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‘Ick. Did I act too rashly, drawn by the wondrous mana?’

The high-ranking mage swallowed dryly, visibly. Siervian’s mana was particularly admired by mages. Perhaps it was because of its specialization in healing magic, many were captivated by its vast and warm aura.

“I’m fine. Come here, Karmen.”

Karmen couldn’t bring himself to say anything else in front of the others, but he approached her with a look that said, ‘Do you think I’m a dog that comes and goes as you please?’

‘…But he always comes when I call him.’

Siervian smiled awkwardly as she watched Karmen, whose behavior was becoming increasingly prickly. Although not yet fully grown, Karmen approached with a stride that reached the eye level of most adults.

As he got closer, the high-ranking magi hugged the orb to their chest as if worried it would be snatched away.

“Where are you going today?”

Siervian and Damian were extremely busy. Even so, it was impossible to visit all the magic circles of the former empire on time. Sometimes even her father stepped in to take care of the other magic circles in the imperial capital, but it was still not enough.

That’s why they devised this orb of aura.

“The Second Magic Corps will teleport to five cities in the western part of the empire.”

If the aura of the imperial family is stored here, the seal can be temporarily opened.

‘That’s what I told the other mage. …But in fact, one more thing is needed.’

Siervian’s face hardened slightly as she recalled that ‘special ingredient.’

“After moving to the city farthest from the empire…”

Anyway, with this orb, the seal could be opened for a much shorter time than if the imperial family went in person. For distant places where she couldn’t go in person, the magic corps would visit and temporarily lift the seal, recording the entire process on a video orb. Since the video orb could only be accurately viewed by the imperial family’s eyes, this indirect review method was also used.

“I see.”

Siervian asked deliberately, even though she already knew where they were going.

She asked a few more seemingly useless questions before finally letting the high-ranking mage go. It was a process of checking through the status window to see if there were any lies or other hidden motives.

“Then, I shall take my leave.”

“Take care.”

As the magic corps withdrew, Karmen spoke.

“How was he?”

No matter how brief the moment, there was a risk that the orb containing the imperial family’s aura could be misused. Although Angel had designed the orb’s internal circuits to disperse the aura itself over time, there was still a risk.

That’s why the delivering magic corps required high loyalty.

“I think he’s a good man.”

It was Siervian’s job to make sure of that.

Damian had entrusted this role to her, knowing that she possessed the eye of truth.


Her ability was still unknown to everyone except her family. However, Karmen, who was close to Siervian, also trusted her judgment and asked her this question from time to time.

“Yes. Shall we go now?”

Giving them this orb was just a temporary measure. For a safer and more efficient way, mages like Tower Lord and Tanka were still working hard today.

Unlike the Tower Lord, Tanka didn’t welcome the fact.

“…Yes. The other mages were told to wait there.”

“Really? Then the two of us can leave.”

Siervian had thought he would go with the mages from the Imperial Palace and spoke with a bright smile.

Karmen had been making eye contact with her until now, and averted his gaze again.

She suddenly became worried that his ears were red. Was it because he had been waiting in a cold place for a long time in the morning and caught a cold?

“Are you okay? Do you have a fever?”

“No, I don’t.”

[Karmen Kasselov]
Thoughts: She seems quick-witted, but it’s strange. How could she know how to spot a suspicious guy?


Siervian’s ability was in danger of being exposed.

Of course, she wanted to tell Karmen the truth. However, her father’s concerns were too great. He said it wouldn’t be good if it was known that she had the ability to go back in time or ferret the truth.

‘Well, I guess he just doesn’t like Karmen…?’

The look she had seen briefly had a bit of that nuance. Her father was unusually wary of Karmen.

‘Is it because Karmen carried out the execution…?’

If so, it didn’t seem like it would be good for Karmen himself to know the truth. However, judging from the pendant used in the execution, it seemed that Karmen had some other intention at that time.

