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The distinguished magi, including the Tower Lord, cautiously approached the climate magic circle, but it was not easy.

The first emperor, considered the most outstanding in history, had personally poured his heart and soul into the seal, making it difficult for anyone to approach it.

‘Besides, if the magic circle malfunctions while trying to break the seal, it would be even more difficult because it would be irreversible.’

It was a coincidence that Siervian, Damian, and their father stood in front of the climate magic circle.

The magic circle seemed to think for itself and gave an answer, as if it realized that they wanted to break this seal.

The key to unlocking the seal of the climate magic circle was when two or more blood relatives of the first emperor expressed their desire to break it.

‘How could he have set such a complicated condition, requiring only two or more people at first and then only the imperial family afterward?’

It was a magic circle located inside the imperial palace. The reason why this simple method had not been passed down for so long was surprisingly simple.

Even the most incompetent member of the imperial family would not have gone to the extreme of trying to break the seal.

If the climate magic circle were to be damaged, it would be no different from the destruction of the empire.

‘Even when I went to the Kingdom of Mosae, the snow-capped mountains were incredibly cold.’

It was a journey that she had taken after thoroughly equipping herself with all kinds of warming magic, but it was still very cold.

Ellie had not made a fuss for nothing when she wrapped Siervian in all sorts of expensive fur clothing.

If the magic circle that blocked such cold were to collapse, and if they had to face the season of storms bare-bodied.

The empire would collapse.

‘I can’t make a mistake.’

That was why Siervian was so nervous now.

As she waited for the mages who were busily forming around the seal of the magic circle, Siervian looked at the empty space.

From there, a faint but enormous stream of light rose into the empty space without rest. High enough to reach the sky.

“What are you thinking?”

“Just. Thinking that the first emperor was really amazing?”

“…He was amazing.”

The stream of light that the magic circle spouted upward as if it were pulsating was surprisingly not visible from the outside.

One could only see the flow of mana by entering this small building and looking up through the ceiling.

“What’s the principle of this light stream?”

“The teacher has been trying hard to discover it… It’s probably estimated that there’s a forgotten magic spell on the roundly open roof part.”


If there was a huge pillar of light, it would be quite noticeable from the outside. If so, there would be a big problem with the security of the central magic circle as well.

The more she thought about it, the more she realized that the first emperor was truly meticulous and intelligent.

‘But why did he make everyone eat Harmin grass?’

The center of the climate magic circle, which they had opened with difficulty, was truly a marvel.

The Tower Lord was so excited that he couldn’t hide his excitement, saying that mana mathematics would advance even further.

And surprisingly, it was also true that this magic circle disrupted the mana within people’s bodies.

‘If only it were all a lie, I could understand it….’

The well-known problem still remained, and Harmin tea, which was supposed to solve it, was no longer the answer.

She thought the chaos would start again, but fortunately, an unexpected result was produced.

‘It said that even though it disrupts mana, it’s possible for natural recovery.’

Unlike the initial extreme mana interference caused by the magic circle, this mana imbalance surprisingly found its place quickly.

Even ordinary people would be able to recover quickly, although they might be temporarily affected.

‘It’s just an experiment near the Imperial Palace, so I need to look into it a little more.’

Various experiments were now underway throughout the empire.

The Tower Lord seemed to be very motivated, saying that he would gradually get experimental values from outside the empire as well.

“…Teacher is really excited these days.”

“Because of the research?”

Karmen nodded without answering. The slight crease between his brows seemed to be due to him thinking of his teacher.

The two continued to chat quietly while the mages each took their places, preparing tools to help guide the mana.

“Teacher rushes headlong into anything related to forgotten magic.”

If the Tower Lord were absent, Karmen would have to take over his work.

That’s why he had a slightly annoyed expression and quietly cursed his teacher. The sound of him clicking his tongue softly could also be heard.

Seeing him curse in a quieter tone than before, it seemed that he had become a little more dignified.

‘But can I really call this dignified…?’

Siervian barely held back her laughter at the strange sentiment.

Karmen had been staring intently at her face and suddenly turned his head away again.

‘Is there something on my face?’

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Siervian looked at Karmen’s status window, which had popped up again out of the blue, with a puzzled expression.

