Oh my, you’re just giving this away for free?”

The idea of giving cosmetics away for free was shocking. They couldn’t believe they could buy the cosmetics after trying them on.
However, it wasn’t just the samples. People were impressed once again even when they received the cosmetics.

‘The packaging is very neat.’

A packaging that wasn’t over-decorated, that didn’t show ostentation.

‘I can see the ingredients well.’

The employees explained that all the ingredients were marked so that the customers could avoid ingredients that weren’t suitable for them and to let them know that there was nothing harmful in the cosmetics.

“Yunette thinks of the customer first. Try it out and see if it’s the right ingredient for you.”
“Oh my. It doesn’t contain any ingredient like lead? Then, is it a safe cosmetic?”

At first, some people looked down on them, thinking it was just cosmetics used by famous people.
However, the repurchase rate was very high, and everyone who visited said they were good.

“I’m not just saying this. You’ll know when you go there and try them on.”
“… Well, you said they’d just give me a sample. There’s no harm in that.”

And everyone who came out of curiosity saw Yunette in person and had a change in attitude.

“See, it’s not just good publicity, is it?”

One person called another person. The number of customers, which was high even in the early days after the opening, showed no signs of decreasing. It even increased.
As a result, sales exceeded the expectations of Yuria and Crown Prince Enoch.

“Ah, I heard that not only the Duchess of the Primrose duchy, but also the knights, use Yunette’s products.”

In addition, it worked well that the time when Yunette opened was summer.
There was a rumor about the knights of the Primrose duchy using sunscreen and after-sun cream, so even those who thought that it was unusual for knights to use cosmetics became interested.

“You ignorant bastards. Do you think it’s enough to just not damage your skin?”
“There was actually something we were using that the family gave us…”

It was a must-have to become an elegant knight who knew chivalry, not just someone who knew how to use a sword.

“If you just go while smelling like sweat like that, the lady you say you long for will throw up.”

At first, if a line like basic cosmetics got attention, day after day, the purchase rate of products such as sunscreen and deodorant soared.

“Ah, there’s also something called a pain relief gel. It’s very refreshing to use it in a place that feels stiff.”
“Is that what the knights of the Primrose duchy use? Ah, that must be it!”

Rumors that the knights used them for dignity influenced the sales even more positively.

‘I thought it would go well… but I didn’t expect it to go this well.’

Yuria barely raised her exhausted body. The quantity of materials was still insufficient.

“Ugh… We need to grow more crops.”

Even though Florence was doing well, there were so many orders that Yuria had to focus on the power of blessing.
Still, as she continued to use the blessing of growth, it seemed like she had gotten a little more of a knack than the first time.

“Oh, Duchess Primrose. This is…”
“Yes. It’s a different cosmetic than before.”

Duchess Primrose also introduced Yunette’s cosmetics to nobles visiting from abroad.
She already had foreign exports in mind.
It was still in the early stages, so it was difficult to meet domestic demand, but there was no harm in knowing the sales route in advance.

‘Mother… She believes in me like this.’

Yuria could feel how much she trusted her and her results, so it made her heart ache.
She had always been a stubborn daughter.

“If you need more money, say so. Even if it’s not the duchy’s money, I can add to it.”
“I feel reassured to hear you say that.”

Although it was a business of the imperial family, it was difficult for the crown prince to come forward directly because it was a business of the empire, so it was a good thing for the duchess to secretly tell the aristocrats of foreign countries.

“Actually, I have a favor to ask of you, Mother.”

But now, other things were more important than overseas exports.

“Princess Vivian is returning to the social world. Could you join her as a chaperone?”

The princess’ return to the social world was approaching.


On a night when summer was at its height, the Pizebe Hall of the imperial palace looked majestic after a long time.
A celebration of the founding of the Piaast Empire.

It was a rare opportunity to gather not only high-ranking nobles, but also lower-ranking nobles.
Everyone moved to achieve their goals.
The constant playing of musical instruments, the clinking glasses of champagne, and the sound of shoes walking on the spotless marble floor couldn’t bury the sound of people talking.
The social world was a place where people liked to talk about other people’s affairs, but recently, there was a lot of gossip.

“Until a few months ago, the social world was held tight by Lady Primrose, but as you wrote in the letter, the atmosphere is strange.”
“You’re talking about the youngest Lady Primrose, right? You mean ‘that’…”
“Yes. ‘That’ Lady Primrose, who is talked about a lot lately.”

Due to the scale of the founding celebration, both aristocrats from local estates and even those attending the festival for the first time in a long time gathered.
It had been a long time since they met, and the awkward atmosphere was a common topic that everyone knew about.

“Then who will be the new flower of the social world?”
“Well, in terms of status, it’s only right for Princess Vivian or Lady Yuria Primrose to be it, but…”
“Neither of them is good at socializing.”

In fact, it was somewhat misleading for the two to be tied together.
Even though Yuria was not a social personality, she did show her face from time to time.
Princess Vivian hadn’t set foot in the social world in a long time.
Even the nobles who often attended social gatherings couldn’t remember her face.
And when she came up as a topic of conversation, it would end appropriately with ‘When will she feel better?’

But today was a little different.

“His Highness, Crown Prince Enoch, looks very handsome today too.”

Since it was a celebration of the founding of the empire, the crown prince, who would become the next emperor, was holding the ceremony as the representative.

“… I will continue to strive for the glory of the Piaast Empire, according to the will of my predecessor, His Majesty the Emperor.”

Amid all these people, Crown Prince Enoch succeeded in catching everyone’s attention.
His blonde hair, illuminated beneath the high chandelier, sparkled brilliantly. He was so solemn that he even looked holy, despite being on the majestic podium that was so big it occupied one side of the Pizebe Hall.

With clear pronunciation, and an attitude that didn’t show any nervousness.
He had imprinted his presence in everyone’s minds.

“It’s not easy to look like that at that age… In fact, when his father, the previous crown prince, gave a speech during the founding celebration…”
“Oh-oh, watch your mouth.”

Despite his sudden ascent to the throne at a young age, Crown Prince Enoch was a figure who shone impeccably.
However, those who looked at Crown Prince Enoch felt a new sense of emotion beyond his outstanding appearance.

“The brother is so enthusiastic about his official duties…”

Because of that.
In line with the theme of the flower of the social world, conversations about Princess Vivian were in people’s mouths longer than usual.

“I don’t think Princess Vivian looks like His Highness that much.”
“In terms of appearance or character?”
“Haha. But they probably look alike. They are siblings after all. But resembling each other isn’t necessarily a good thing…”