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No, I must return.

Why is that?

…..Because the life that saved me, killed me, delighted me, and made me love… that life dwells there.

Aiden spoke with a bright expression, so radiant and cheerful that he couldn’t bear to ask him to stay in the tower any longer.

‘Back then, I thought it was nonsense, but now I realize that life was the Lady.’

Allogen shook his head as he folded the letter once more. A faint smile appeared on his lips.

“Yes, no parent can beat their child, and no teacher can beat their disciple.”

Straightening his back, which had been deeply buried in the backrest, he took out a stiff sheet of paper.

He pleaded for a week, sent twelve letters, put his life on the line, and now he’s claiming Allogen as his first and last teacher.

“At this point, even if I break a promise… I hope you’ll forgive me.”

Muttering to himself, Allogen began to move his hand.

* * *

After lunch, Selena took a short nap. Since the fifth petal bloomed, she had become extremely sleepy, averaging about 12 hours a day.

This nap was part of those 12 hours.

Her family had to leave the room before Selena fell asleep. To Selena, whose memory was stuck in the past, having her family gather to watch her sleep was unimaginable.

Leaving the room with heavy hearts, they soon forced smiles on their faces. That was their only thought since such gloomy expressions wouldn’t be liked by Selena.

Soon after, Aiden and Jane entered the room to clear the dishes, being careful not to wake the Lady. In the quiet space, only the soft clinking of dishes could be heard.


A whimper mingled with the soft rattling sounds. Aiden, looked up from clearing the table.

Jane had tears streaming down her face. Her lips pressed tightly in a pitiful sight.

Her tears seemed uncontrollable after holding them back for so long.

“I’m… sorry…”

Jane apologized in a low voice, turning her head and wiping her tears.

“….What’s there to be sorry for? I’ll clear the rest later. Just take this and go for now.”

Jane nodded gently at Aiden’s kind suggestion and left the room, carrying the tray and occasionally glancing back at Selena, who was quietly asleep.


The door closed with a soft sound. Aiden stared at the closed door then naturally sat in the chair next to the bed.

His shoulders drooped with exhaustion, contrasting with his gaze upward toward the ceiling.

With a light sigh, he closed his eyes. Under his long eyelashes, deep shadows formed.


When he heard the voice calling him, Aiden slowly opened his eyes to find the ceiling had turned a crimson shade.

“Aiden, were you sleeping?”

Slowly blinking, Aiden straightened up to look at the source of the voice.


“I’m sorry for waking you. But moments like now are rare.”

Moments like now….Aiden was taken aback by her words. Soon, his eyes widened in shock. Selena chuckled softly at his reaction.

“Hello, my lover.”

Selena reached out and caressed Aiden’s cheek. A brief kiss brushed past Aiden’s lips.

Their noses touched, and their foreheads, one cold and the other warm, met and their breathing paused for a moment.

“Did you rest well…”

Selena smiled faintly at his husky voice.

“Should I fetch the Duke?”

Selena shook her head at Aiden’s offer.

“Just a bit later.”

With those words, Selena turned her head. Her eyes were looking toward the reddening sky outside the window.

The Miss truly loves the sky. She enjoyed standing by the window and looking at the view.

Aiden tenderly touched the tip of Selena’s hair. Despite her vibrant complexion, her hair felt as coarse as an old broom.

“Would you like to go to the window?”

Aiden asked softly, pressing his lips to the top of her head. Selena nodded, without taking her eyes from the window.

Aiden immediately stood and walked in front of her. He sat on the bed with his back to her as Selena wrapped her thin arms around his neck.

Feeling the bones, Aiden bit the inside of his cheek. It was a habit. A habit he had recently developed.

Biting his lip showed, so Aiden chewed the inside of his mouth instead and swallowed back tears. This habit left no part of his mouth unscarred. Layering fresh wounds over those not yet healed.

Selena looked out the window, carried on Aiden’s back.

Approaching the window, a chill seeped in, making her shiver. Aiden snapped his fingers. Soon, his signature warm breeze blocked the cold.

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

The two fell silent again and merely gazed quietly down at the garden they often walked through.

It had snowed in the night.

Because the garden was covered in snow, it looked like a vast canvas laid out with a thick layer of white.

“My only hobby….”

I’ve lost it.


Selena shook her head in reply to his question.

“Just talking to myself. More importantly— did the priest finish the painting?”

Selena had entrusted Ian with completing her portrait, a painting she couldn’t finish herself. Knowing the significance of the picture that would only show up to her shoulders, Aiden remained silent for a moment.

“He said it’s almost done.”

After a brief silence, Aiden spoke.

“Is that so? That’s good.”

Selena smiled faintly and closed her eyes, recalling faces she had memorized in the past. Faces of people who had gathered on the day she told the truth. Faces that were still happy then.

“I’ll be forever young in that painting.”

The faces she remembered gradually changed.

Their hair turned white, wrinkles formed, and their backs bent with age. Among those aging faces, she would remain forever young.

“Over time, everyone ages. They’ll get white hair, wrinkles, and their backs might bend.”


It seemed nice.

She wanted to watch it happen.

She wished to be there.

She wanted to age alongside them.

As her loved ones aged, she would remain forever frozen at this age.

Even as others aged and their appearances changed, in their memories, she would always have the same face.

She hated that. Nearing death, she found her whims and desires growing strangely.

“You’ll age, too.”

“…Yes, I suppose so.”

“Come find me later. Much later. When my hair’s all white, and my face is wrinkled beyond recognition. Even then… I’ll recognize you.”

Aiden didn’t respond. He remained focused on the reddening sky, the dying light filling his green eyes.

“Aiden… this is a secret, but…”


“After I lost my memory, I had only one goal. Not to die miserably… Not to live miserably. I think… I’ve achieved my wish.”

Selena’s fragile breath trembled faintly. Even without looking, Aiden knew she was smiling.

And so, he smiled, too.

If the Miss smiles, he must, too. No matter how much he wants to cry, he just has to smile.

“That’s right… I achieved my wish. Definitely, but then…”

Selena’s voice paused momentarily. The uncontrollable shivers traveled along Aiden’s back, while her quivering breath reached his ears.

“I don’t want to die… I don’t want to die, Aiden…”


“I want to live. It’s funny how much I want to live. I… want to live.”

Soon, Aiden’s shoulders felt damp. It was the first tears in a very long time, shed not for anyone else, but for herself.

Yes, for no one else but herself.

“I want to live… I just want to live. Actually, I just want to live, Aiden. I… really don’t want to die. Why should I die? Why do I have to die? What did I… what did I do so wrong?”

Aiden silently lifted his head. If she smiles, he will smile; if she cries, he will… not cry.

“I want to live.”

The man who lifted his head and the woman who buried hers in his shoulder.

“Miss, don’t worry. You… will be able to live. I will… save you, Miss.”

Recalling his Master’s quiet reply resting in his drawer, Aiden whispered softly.

But that soft whisper was drowned out by the sobs of a woman yearning for life and could not reach Selena’s ears.