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Louder than expected, his sigh woke Sylvia up. She glanced over at Luca, then got up and came over to him. At first, Luca wondered what he was supposed to say, but then he decided to just keep lying there and pretend he was feeling better.

“Uh… I feel somewhat better than before, but my hand is still sore.”
“Even though you seemed so weak earlier. I guess you have good stamina because you exercise regularly.”

In response to Sylvia’s conclusion, Luca kept his mouth shut and showed a helpless expression. With his unbandaged hand, he reached for Sylvia’s hand, which was lying on his side, and placed it on his chest. Remembering that Sylvia was fond of his chest, Luca mustered his courage and winged it. His hands were trembling ever so slightly. Cautiously, Luca looked up into Sylvia’s eyes and began to speak.

“Still, my body feels strange. Can you feel how fast my heart is beating?”
“…Yes, it’s beating fast.”

Sylvia’s clear green eyes became misty as her hand touched Luca’s thick chest. Her saliva flowed naturally.

‘It slipped my mind for a moment, but… Now that I touched it again, what a magnificent chest it is! I want to grab it with both hands.’

The pervert inside of her, which had disappeared in front of a patient, was about to come out and run wild again. Just as she was barely able to grab a hold of herself, Luca went on.

“Luckily, I don’t think I have a fever anymore.”
“I… I see.”
“…Do you want to check?”

Luca clasped Sylvia’s hand, before pulling it gently. At that gesture, Sylvia’s body, which had been bending down to look at him, fell on top of his. For a moment, she was confused as to what was going on. But then, Luca cleared his throat, blushing as he placed his uninjured hand on the back of Sylvia’s delicate neck.

“Use your mouth.”
“…But I might also get sick.”

Despite how eager she was, those words, which she had no intention of saying, escaped her lips. Luca drew his face closer. His lips were so close that she could feel his breath.

“I will take responsibility in that case.”

At the end of those words was the beginning of their kiss. As Luca pulled Sylvia closer by her neck, he sealed her lips, his searing tongue frantically exploring her small mouth. Sylvia bowed her head, her brown hair cascading down the side of his face and onto the mattress.

Luca roughly explored the inside of Sylvia’s soft mouth with his tongue, gently prodding and caressing it. At the same time, he seductively stroked her nape.
As they kissed, Sylvia sat on top of Luca. Partly because she had nowhere to support herself—and partly because she wanted to touch it—her hands naturally rested on his chest.
The kiss went on as their tongues coiled around each other, their noses bumping every so often. Every time their lips parted for a moment, sloshing noises could be heard.

Luca’s hand traveled down her slender back, before returning to her nape to hold her in place. In the jungle, he unconsciously couldn’t keep his hand to himself, but when he started doing it actively on the bed, he was at a loss what to do.

He wanted more. However, as much as he wanted to take it a step further, his lack of experience rendered him unconfident. What if Sylvia didn’t feel the same?
Meanwhile, Luca’s manhood had woken up earlier and was aching with pain. Every time their tongues tangled, every time the petite hand on his chest twitched, his thing twitched, wanting to break free of the fabric.
When their long kiss ended and their lips parted, a transparent thread of saliva followed and broke. Luca grunted as he looked up at Sylvia with drowsy eyes.

“Haa… I don’t have a fever, right?”

Sylvia nodded, slightly rolling up the hem of her dress. Then, she lowered her buttocks. Luca’s breathing became labored as her small butt rested gently on his firm, rippling abs.
Sylvia slid her butt down and perched them on his lower half, which stood obstinately. With only her underwear standing between them, she slowly rubbed her butt against it. He heard a rustling sound as the fabric hit each other. As if it had a mind of its own, Luca’s lower half writhed every time her butt touched it, flaunting his existence.

“Ah, uh…”

Sylvia deliberately moaned to arouse Luca even more. Luca frowned and gasped at her lewd behavior. Straddling his lower body, Sylvia placed her hands on his abs. She stood firmly and rubbed the dent in the center of her underwear against Luca’s arousal. She pressed against it a few times, gyrating her hips, causing Luca to throw his head back as he moaned.

“Ugh, ah, Sylvia—”
“Does it feel good?”
“Yes… It feels good.”

Luca moaned while covering his mouth with his hand. Unable to withstand it anymore, he tried to raise his upper body, but she simply held him down by pressing her hands on his abs.

“Your hand is hurt. Be still.”
“I can’t stand it…”
“Won’t you behave?”

Looking at Sylvia, who smiled innocently, Luca meekly nodded. She unbuckled his pants while peering into his golden eyes, gleaming with desire. While lifting her hips, she slipped her hand into his pants. Luca’s waist shook anxiously as she slowly caressed the hard rod that she was sitting on.


