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“I just thought of something, where do the books come from?”

Hezel was a secluded space, cut off from the outside world. Only those chosen by God could enter. Andra wondered where all these books came from in such a place. Helic, understanding her question completely, pushed up his monocle and kindly answered.

“We don’t bring in books. They appear on their own or are created by the people of Hezel themselves. After living through vast stretches of time, many here find they have enough insights to easily write a few volumes. Even Bonn beside me has filled at least one shelf.”

Helic pointed to Bonn, who scratched his head in embarrassment.

“Haha, once I arrived here, research was basically what I started with. Especially since there’s knowledge here you can’t find outside.”

Bonn responded, shrugging, which made Andra glance around the library with renewed awe. Perhaps this place could help her make sense of her own experiences. A flicker of hope sprang up within her.

“Anyway, as Bonn mentioned, I’ve prepared some material on one side. Though I’m not sure if it’s exactly what Miss Andra is looking for. Many have tried to go up, but none have succeeded.”

“That’s okay. I plan to be the first.”

Helic chuckled at Andra’s confident reply. That’s a great attitude. He added and started explaining about the place.

“The library of Hezel is always open, so feel free to come anytime. If you wish to borrow books, just write your name and the book’s details in the borrowing ledger and take them with you. There’s no strict return deadline, but if a book isn’t returned for decades, I might come looking for it.”

“Hm, I don’t plan on staying that long.”

“I hope not. Oh, and I’m here from 9 AM to 6 PM but step out twice a day, for lunch and at 4 PM. Just keep that in mind, and if you have any questions or need help, feel free to come here. I’ll be happy to guide you to your place.”

Helic pulled out a key from his pocket and pointed to a staircase on one side. With that, Bonn announced his part was over and left. Andra and Dustin then followed Helic up the staircase.

The spiral staircase seemed to connect endlessly upwards. The three went up until they stopped somewhere in the middle. Unlike the lower floors crammed with bookshelves, this area was furnished like a lounge.

Helic used the key to open one of the rooms. Inside, all kinds of documents and books were piled high on a desk.

“These are the materials related to the Island in the Sky and the myths you mentioned, Miss Andra.”

“There’s so much…”

“Surprisingly, this is just a portion. I’ve selected and narrowed down the materials that seemed most helpful. If you need more, please let me know. I’ll bring more.”

“Thank you. This looks very helpful.”

“I’ll be rooting for you. I’ll leave the key here when I go.”

Helic placed the key on the desk and left, closing the door behind him. Andra took a deep breath as she surveyed the mountain of books and materials. Collecting this information might take some time, but it was better than having no materials at all. It was equivalent to hitting rock bottom otherwise.

“…There seems to be too much.”

Dustin, who had been silently observing until now, picked up a book and grumbled casually. Andra responded firmly.

“It’s a lot, but not unmanageable.”


“How much information do you think goes into writing a single thesis? This amount is manageable. Besides, we’re not here to write a thesis.”

The task was to find and condense information, which was much simpler than writing a paper.

Organizing information was something Andra had been trained in day and night since joining the academy. This amount of material could be handled in a few days, especially since Dustin would be helping.

…Although she didn’t have high expectations.

Andra hastily set down her stuff and took a seat in front of the documents. Dustin paced in front of her, evidently having much to say, but she didn’t have time to deal with him.


“Later. if we want to sort these by dinner, we don’t have time to chatter. Why don’t you grab a chair and help out?”

“….You’ll regret it.”

Regret? As Andra ignored him and opened a book, Dustin didn’t pull up a chair as suggested but instead headed under the desk.


Suddenly, two thick fingers probed her wet folds. Leaning over the desk, Andra trembled, scratching it with her nails as the strange sensation quickly took over her body.

Was it not enough, despite the entire day yesterday? Being in the same space with Dustin often stirred something within her, like the occasional irritation she felt towards him.

“Doing this… uhng, here…”

“Nobody will know. That man’s already left.”

“It’s not, uht, that man, ah, ah, Helic… uhng!”

“Say my name, not some other guy’s, Andra.”

