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Luca bit his lower lip hard as he trembled violently. Sylvia paused for a moment, fearing that Luca might go off like before. As she waited, Luca stared anxiously downward, his golden eyes shimmering with desire. Her drenched folds squelched obscenely as she rubbed it against his member once more.

‘My entire body is tingling.’

Flushing, Sylvia frowned slightly at the strange pleasure. Meanwhile, Luca was writhing in agony, not knowing what to do. Soon, he began to cry and plead with Sylvia.

“Uhh, I’m going crazy. Sylvia, I want to touch you.”
“You can’t. We’ll be in trouble if your wound reopens.”

Sylvia shook her head firmly. In truth, she only had a sliver of concern for Luca’s hand, as the desire to keep seeing him cry had dominated her. His tearful golden eyes were just so tempting to look at.

‘What is this?’

On the other hand, Luca really wanted to cry. After all, the hand that was bitten by the monkey didn’t hurt in the slightest. He was fine, but seeing how serious her green eyes were, he couldn’t admit the truth. The urge to beat his past self up had never been that high. If he hadn’t told such a lie, he would’ve been able to touch her all over by now.

“Ah, seriously.”

When Luca whined and tried to get up again, Sylvia pursed her lips before shaking her head as if it couldn’t be helped. Then, she fished out a cloth strap out of Luca’s pants, held it, and smiled gently before climbing onto his chest. Seeing that, doubt appeared in Luca’s gaze.

“What? What are you trying to do?”
“It can’t be helped.”

Sylvia suppressed her grin as much as possible, lifted Luca’s hands up and bound them with the cloth strap at the same time.

‘Now, where should I tie this to…?’

As she looked around to see if there was anything she could fasten it to, her eyes caught sight of the pole at the head of the bed.

‘Was this here before?’

The pole, which seemed sturdy at first glance, was conveniently there just as she was about to tie someone up during some R-rated activities!
As expected of a R-rated game. She just accepted it.

Snorting, her eyes lit up as she wrapped the restraint around the pole. Luca blinked in confusion. To Sylvia, he seemed so pitiful, she gently caressed his cheek.

“We can’t let your injury get any worse. Stay quiet.”

With a grin, she sat down again, spreading her legs as she straddled his pelvis. Concealing her joy, she didn’t forget to take a moment to admire the sight of Luca’s body with his hands restrained.
His chiseled biceps rippled as Luca breathed. The sight of his firm chest muscles rising and falling was also nice.
His tight muscles trembled slightly every time Sylvia’s butt brushed lightly against his p*nis. Luca, who had a burly physique, was all tied up and helpless underneath her. Her heart was pounding so hard, it was on the verge of exploding.

‘What a view!”

Once again, Sylvia took his prec*m oozing c*ck into her hand and rubbed it against her reddish folds at an angle. She brought it near her entrance a few times, giving him false hope. Then, when she rubbed the smooth tip against her folds again, Luca breathed sharply, shutting his eyes tightly.

Ugh! Aah…”

It happened in an instant. His member, which she held in her hand, swelled immensely, before spurting a thick stream of semen into Sylvia’s v*gina as hard as he could. His d*ck, which had been enduring the teasing for the longest of time, finally couldn’t take it. Despite being unable to put it in, it was overflowing with power. Filmy fluid drenched her nether regions, ran down her thighs, and dripped onto Luca’s body.

In the afterglow of ejaculation, Luca let out a guttural sigh. Then, his expression suddenly became grim. Did he regain some clarity? Well, it was understandable, considering he finished before they could start.

“S-sorry… I-it was my first time, so…”
“It’s fine.”

Deeply ashamed, he shut his eyes and bit his lip. Although he was embarrassed, he had no choice but to reveal that it was his first time. After all, he’d rather confess to being a virgin than to be mistaken for a premature ejaculator. He could only say this because he didn’t know Sylvia already knew it from the beginning.

‘It’s sticky.’

Sylvia ran her hand over the c*m soaking her underside. Unfortunately, since he came outside, no system messages appeared. Isn’t there a saying that if you try to save something too much, you will lose it? Even though she tried to be careful, just like in the pyramid event, Luca came even before they did the deed. Nevertheless, unlike back then, she wasn’t angry because she didn’t have to face a Dead Ending. Luca may be ashamed if he found out about that, though, but she just thought it was cute of him.

