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“I am ready to teach the Miss anything you wish to know…”

Sona hesitated.

She was worried if it was appropriate for a non-direct family member like a personal knight to tell her this.

“Then, culd you teach me magic?”

“Umm… Actually, handling magic is something one is born with the ability to do.”

Riersha felt a wave of despair wash over her. Sona’s words seemed to say, ‘Actually, I am naturally talented at this.’

Seeing the child freeze up, Sona smiled awkwardly.

“Think of magic as a part of your body, and try to feel it slowly. Just as it’s natural for flowers to smell lovely when the wind blows and your hair to flutter.”


Riersha seemed to grasp it yet also not quite understand. The explanation was complicated, and her eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

Sona continued to explain more simply.

“Magic is always with you. It stays in your body, feeling joy when you are happy and sadness when you are sad. It resonates with you.”

“Always wih me? Magic sad when I’m sad?”

“Yes, because it is a part of you. Sometimes, the more you try to control it consciously, the more difficult it becomes. Because it’s just natural in your subconscious.”

Riersha pondered deeply on her words. She felt slightly more enlightened by the more detailed explanation.

Seeing her understanding, Sona smiled gently.

“The moment you truly understand my words, you will be able to freely control your powers.”


* * *


Riersha stepped into the garden and took a deep breath.

“Weally no answer other than training?”

She clenched her eyes shut, tensing her forehead.


Naturally. Naturally.


This wasn’t it.

Riersha collapsed to the ground, facing the obstacle from the start. At this rate, she feared she might never earn her grandfather’s recognition and might end up living in the annex forever.

Just as she was struggling to get up again.


A mocking laugh suddenly echoed from the air. Hearing that, Riersha quickly looked up but saw nothing.

“Who there?”


“I hear wrong?”

Confused, she shook her head and decided to focus back on her training.


While she was trying to actively move her magic by making sounds, a stone suddenly rolled toward her feet. Riersha’s eyes snapped open. A stone, which wasn’t there just moments ago, had rolled right in front of her.

“Who there?”

Someone kept interrupting her focus.

Her eyebrows shot up, and she planted her hands on her hips. She immediately searched around for the culprit.



“You’ve awakened your powers, but you still can’t use them properly.”

A familiar voice called from above. Riersha looked up to find Ricardor leaning against a tree.

“Brother Ricardor?”

She hadn’t expected him to come all the way to the annex. Surprised, she muttered his name as he climbed down from the tree and landed lightly while clicking his tongue.

“Struggling like that won’t make the magic work.”

“…Not stwuggling!”

Riersha pouted her lips. In truth, she had been, but being caught in such a state was embarrassing.

Ricardor’s eyes narrowed.

“You were.”


“You were.”


“Admit it.”

Grumbling, Riersha clenched her fists and then abruptly turned her head away. It wasn’t the time to assert her pride.

After calming down, she relented softly.

“Hewp me.”

On the day she had awakened her powers, the person right next to her had been none other than Ricardor. Perhaps he had observed something during her awakening that could guide her.

Ricardor grinned.

“Oh, for nothing?”

“…Brother annoying.”

“You’re trying to get a free solution.”


“You can do it on your own, right? Then, I’m leaving. Work hard. Good luck.”

As Riersha clamped her mouth shut, he seemed ready to leave.

“Wa, wait!”

In desperation, she blurted out. Ricardor’s knowing attitude seemed to hint he knew something significant.

“Brother help, then I give you my coolest thing.”

“The coolest thing?”


“…And what’s that?”

“Shiny and pwetty.”

Hidden inside a wrapping cloth. It was a treasure Riersha had been hiding away like a crow.

“Are you serious about giving that to me?”


“Okay, I’ll help.”

As Ricardor sat down on the ground and gestured for her to come closer to listen carefully, she quickly knelt down next to him, her ear turned towards him as he whispered.

“Think back to what the situation was like when your powers manifested.”


“Yes! Remember, you showed your abilities to your Grandfather, which is why you’ve been allowed to stay in the mansion, right?”


On reflection, her abilities had manifested during moments of extreme fear. The first time was when she faced a monster, and the second was when she was reprimanded by Archmond.

“Recall that sensation, and you’ll start to feel your powers activate.”

“…But that’s too scawy.”

Recalling life-threatening situations was uncomfortable.

Riersha’s instinct was to reject remembering those moments. After several failed attempts, she shook her head, and Ricardor pondered for a moment before nodding.

“Maybe if you’re exposed to that situation again, who knows?”


“You need to enter the forest of monsters again.”

The suggestion that she should return to the forest of monsters caused Riersha’s complexion to pale, but there seemed no other option. It felt as though if things continued this way, Oberon would betray her, and she would be defenseless.

‘No one will believe me even if I tell the truth.’

Who would take the word of a mere four-year-old seriously? And if she went around saying the Arachrene family was doomed, people would just scoff.

Riersha got up decisively.

“Okay. I want to go to the fowest. Brother come with me?”


“You pwomised to help.”

Even though Ricardor looked perplexed, her eager eyes sparkled at him. He tried several times to say no but ultimately brushed his face with his hand in resignation.

“Fine, meet me at the edge of the forest at midnight. Don’t let anyone see you, it has to be a secret.”



* * *


The Imperial Castle of the Decler Empire.

Upon receiving the empress’s summons, Rysideon stopped at a respectful distance as he entered the empress’s palace.

The empress, adorned in a revealing red dress, was strikingly beautiful. Her thick hair was swept up into a single bun, secured with a jeweled accessory, as she sat upon the throne without looking at him.

“The young duke has summoned you, I hear.”


“What a relief it is. To think the young duke has returned safely from the battlefield. How worried you must have been.”

Rysideon remained silent, unable to respond.

“So, the Young Duke’s return means the young lady must have awakened her powers, right?”

“…That would seem likely.”

When Rysideon agreed softly, the Empress chuckled, amused. Her fingers played with her teacup, tracing delicate patterns in the air.

A thoughtful shadow passed over her face.

Carla took a sip of her tea, raising her eyebrows thoughtfully.

“What are your thoughts?”

“About what, Your Majesty?”

“Have you considered what might happen after the lady’s awakening?”

The fifteen-year-old Rysideon, who carried a serious aura beyond his years, bowed his head slightly at the question.

“Nothing will come of it.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. It is merely the fulfillment of what was expected.”

Pleased with his answer, a smile rose at the corners of the Empress’s mouth.