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“Right. They can also resemble each other subtly.”

The flower of the social world has always been the topic of conversation, regardless of the times.
Although it was difficult to mention the family’s name directly, it was good for the nobles to share their ranks under the pretext of being the flower of the social world.
Therefore, despite the fact that they were an imperial family, which meant it was difficult to mention them, they talked about Princess Vivian casually.

“His Highness, Crown Prince Enoch, has a trustworthy demeanor. There are no bad rumors about him.”
“Her Highness seems to be unwell, but even if her body is healthy, it will be difficult for her to reign as the flower of the social world.”
“You’re right. A position in the social world isn’t something you can get with just the power of your family.”

They wouldn’t even become the flower of the social world.
They wouldn’t even be able to meet that flower.
It was easy to talk, as much as they thought they were far from her.

“Lady Lilika Primrose, who reigned before, stole her sister’s fiancé, and gave the Duchess flowers for a funeral…”
“A beautiful appearance, a great family? Haha. Even if someone looks perfect, you don’t know what their flaws will be.”

The conversation, which had been unceremoniously heated, cooled down briefly when the Duchess of Primrose appeared.
She, who always kept quiet despite her great authority, declared that there was someone she wanted to introduce to the people.

“Oh my, who is it? If she says it like that, it means she is going to give that person the power of the duchy.”
“I’m curious after hearing the Duchess speak resolutely like this.”

The Duchess of Primrose waited until she got enough attention.
Finally, the people who had been noisy became quiet and waited for her to speak. The Duchess opened her mouth again.

“As some of you may know, I’ve been in a lot of trouble because of my skin.”

The cosmetics store called Yunette is trendy these days, but why was she suddenly talking about her skin? However, regardless of people’s suspicions, Duchess Primrose continued to speak.

“You’ve suffered similar wounds, but it’s wonderful that you’ve proudly overcome those difficult times, as opposed to me. That’s why I’m going to help you a little.”

Despite the content, the Duchess spoke with much respect.
And that question was soon solved.

“Her Highness, Princess Vivian!”

Everyone looked back at the entrance in amazement.

“N-no way… Princess Vivian?”
That Princess Vivian?”

Princess Vivian took her place in the social world for the first time since childhood.
It was the day when the social world began to change in earnest.
She appeared at a small social gathering five years ago, and she attended a big festival like the celebration of the foundation of the empire eight years ago.
It was enough time for a child to become an adult.

The imperial family’s distinctive blond hair, and eyes that resembled those of the crown prince except that they were raised like those of a cat.
She hadn’t been seen in so long, so much so that there was a spooky story about how the real princess was stoned to death and a fake princess was in the palace.
The people who had seen her as a child immediately remembered her, as if she was a bigger version of herself.

“Oh my, Her Highness Princess Vivian!”

The people who had been speaking ill of Princess Vivian ran to her first.
Although she might have been nervous as the crowd suddenly rushed to her, Princess Vivian did not hesitate in the slightest in front of the many people surrounding her.

“How have you been, Your Highness?”
“Count Gileon. Long time no see. I heard you started a new ceramic import business.”

She received the people’s greetings in an elegant manner. Even mentioning the other person’s current situation first without hesitation.
It was like she hadn’t been absent all this time.
It was completely different from the mocking words of whether there might be a problem.

After that, Crown Prince Enoch, who had finished his speech, immediately approached Vivian.

“It’s been a long time since our Vivian attended the celebration of the foundation of the empire. Even if she is a little lacking… I hope you will understand.”

His words seemed to ask for understanding, but his confident tone seemed to proclaim that no one could touch Princess Vivian.
It was obvious that he was purposefully empowering Princess Vivian.

And that wasn’t all.
After introducing her, Duchess Primrose helped her as a chaperone.
Even if her older brother was the crown prince, she was helping her solve a problem that was ambiguous due to gender differences.

“Please reconsider whether the question is suitable for Her Highness, who is still single, to answer.”
“I a-apologize!”

Princess Vivian nodded at the Duchess, who stepped up to cut off any embarrassing questions or difficulties, as if she were grateful.

‘There’s no room for us to intervene, is there?’

The social world was not a place where a good reputation could be earned simply by being elegant or having excellent manners.
But until now, Princess Vivian had no faults they could find.
Even though she had come to a social gathering after a few years, both her dress and jewelry followed the latest trends, with a little variation to not lack individuality.
Not a single glance or gesture was offensive.

‘I guess she prepared herself well at the princess’ palace even if she didn’t attend social gatherings?’
‘The flow of the social world is about to change. I’ll have to take this opportunity to get a good position…’
‘Should I try talking about my family’s business? No matter how dignified she is, she must be quite naive for having grown up in the princess’ palace.’

She was apparently on good terms with the crown prince, so she would be able to move him, who ran the Imperial Merchant Guild.

‘Even if it’s an offer that would be rejected if I went to Crown Prince Enoch, if his somewhat impatient sister approves of it, he’ll have no choice but to participate, too.’

Some of the cautious people continued to wait for an opportunity.
Even if the Duchess of Primrose was there, there was a limit to how much she could help her unless it was a rude question.
Since it was a public occasion, if she cut off a topic that seemed to be of interest to the princess, she would get a reputation for being dull-witted for stepping forward unreasonably.

‘Oh, Lady Yuria Primrose is here just in time.’

When Yuria, who seemed to be in the waiting room, joined them, the Duchess of Primrose turned her head towards her daughter.
When her gaze turned away for a moment, it was their opportunity.

“Your Highness, Princess Vivian, I heard your skin wasn’t good, but you look healthy today. I sincerely congratulate you.”

Words of thanks came back, and the atmosphere became somewhat cheerful.
But that was it.
This did not impress Princess Vivian or create any special friendship.

‘She’s smiling now, but Princess Vivian will soon forget us when she turns around. We just congratulated her like everyone else, it was nothing special.’

After gulping once, they exchanged glances.

‘Still… Doesn’t the fact that she exchanged similar conversations with everyone else mean that it might be more effective if we brought up a different topic?’

“Your Highness has always been clever.”

Although Vivian didn’t show anything special, they complimented her.

“Like His Highness, your brother, you’ll acknowledge it quickly if you hear something special.”
“Though, of course, not everyone is looking for gold in the sand. As the wise Jenerals and Orynafen have done.”

Then, he mentioned famous figures who had little to do with the current situation and said something that seemed to be for no reason.


For a moment, Vivian tilted her head. There seemed to be a glimmer of interest in her expression.

“The ancient scholars Jenerals and Orynafen?”
“Yes. Young nobles these days don’t know about them, but I knew that Princess Vivian would know them!”

He shrugged as much as he could, hoping that he had captured Vivian’s attention.

“So, do you know about the island of Isne, which they were interested in in their later years? They said they wanted to live there before they died, but it didn’t come true, unfortunately.”
“It would be a great honor if we could deliver Isne Island’s corals to the imperial family.”
“Couldn’t Her Highness, Princess Vivian, introduce us to His Highness, Crown Prince Enoch? I don’t know about the other nobles, but if the Princess were to mention it to him, he would know its value…”
“That would be difficult.”
“I wonder if you thought I would be different from the other nobles.”

Princess Vivian replied with a crooked smile.

“I don’t know much about business.”
“If it’s not something like Yunette, it will be difficult for me to tell my brother.”

The faces of the nobles who were speaking deceptively immediately hardened.