When Andra mistakenly uttered another man’s name, Dustin mischievously inserted another finger, scraping her inner walls.

A shiver of pleasure swept through her. Pressing her right cheek to the desk, Andra instinctively pushed her hips further towards Dustin as he began to explore her peak with his other hand.

“Ah, Dustin… hu-ung, uht…”

“I’m the only one who can satisfy you. Look, you’re already drenched, begging for me.”


While her body was undeniably honest, conflicting emotions clashed. Part of her harbored resentment towards Dustin, while the other had affection for him. Indeed, only Dustin could satisfy her at the moment.

After sleeping with Dustin, Andra no longer experienced nightmares. In fact, there wasn’t even a chance for nightmares as Dustin continuously provoked her.

Three fingers entered her, rubbing against the wrinkled walls that were squeezing him. With each touch, Andra twitched, her nails scraping aimlessly across the desk surface. There was no time to worry about her skirt that was pushed up to her waist and was getting wrinkled.

The hole that had been heated from Dustin’s earlier acts had left her eagerly welcoming those fingers.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Huht… Why, uht…”

“You have to tell me.”

Dustin pressed down on her cli* and asked in a low murmur. It was almost teasing. Ahng! Andra moaned, shaking her hips in response, then quickly covered her mouth, worried if Helic might hear her. The room was far away and each room had soundproofing, but she couldn’t be sure. This was Hezel, where magic made many things possible.

Seeing Andra cover her mouth, Dustin lifted his hand from her clitoris to gently smack her bottom. Smack! Andra jerked her head up in surprise, and at the same moment, her inner walls clenched tightly around his fingers.

“Dustin, you…!”

“No one’s here.”

When Andra couldn’t hold back and opened her mouth, Dustin knelt down as if he had been waiting for this moment, and brought his lips to her. His hot tongue lavished attention on her cli*.

Andra bowed her head again, trying to ignore the tightening in her lower abdomen as she struggled to speak.

“How can you, ah, hu-uht, do that, ung!”

“Focus on me. I’m the one f***ing you right now, Andra. I’m the man who put it in here for you.”

Dustin often made crude comments whenever Andra lost control of her body in pleasure. Although Andra didn’t particularly enjoy such talk, her body responded definitively. Dustin licked around the entrance where his fingers had been, catching the dripping fluid.

“Ah-huuht… Dustin…”

“Just tell me. What do you want?”

His fingers slowly traversed her insides. Andra tensed, breathing lightly, and secretly glanced at Dustin below her who was biting and licking. She knew he was deliberately teasing her, fully knowing what she wanted. Even though he seemed submissive outside the bedroom, like an abandoned animal showing its belly, when they were doing it, he revealed a surprising dominance.

‘It’s not too bothersome, but…’

Andra knew there was no one better than Dustin to share her bed with, so she tolerated his whims. If his actions truly annoyed or displeased her, she would have pushed him away and sent him packing long ago.

The reason Dustin could act this way here was due to Andra’s silent consent. In truth, his current actions were more focused on providing pleasure to her than tormenting her.


“Hu-uht, put it in… Quickly…”


“…Yours. Dustin, inside, hunt, please.”

Finally, when Andra whispered her plea, Dustin removed his mouth and hands from her. The fingers that had been slowly teasing her inner walls withdrew, and the reddened flesh twitched as if missing the contact.

Dustin stood up straight, unfastening his belt. His center, long since ready, sprang free. He pushed aside his underwear and rubbed the wet tip against his palm to prepare it for entry.

“I’ll only put in half to start. It might not go all the way like last time.”

Dustin pulled her towards him, positioning Andra to stand gripping the edge of the desk, her heels slightly lifted. He slowly rubbed his engorged member against her, the moist flesh meeting with anticipation. Andra’s knuckles whitened as she gripped the desk and she unknowingly inhaled sharply.

The hole he had carefully prepared quivered as soon as his pillar touched it. The love liquid leaked out as if begging for entry. Seeing this, Dustin felt like he was going to climax. He yearned to enter her just like yesterday.

To the warm, moist inner walls seemed perfectly molded to accept him.