His hot, stiff pole bucked its head violently with each passing touch. As her lithe hand stroked his twitching member several times, Luca covered his mouth with the back of his hand, suppressing the moans that kept escaping. His member desperately wanted to get out of his underwear. Sylvia grinned seductively and maintained eye contact with him.

“Should we stop here? How do you feel?”
“Uh, no. More… Please, more.”

Luca shook his head violently, fearing that Sylvia might leave him just like that. Before he knew it, his golden eyes became teary. Slowly lowering her gaze, she admired Luca’s figure beneath her.
His face was flushed with excitement, his eyebrows furrowed from holding back his moans, his enchanting chest with impeccable proportions rising and falling quickly as he breathed hard, and his abs that were properly divided to create the illusion of shadow… There was nothing lacking anywhere.

Sylvia’s eyes were brimmed with joy as they went down to Luca’s arousal. Despite the indirect contact, his underwear got wet by the hard flesh that rose violently every time her hand passed over it.

‘I think he’ll come before we even do it! I can’t believe how exciting this is!’

She couldn’t believe Luca, who was cocky and cold when they first met, got that excited merely because of her touch. Plus, the sight of him obediently heeding her words to behave was so adorable.
Stroking the rigid flesh over Luca’s underwear, she fumbled for what she wanted. She soon found the tip of his rod and stroked it quickly with her thumb, eliciting a gasp from him.

He suddenly spoke, “—Hold on! Stop…”
“Wait—ah, stop for a bit.”

Luca blushed even more and lowered his eyelashes as if he was embarrassed.

‘We’ve come this far, only to stop?’

Sylvia was dumbfounded for a moment, not knowing what he was about, but she soon realized the reason.
When she touched it, she could feel that his underwear was damp. However, it didn’t seem like he had come. Perhaps, he told her to stop because he was about to.

‘And here I was going to tease him more.’

Sylvia regretfully looked down at Luca. Come to think of it, even at the pyramid event where she died, didn’t he c*m after she had only touched him a few times? As he wasn’t used to being touched by others, it seemed like he needed training to develop endurance.

‘Well, if we only do it a few times, he won’t get used to it. Then, we just have to do it a lot, right?’

Sylvia nodded, retracted her hand, and stood up with her knees on either side of Luca’s pelvis. As she removed her hand from underneath her, Luca stared wistfully at her. He probably thought that today’s skinship would end there.

‘No, we’re going all the way today.’

Sylvia unhurriedly lifted the hem of her dress, staring at the moist golden eyes that seemed about to burst into tears. As her slightly tight dress was rolled up to her stomach, the area between her legs—clad only in underwear—was in full display. Luca gasped at the sight of it, causing Sylvia to smirk.

Luca couldn’t take his eyes off her slightly wet underwear. As she stared at him with a smile, she stepped back slightly and put her hand on Luca’s underwear. Then, as if he was waiting for her, Luca tried to pull down his underwear with his own hands.
Sylvia blocked his large hand and pulled down his drawer. His huge rod, dripping with excitement, sprang out. The smooth tip of the enticingly colored pillar was shiny with a sticky, filmy liquid. She stared at the twitching rod, continuously overflowing with fluid.

Luca, who had been looking expectantly at Sylvia removing her own underwear, was dejected when she only stared at him for a while without doing anything. He had long gone mad over Sylvia’s action of gently prodding and teasing his head with her index finger, he ended up crying and begging.

“Sylvia… Please, do something about it.”
“Are you telling me to stop?”
“No, not at all—uh…”

As Sylvia cluelessly tilted her head, Luca’s eyes went wide as he breathlessly sighed. If he blinked just a few more times, tears would’ve surely fallen from his round eyes. He opened his mouth again.

“Haa, please… Please do it again.”

At his pleading voice, Sylvia sultrily narrowed her gaze. Lifting her hands, she took off the dainty underwear that was covering her private. As she rolled down her underwear to her thigh, the middle of her underwear was visibly wet. Luca couldn’t take his eyes off the sight of Sylvia lifting her legs to take off her underwear.

She didn’t expect the golden eyes to fall between her legs. Meanwhile, Luca was tempted to get close to her, feel her body to his heart’s content, and feel her with his mouth. However, she told him to stay still. In fear that Sylvia would get offended and call it a day if he moved, Luca bit his lips and resisted the urge.

Sylvia threw her underwear on the corner of the bed and grabbed the large, wet pillar with one hand. As soon as her warm hand touched it, Luca’s dick twitched violently, as if he was about to c*m.
Sylvia took the rod that had risen to its limit, almost as if it was going to hit her navel and guided it to her lower half, pressing against it. Then, she lowered her hips slightly, and the rod that penetrated the crevice of her drenched folds rubbed against her squishy insides.




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