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Dante frowned.

In that moment, an illusion of petals fluttering behind Chloe’s wide smile seemed to blossom.

When he regained his senses, it wasn’t petals swaying but strands of light resembling Chloe’s hair.

Her luscious locks flowed down her shoulders like blossoms.

Her sea-blue eyes sparkled brightly, complementing her appearance.

Dante unconsciously exhaled slowly, his breath catching.
In a hushed tone. Dante spoke, “……Is your neck bruise alright?”

Chloe lightly touched the hidden bruise under her lace choker, “It’s fine. It’s almost gone now.”

Chloe smiled again, as if it were no issue at all.

It was a look Dante hadn’t seen before when they first met.

Dante clenched and then relaxed his fist.

“Now that dinner is over, let’s get down to business.”

“Yes, Your Grace.”

Chloe nodded.

“As I mentioned, it rained just as I predicted, Your Grace. Do you believe me now?”

“To some extent, yes. We cannot entirely dismiss the possibility of coincidence.”

“Even so, does preparing this place mean you’re ready to consider my proposal?”

“It does.”

Dante replied with a firm voice.

Chloe smiled brightly.

Dante furrowed his brow in an indiscernible mood.

A sense of freedom, unfamiliar to him in Tyrannia, emanated from Chloe.

Chloe spoke up, “I would like a three-year grace period before this marriage.”

“Three years?”

Dante raised an eyebrow.

“If it’s a grace period, does that mean the marriage could end after that?”

“Yes. We would discuss the continuation of this marriage after three years.”

It was what some called a contract marriage.

“I am determined to lift Your Grace’s curse within those three years. And I intend to uncover the reason why Your Grace keeps appearing in my visions.”

Chloe had no intention of wasting those three years.

She planned to resolve Dante’s curse and trials during that time.

To justify her current demands.

“And if after three years, we decide to divorce, I would like Your Grace to pay me a dowry of 3 million gold. Negotiations can follow after Your Grace assesses how helpful I’ve been during our marriage.”

Chloe had prepared for this moment for a long time.

Wearing a strange expression, Dante stared at Chloe, who spoke effortlessly.

“If, within three years, we haven’t achieved everything, is an extension possible?”

“If both of us desire it.”

Chloe ended her speech by clasping both hands together.

Please accept.

Marriage was a stepping stone for Chloe’s future.

To help Dante, hold his hand, and escape Tyrannia.

And then, to regain complete freedom.

No one wanted to go to an unknown place.

To a place unfamiliar with Tyrannia.

“Is that all?”


Chloe’s eyes widened.

What more was needed?

Wouldn’t lifting the curse alone be a great help?

Dante spoke sternly, “Marriage entails many obligations. For instance, matters like the bedroom or succession issues. How do you plan to handle those?”

“Ah. I won’t do anything Your Grace doesn’t want. Nothing at all.”

Dante sighed as he looked at Chloe’s resolute face.

Does this innocent maiden truly understand what “bedroom matters” entail? And the deeper implications within?

“Miss Chloe, this is not a matter to be taken lightly. Do you understand what the wedding night signifies, what union between man and woman entails?”

Contrary to Chloe’s simplicity, Dante felt impatience rising.

Chloe blinked.

She then revisited the contents of the novel.

This novel was indeed rated mature.

Within such a narrative, if there was anyone embodying chastity, keeping women at a distance, and preserving innocence, it was none other than Dante.

The man before her.

Perhaps he knew nothing at all?

Chloe harbored reasonable doubts.

Moreover, with such a curse and the accompanying wounds, it was plausible that he lacked knowledge.

“I understand what concerns Your Grace. I am fine, Your Grace. Regardless of Your Grace’s beliefs, I can comprehend.”


Dante and Chloe locked eyes.

Chloe glanced around before lowering her voice.

“Even if there are issues with Your Grace, I am okay with it.”

Chloe thought she conveyed her intentions tactfully. Even if Dante were truly a naive young man who knew nothing, it wouldn’t be an issue. So, it was fine not to engage in such matters.

Do as you wish.

However, Chloe’s claim led to a misunderstanding with Dante.

Dante’s face turned pale.

Then, Dante ran his hand roughly through his hair.

“Your Grace?”

“It seems Miss Chloe may be misunderstanding something.”

What misunderstanding?

Chloe blinked.

“I have no problems.”


“It’s true that I haven’t been with any women so far, but my body is fine. I don’t have a chronic condition like erectile dysfunction that would lead to divorce.”

Dante spoke sternly with a grave expression.

Chloe blinked blankly.

“Erect… What did you just say…?”

“Erectile dysfunction.”


* * *

Illyae slammed her palm on the vanity table.

“How dare she say such things to me!”

She had never imagined being insulted like this by anyone. People usually adored Illyae. Just by flashing her kind smile and revealing her true self, people praised her. Moreover, her lovely and sweet appearance captivated everyone perfectly—rosy round cheeks and sparkling azure eyes. As she looked in the mirror, she gently touched her cheeks. Even as anger surged, seeing her beautiful face often calmed her. What couldn’t she do with this face? Get angry? Maybe a bit of that feeling.

The oddity was Duke Dante Petros, who lacked aesthetic sense. How could anyone make such comments after seeing this face?

“He’s a strange person,” Illyae muttered, pursing her lips.

“Chloe must have definitely said awful things about me.”

With that, she lightly tapped her cheek.

“Get a grip, Illyae. It’s not the time to be upset over such trivial matters.”

Initially, Illyae’s goal wasn’t Dante; it was Crown Prince Werner across from Dante. She had hinted about a marriage proposal with Crown Prince Werner from the royal family’s side, but there had been no significant response yet.

“Father… you didn’t come back drunk and babbling again, did you?”

Illyae sighed, her expression becoming serious.

Crown Prince Werner had also been avoiding social gatherings lately. The frustrated Empress, his mother, had been pushing him forward. Rumors were rife that this year, he would actively participate in social events to find a suitable match. It was a story circulating from the palace, so it wasn’t baseless. Among the contenders, Illyae was considered a strong candidate.

As long as the elders favored Illyae, winning over the Crown Prince’s heart would be easy.

If Crown Prince Werner was indeed as described in rumors, he wouldn’t even notice a woman shut up in her house.

So, all Illyae needed to do was to flash her charming smile and sway her tail a little, and victory would be assured.

“You’re the prettiest, after all.”

Feeling better, Illyae smiled at herself in the mirror.

“I need something impactful to happen.”

It was a chance to leave a lasting impression on Crown Prince Werner.

A while ago, there was a flood where people should have been submerged in water.

Well, they say heaven helps those who help themselves, right?

Illyae pressed her thick lips with her index finger. It was one of her charms that enchanted men.

Unconsciously posing, Illyae tilted her head.

“It should be something equally dangerous and attention-grabbing.”

She rummaged through the vanity drawer.

Luckily, she had enough allowance.

This should be enough for Illyae to prepare a splendid show for herself and still have some left over.