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Then, as he pressed the button on the side of his round watch, a bright light emanated from it. Sylvia gave an envious look as she watched Luca put his clothes in that space.

‘What? His inventory is so broken. He can even store clothes in it. Compared to that, mine is so outdated. The perk of the possessed, my foot…’

And here she thought that her inventory was amazing. However, it turned out not to be as good as the watch Luca spent money on. Sylvia, who had been grumbling inwardly, suddenly went agape at the sight that unfolded before her eyes.

His dazzling naked body, which she had been unable to see properly because she was too distracted in the lifeboat, was on full display. His bright skin was of a vibrant ivory color, while his muscled upper body was sculpted like a statue.
Every time he took a breath, his smooth and well-defined muscles would move along dynamically. His shoulders were so broad, 100 loads of laundry could be hung on them. The man was herculean, but not to the point of being rugged. His frame itself was sleek and cool, reminding her of a sexy black panther.
After admiring his chest, she looked down, only to be greeted by his abs, which were clearly divided like a city plan.

‘Your abs are wonderful, but your chest is the best.’

She gulped and looked up again. If Noel had the best abs, then Luca had the best chest muscles. Her green eyes never strayed from his chest, wondering if it would be bigger than hers if they were to be compared side by side.

‘I thought about it last time, but his thick muscles are really no joke. Shouldn’t Luca be the one wearing a bra instead of me?’

As she stared at his naked body—more specifically, his chest—as if in trance, Luca smirked and suddenly winked. It was as if he knew how attractive he was.

‘I almost had a double nosebleed.’

Feeling the blood rush to her nose, she raised her hand to stop it. Fortunately, no bloodshed occurred. On the day she participated in the pyramid event, she did catch a sight of his naked body in the fitting room, but seeing it outside in broad daylight was something else entirely.

When she widened her eyes, unable to pry them off his chest, Luca smiled seductively. Without realizing it, as she excitedly took in the sight of his thick breasts, her hand went up on its own. She was dying to touch it. Coming up with an idea on the spot, Sylvia groped his chest. As her grasp was met with the firm and thick sensation, the corners of her mouth gently rose.

“W-what’s the matter?”

Luca, who was proudly flaunting his naked body before, blushed in embarrassment when she touched his chest. Sylvia muttered with a mesmerized expression.

“There’s a bug…”
“There are bugs. Here, and here too. Maybe because we’re in the forest, it’s swarming with bugs.”

‘A bug?’ Luca hurriedly lowered his gaze, but not a single speck of dust, let alone an insect, was on his chest. Why would she do that for no apparent reason?

Whether Luca tilted his head or not, Sylvia’s lewd touch continued. Her soft fingers, which had been gently tracing his upper chest, slid down and brushed against his protruding nipples, causing a ticklish sensation to spread throughout his entire body. Luca frowned lazily at the strange feeling.
“Ah… I don’t see any bugs.”

She asked Luca back, tickling his chest with her index finger, drawing a shape. After teasing them with her fingers a few times, she softly ran her open palm a few times over his breasts, which were growing tighter with tension.
Luca shut his eyes, shuddering at the strange yet enticing gestures. He then opened his mouth again, and his exhalation was hot.

“Actually, there might be.”
“Yes, right here.”

Sylvia raised her hands, pretending to shake off the bugs, enjoying the feel of his magnificent breasts. Luca also didn’t reject her gentle touch, so it was a win-win situation for both of them. A hot sigh leaked from Luca’s lips every time her soft hands caressed his breasts and swept over his slightly perky flesh. Needless to say, his lower half stood up once again.

All of the sudden, Luca roughly drew her into his arms. As he bent down and hugged Sylvia, she could feel his muscles rippling, raising and falling violently. Every time Sylvia exhaled, her warm breath fell on his chest. His member, which was pressed against her, swelled even more.

“Ah, Sylvia…”

Luca buried his nose into her fragrant crown and nuzzled it. His hands subtly traced her delicate waist. As his grasp tightened, his erection rubbed against Sylvia’s belly. Its size, which rivaled that of a club, made her entire body sizzle.

‘I already saw it once, and it was really huge. Physically, he doesn’t lack anything. Why don’t we just do it here?’

As she heisted, Luca gently nudged her, making her lean against the palm tree. He leaned down, raising her small chin with his index finger, before placing his lips on hers. Without hesitation, his tongue slid into her mouth. He seemed to have learned his lesson well. It took a while before the long and passionate kiss ended.

His thick tongue parted her tiny lips, relentlessly prodding her mucous membrane. His tongue, which was stirring roughly inside, fumbled with her even teeth, tapped the roof of her mouth, and quickly found another tongue to entangle with. As their tongues intertwined, they thirstily exchanged saliva.
Luca devoured her lips as if he was going to swallow her whole, squelching as he wantonly sucked on her petite tongue. As they were intoxicated in the tantalizing kiss, Luca wedged his knee between her closed thighs.

She flinched, her body trembling, and Luca hugged her small body, pulling her closer to him. Somehow, she found herself perched on top of Luca’s lap, his throbbing member pressing against her crotch. As Luca hungrily nibbled on her lips, he instinctively grinded against her from below.