‘Besides, if I get angry in such a situation, it’ll only destroy him. With no hope, the down below also dies…’

Come to think of it, there had been an improvement since then. Especially considering that he came after she only stroked him a few times back then. Since Luca didn’t remember it, he probably thought he was enduring it for the first time.


At that moment, looking at Sylvia’s lower half covered in s*men, Luca’s member stood tall once again. Luca felt so cheap. He couldn’t believe it was standing up again when he ejaculated before even putting it in.

‘Damn it, I couldn’t hold back a little longer and ended up c*mming. Why are you hard again when Sylvia is watching? Die, just die…’

Luca blushed with embarrassment, seeing that his member was shamelessly erect again. Then, as he stared at the area between her legs, which was messy and drenched, he let out a hot sigh. Her juicy vagina, dribbling with white and sticky liquid, seemed very erotic.
He was dying to part it open, see the mess he had made with his c*m, finger it, before sticking it in. The image gave him an er*ction that made his lower body tingle.

‘I’m sure I can last this time, so please…’

At that moment, Sylvia got up and left the bed. Was it the end? Luca’s despair grew even greater, misunderstanding that she was disappointed in him. Downcast, Luca stared at the ceiling and sighed heavily.
Then, he heard a rustling sound, and turned around. Sylvia was wiping the substance with a towel, before turning around and smiling gently.

‘Are you trying to pretend that everything’s fine? Forgive me, Sylvia. I’m a premature ejaculator, I deserve to die.’

However, Luca’s self-deprecation didn’t last long. That was because Sylvia, smiling, opened the side zipper of her dress and took it off in one go. Her mesmerizing naked body unfolded before Luca’s eyes.
As he took in the sight of her pure white back, he saw two plump and toned b*ttocks swaying seductively. Luca went agape as she lifted her legs and completely undid her dress.

Sylvia climbed back onto the bed with a bashful look on her face, slightly covering her body with the towel. Contrary to her expression, she put her hands on Luca’s pants without hesitation. When he jolted in surprise, the undressing was completed in the blink of an eye. The moment he regained his senses, not a single piece of clothing was left on each of their bodies.

Luca, who was in a trance, soon looked at Sylvia with eyes full of anticipation. His breathing suddenly became heavier as he thought that he could now touch and suck those breasts to his heart’s content.

Sylvia’s gaze swept across his abdomen to his neither region. Could she put it in this time?
Sitting lightly near his erect p*nis, almost touching her navel, she leaned down, and while holding her hair in one hand, she softly kissed his chest a few times. Then, without hesitation, she took the protruding tip in her mouth and licked it, and a moan escaped his mouth.

Ugh, ah, Sylvia, that place is…”

Sylvia didn’t respond but continued her caressing. Luca arched his back as she caressed his firm chest with her mouth while gyrating her hips against his throbbing shaft. He looked at Sylvia, his eyes red, as if he was very distressed at not being able to use her hands.

“Ah, please, please untie me. I want to touch you too.”
“I’ll release you later.”
“When—uhh… When are you going to release me?”

At his words, Sylvia raised her head and made eye contact. Then, she slowly trailed her index finger down from his chest to his abs. Powerless to even protest, with tears welling up in his eyes, Luca stared helplessly at the fingers slowly tracing his body. Once again, he was about to c*m before even accomplishing anything.
Before he knew it, her fingers went past his red pubic hair, reaching his groin. She grabbed the throbbing d*ck underneath her and aligned it with her entrance. Then, as she stared into Luca’s eyes, she smiled.

“Shall we do it once?”

As soon as Sylvia finished speaking, she lowered her ass without hesitation. His d*ck, moistened by her teasing, was swallowed inside her. Not expecting her to put it in right away, Luca shook and threw his head back. What was that!

“Wa-wait, ahh—!”
“Ah… huff…”

Her hot, uneven inner walls clenched around his large rod. Luca bit his lip and moaned softly as he felt an electric current running through his entire body.
On the other hand, unlike before, Sylvia was relaxed, but she was surprised because Luca was bigger than expected. She took a deep breath and shuddered quietly. Despite already soaking wet from the thought of f*cking Luca soon, it was impossible for her to take in such a large p*nis all at once. Yet, that was exactly what she did, stretching her inner walls to the limit. She trembled and shut her eyes tightly.

‘Ugh, it’s bigger than I thought. I was so carried away, I put it in without even considering whether or not I could handle it.’

Closing her eyes, she wordlessly took a deep breath. She needed some time to adjust.