‘Hmm. Today was the central magic circle here, and the outskirts of the Imperial Palace, was it?’

Anyway, after it was revealed that this climate magic circle wasn’t just harming people, things progressed quickly.

Her father quickly reassured the nobles and the people of the empire with his unique charisma.

He chose to actively deal with the Duke Pacour conspiracy by widely publicizing it rather than clumsily covering it up.

‘Harmin tea could only be said to have distorted the will of the first emperor.’

The dignity of the first emperor was absolute.

The reason why he had left a record of making the people of the empire drink poison was still unexplained.

Now, all the magic circles in the empire were periodically managed by the imperial family.

Since only those with the blood of the first emperor could temporarily close the seal, Siervian and Damian were very busy with their periodic duties.

“We’ll be busy all day if we go to the outskirts today.”

“Well, yes.”

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Karmen was also one of the people who had become busy.

This was because even strong mages had to be present to safely observe the enormous mana of the magic circle.

‘Is Karmen also a workaholic?’

So Siervian was quite puzzled by the fact that he liked this situation.

Especially since, just a while ago, he had been cursing the Tower Lord, who was traveling all over the former empire for research.

“Your Highness. The formation is complete.”

Finally, the mages stood in their places and looked at her.

The mages formed two circles around the seal, from which a holy light was constantly rising into the sky.

At first glance, it might seem like they were just drawing two circles, but in fact, each circle was the most efficient position to transmit mana.

Tanka and Angel played a huge role in finding such an efficient method.

‘Come to think of it, it’s almost time for me to go see Tanka and Angel.’

Siervian and Karmen also slowly approached the seal formation. It was the middle part of the circle that the mages were drawing.

They raised both hands and carefully prepared to infuse mana.

“Let’s begin.”


A faint light began to slowly leak from Siervian’s palms.

It flowed out like a thread, drawn toward the sealing magic circle as if being sucked in.

Then, the curtain that had been covering the center of the magic circle was quietly lifted.


Following her signal, Karmen also drew out his mana.

A more turbulent mana than Siervian’s flowed out like a storm.

The surrounding mages also drew out their mana in unison.

‘I feel like I’m experiencing the time of awakening every time.’

Siervian, who had never seen the sea, felt like this was how it would feel to be swept away by a wave.

Or perhaps, if one were to ride the wind during a stormy season, this was how it would feel.


The magic circle resonated with a loud sound.

The mana sent by the mages, including Karmen, played a role in assisting the flow so that the magic circle would not malfunction while inspecting the seal.

Siervian calmly looked inside the magic circle, which had revealed its form.

‘It’s really an awesome magic circle. I want to learn it.’

Surprisingly, even with the seal lifted, the inside of the magic circle could only be fully observed by the eyes of the royalty.

‘No abnormalities this time either!’

Siervian and Damian had been periodically observing the center of the seal in this way.

They were watching to see if the magic circle was malfunctioning in a way that could seriously exacerbate mana deficiency, contrary to their observations.


The magic circle interfered with the surrounding mana only enough for people to naturally recover today.

As soon as she confirmed this, Sherbian slowly reduced the mana she had been blowing in.

Karmen was the first to adjust the assistance to her.

“You’ve worked hard. Everyone has worked hard.”

Finally, the seal closed completely again, and the mana that had been flowing violently subsided.

Siervian had been tense in case there was a mistake and now let out a sigh and encouraged those around her.

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Thought: Her mana control is getting better and better. …Why doesn’t this girl have a single bad side?

Karmen, on the other hand, was an amazing talent.

If he hadn’t been with her, they would have needed twenty more mages for each inspection.

“Your Highness. Here are the orbs.”

Without a moment’s rest, a high-ranking mage approached and handed her five orbs.

Siervian looked at his face, nodded and raised her hands again.

This time, the mana that extended from her hands was poured into each of the orbs a little at a time.


“Let’s take a short break.”

Karmen approached her, using honorifics unlike when he had muttered.

His eyes looked at the high-ranking mage as if he were very displeased and were quite fierce.

“Thanks for worrying.”

He must have been worried about her having to draw out mana consecutively.

“…Not really.”

Denying this, Karmen glared at the high-ranking mage again with sharp eyes.

If it were possible to put temperature in his gaze, it would be like a storm hitting her skin.