For a moment, she was amazed that he could do such a thing despite never being taught, but suddenly, his big hands dug into her dress, roughly grabbing her buttocks. At the same time, a sweet moan escaped Sylvia’s lips at the feeling of a hard cloth rubbing underneath.

“Uh, ah…”
“Haa… It feels good.”

‘Huh? I didn’t mean it when I said that we should do it here!’

Startled, Sylvia shuddered. Luca, who had only recently learned the pleasure of sex, was smoothly guiding her. At this rate, they were really going to have their first time in the middle of the jungle.

‘It feels good… Why don’t we just do it?’

For a moment, Sylvia thought about provoking Luca more and doing the deed in the jungle. Ultimately, she decided against it. The reason was because actual bugs were feasting on her arms.
Having sex in the jungle, where danger could come from any direction, wasn’t worth it. It was on a wholly different level from the forest by the sea where the festival was held. Besides, if they were to fully undress just to have sex, they would be a feast for bugs.

Sylvia pushed Luca away, shooing away the mosquito that was biting her arm.

“—Hold on! If this continues, the sun will set. Let’s take a quick tour of the island first.”
“…Huh? I-island…? Right, the island… Haa…”

At her curt words, Luca sighed deeply, like drawing water from a dry well. Sylvia avoided his gaze, feeling sorry for him. Somehow, it was as if she was tormenting him from earlier, albeit unintentionally.

As she turned around and straightened her clothes, Luca followed behind with a sigh.


Suddenly, he groaned, covering his hand. The scream startled Sylvia, who soon approached him.

“What’s wrong? Does your hand hurt?”
“Yes… It seems like the wound has reopened.”

Luca took a deep breath and frowned.
He seemed alright, so the fact that he was wounded slipped her mind. Luca was a victim of a jungle monkey. Sylvia quickly removed the bandage and examined his wound, which was swollen. When she lightly touched the back of his hand, she could feel that it was hot.

‘The health potion didn’t have much effect. We can’t exactly go to a hospital if he gets sick…!’

If anything went wrong with Luca on the island, it would be a huge problem. Sylvia’s heart sank.

“Ah, what to do? It’s going to get worse at this rate. Now that we have a rough idea of the island, let’s head back to the cave.”
“Is that okay?”
“You have to be in good shape to do other things. Let’s go back.”

After pondering her words for a moment, Luca nodded weakly. For some reason, his beautiful golden eyes seemed to have become sunken, making him look truly pitiful. Even though only his hand was injured, the look on his face was as if he was going to fall ill. Without realizing it, she wrapped her arms around Luca, supporting him as they returned to the cave.

“Lie still here.”

Sylvia carefully placed Luca’s broad body on the mattress. He laid down quietly, silently folding his arms over his chest.

‘Luca nursed me yesterday, so I should rightfully nurse him today.’

Sylvia rummaged through the supply box and found bottled water, took the cap off, and held it to Luca’s mouth. He blinked his eyes weakly and barely managed to drink some water.

‘Did the monkey have any unknown germs? It’s hard to believe that someone can instantly deteriorate.’

Since the health potion didn’t work, there was nothing else she could do. Sylvia found disinfectant and ointment from the first-aid kit and carefully dressed his wound again. After changing the bandage on his hand, she placed a cloth soaked with the bottled water on his forehead.
After that, some time passed, and it was starting to get quite dark outside, so Sylvia turned on the indoor light in their hiding place. As she looked outside, Sylvia let out a sigh.

‘Even though we were supposed to take a look around the island today… I wonder if Luca will recover tomorrow? Huff.’

Tired from nursing, she laid down on a wide rock and tried to sleep.

Meanwhile, Luca, who was laying on the bed with his eyes closed, wondered why he had done such a thing. Since there was no sign of her presence, he cautiously opened his eyes and turned to the side, only to see that Sylvia had fallen asleep on a rock, with her arms as a pillow.

‘…Am I a moron? It isn’t that painful, and yet I’m overexaggerating it.’

Dissatisfied with the skinship they had shared in the jungle earlier, he resorted to feigning illness and successfully made it back to the cave. Originally, he did intend to investigate the island despite his wound. However, as soon as he came into contact with Sylvia, other thoughts flooded his mind, and eventually his objective changed. His brain, which was under control of his lower part, was being erratic.

Originally, he had schemed to ask for a heap of kisses as soon as they returned to the cave, saying that it would make him feel better. However, Sylvia’s face as she nursed him was so serious that he didn’t dare to playfully ask for a kiss.
He was afraid that she would get mad, asking why he pulled such a prank. Thus, he played the role of a sick person until the end. Instead of the kiss he was yearning for, he only received treatment.

‘Ah, really. If you’re going to do it, do it right. What a waste of time this is.’

Instead of earning the title of a schemer, he earned the title of a jester. Somehow, the insidious scheme was too much of a stretch for the mischievous Luca. When it came to Sylvia, Luca’s head, which was usually running smoothly, creaked like an unoiled machine. He was going insane.

‘Had I known this was going to happen, I would’ve just explored the island like we originally planned! I shouldn’t have done something so pointless!’

Luca sighed out loud without realizing it.

“…Luca? You’re awake. Are you feeling better?”