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It seems like the emotional difference between T and F.

An unexpected phrase issued from Dante’s mouth that I hadn’t even imagined. Before the shock could fully sink in for me… Dante spoke up.

It seemed he thought proof was necessary.

“The men of the Petros lineage have always been robust. Moreover, they excel in physical endeavors, so there’s no doubt they won’t disappoint in this matter. Therefore, you needn’t worry.”


This time, I couldn’t hold back and sprayed the tea I was drinking. Fortunately, it didn’t reach Dante and only spattered on the table.

“If you need further proof…”

What’s more astounding was how seriously Dante was saying such words. No, how do you intend to prove that?

For a moment, rough thoughts flashed through my mind. This novel is an adult-oriented story. Of all times, I finally remembered the essence of this novel.

“No, Your Grace. I understand exactly what you mean.”


Dante looked at me with a dissatisfied expression.

I really didn’t mean it that way. It felt like all the delicious dinner I had just eaten had been completely digested out of sheer shock.

“…What I wanted to point out was that the proposition ‘If I want to’ was incorrect. The proposition ‘If we want to’ is correct.”

At that moment, I felt an indescribable emotion. It was the first respect I received since becoming Chloe.

“As long as we don’t commit shameful acts, in other words, adultery, we can share a bed whenever we both desire it. How about that?”

I replied in a slightly trembling voice, “Alright,” as if blushing.

Upon seeing me calm down, Dante steered the conversation back on track.

“If there’s anything more specific you desire, please let me know.”

Dante seemed concerned about me, as if he had something on his mind.

“If there’s anything you don’t want in our arrangement or if you wish to limit the frequency…”

Wait, I thought we had returned to the main topic? But Dante casually dropped another bombshell.


I blinked rapidly. We were discussing such matters in broad daylight. I gulped and glared at the table. It felt like everything I had eaten had been completely digested. I couldn’t even recall the taste of the delicious food anymore. A foreboding feeling crept over me that something was going terribly wrong somewhere along the line.

Is this really happening? I stammered, “Um… that part can be flexible…”

Dante lightly tapped the table with his thick fingers. Unconsciously, my gaze was drawn to those fingers. They were several times larger than mine and somehow looked provocative, so I took a sip of water.

Dante replied firmly, “That’s fine.”

The short conversation felt like it stripped me bare, leaving me feeling drained. I felt like I needed to change the subject.

Actually, that wasn’t what mattered to me.

“Um, but are you okay with this amount?”

I had written down the maximum amount I could imagine. With that much money, I could afford a mansion to live in alone and even open a small shop.

“I am willing to pay that much. In case we really end up divorcing.”

“Would you be willing to offer more?”

“As much as you desire.”

When we reached that agreement, Dante’s face also looked tired, as if he had exhausted himself somehow.

I felt the same way, as if all my energy had drained away. There was a sense of urgency that I might not have another meal like this until I meet Dante again.

“…My stomach feels empty, should we have some more food?”

“That would be good.”

* * *

Hidden in the darkness, a man writhed in discomfort. The sunlight reluctantly woke him up. With a devilish expression, the man rose to his feet. His head throbbed, perhaps from the alcohol he had consumed yesterday pushing him to the edge of a cliff.

He pushed aside the women occupying the bed with him and descended. After loosely donning a robe, he took a drink and shook off the haze.

“Jeffrey, go get some headache medicine. My head feels like it’s splitting.”

The summoned Jeffrey left the room.

The man sank into a sofa, his legs sprawled out. He blinked slowly, memories of yesterday sporadically resurfacing. Living quietly and enjoying simple pleasures had been a modest dream, but his formidable and grandiose mother seemed to dislike leaving him be.

“Get married or something. How long do I have to watch you live like this! Don’t forget you have an obligation to produce an heir. Why, are you thinking of having a child among those vulgar women you’re associating with? If not, then get married!”


It seemed the cause of this headache wasn’t just alcohol but his mother. Thanks to her, he found himself reluctantly drawn into social gatherings like this one. The man pressed his temples firmly.

Going against his mother would only make his father intervene and tire him out, so it was better to play along to some extent.

Jeffrey returned and handed the man some medicine.

After chewing and swallowing it, the man grimaced. “It’s too dark. Open the curtains.”

Jeffrey nodded and pulled back the curtains.

“Ugh… What’s this? Is it already morning?”

“I want to sleep more…”

The man grabbed the blanket from the murmuring women and issued a cold command.

“If you’re done playing, leave.”

Hearing the chilly voice so different from yesterday, the startled women hastily gathered their scattered clothing and fled the room.

It was because they knew the man’s temper was as unpredictable as boiling water.

The man rummaged through the nightstand and pulled out a cigarette. Leaning on the balcony, he took a drag and exhaled smoke.

Looking at the documents on the table, the man gestured with his chin, and Jeffrey brought them over.

The man flipped through the documents slowly.

“These are the potential candidates for your wife. You must choose one from them and get married this social season. Remember.”

Just thinking about the headache-inducing voice made the man massage his temples with his thumb.

Then, his lips curved into a smirk as he read the first name on the list.

“Illyae Tyrannia?”

The man chuckled softly.

Werner knew that name as well.

She was the woman loved by the empire.

With dazzling silver hair and a lovely smile, she possessed an even more beautiful personality. Moreover, Illyae had the perfect qualities that suited him.

It was a history the Empress would envy.

Werner let out a heavy sigh.

It was time for marriage.

Despite Werner being a bit of a scoundrel, he knew very well what he needed to do for his future and to secure his position. He blinked slowly.

Illyae was the perfect match arranged for Werner. The attention she would bring along would be directed toward Werner.

With his cigarette in hand, Werner tapped on Illyae’s name. “Let’s have some fun, Illyae.”

At that moment, Werner had no idea about the destiny awaiting him.

* * *

“How did it go?”

As soon as we returned to the mansion, my mother rushed to me. Her bloodshot eyes and smudged lipstick were quite striking. It seemed like she had been biting her nails in worry over what I might have said, and whether it would be detrimental to the Tyrannia.

“I… decided to get married.”

My calm response made my mother sigh. She muttered as she walked away from me, “Yes, who would dare to ignore the noble lineage of the saintly family. You should be thankful to Illyae. Without her, would this marriage even make sense? The Duke wouldn’t have even bothered with you.”

“All the good things are thanks to Illyae, and all the bad things are blamed on the sudden transformation, Chloe.”

“You were born as that kind of sudden transformation, yet the Duke accepted you because of Illyae. Always be grateful to the lineage and repeat the same words like a broken record to Illyae…….”

I silently stared at my mother’s face as she kept repeating the same biased litany. Even though I might be that woman’s daughter, how could she be so biased? I’d been thinking about it for the past twelve years, but I still couldn’t understand.

Ironically, Dante showed no interest in my hair color or Illyae. His only concern was our marriage. There was no room for Illyae to interfere.

“You exist because of the lineage, Chloe.”