‘Come to think of it, the Karmen of my previous life had no connection with me at all.’

For now, she decided to hide it well, even though it bothered her. So, as they walked side by side to where the carriage was, Siervian asked Karmen, trying to change the subject.

“By the way, are you going to the spring picnic this time?”

“…No. What would I do there?”

She heard his answer, but she smiled. Karmen, who had been staring at her for a moment, held out his hand politely again, as if to say let’s go to the next place.

Siervian’s eyes kept going to the tips of Karmen’s ears, which were still red.

* * *

A few days later, on the day of the spring picnic.

Karmen was there, at ‘that place.’ He wore a fancy robe, and his face was crumpled.

“It suits you well.”

Karmen really didn’t like spring picnics. However, there was a conflict in his heart that he wanted to play with Siervian at the same time.

So, Siervian gave Karmen a specially made robe as a gift to help him choose.

“…It’s not polite to ignore my kindness.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Karmen always wore the unified Magic Tower’s robe, but now put on a dark blue robe embroidered with silver thread for the first time in a long time.

Siervian was very proud that it went well with his hair color. It seemed that the eyes of the young ladies who came to this Garden of a Thousand Years together were also drawn to his side.

‘It’s a strange feeling.’

The spring picnic had been a big deal for Siervian since she was twelve years old.

‘The Garden of a Thousand Years was originally closed when I was twelve.’

And there was no spring picnic again until the day she was executed.

So she was very nervous from her twelfth birthday.

In her previous life, the Garden of a Thousand Years was suddenly and strictly closed by her father’s order.

Her twelfth birthday passed without incident, much to her surprise. She had expected something to happen, as it had in her previous life. She even mentioned it to her father, but they couldn’t find anything unusual in the Garden of a Thousand Years.

‘It must have been Duke Pacour again,’ she thought, attributing it to the duke’s interference.

“Your Highness! Look this way!”

Ellie, holding a magic image orb, called out to her. As if to fill in the missing images from the birthday party, she tirelessly moved around Siervian, capturing images. Jane, carrying a basket for the image orbs, diligently assisted Ellie.

“Okay! Let’s go see Karmen over there!”


Siervian, now accustomed to the behavior of her maids, naturally waved to the image orbs. Caught off guard, Karmen stiffened as Siervian grabbed his arm. However, instead of shaking off the hold, he followed along obediently.

‘Ah, I need to see the Sevinel flowers with Karmen!’

Siervian looked out at The Garden of a Thousand Years’ scenery as she led Karmen toward the Sevinel flower field. From the hill near the flower field, where the royals were gathered, they could clearly see the scene below. Many nobles had flocked to enjoy the spring picnic in the The Garden of a Thousand Years, which was only allowed to be opened for a few days a year.

“It’s peaceful.”

Originally, famine had struck the slums in the year she turned fourteen. It was due to the rising price of Navafal’s grain, which had been worsening since she was twelve.

‘Now, the price of grain is even cheaper than it was then.’

Thanks to this, the faces of the imperial people were much brighter. Garambell and Mosae had formed a bond through the grain agreement and sent envoys to the empire every year as a sign of deep friendship.

‘I feel strange.’

A new feeling washed over her. It was a spring that was particularly different from her previous life.

“Will Navafal send envoys again this year?”

“Hmm, well, they seem to be struggling with the grain issue.”

“Really, if it weren’t for Your Highness’ grace, things could have gone terribly wrong.”

As she walked toward the Sevinel flower field with Karmen, the voices of nobles drifted from afar. Unlike the social season, which was in full swing, the spring picnic was a custom where those who were already acquainted would gather and spend time together.

‘What’s Navafal thinking?’

From Garambell, Prince Abrel came as the head of the envoy every year. This was because having a royal with an existing relationship was helpful for negotiations and etiquette. However, for Navafal this was not the case, yet they started sending the prince as an envoy every year.

‘Why on earth did the prince come as an envoy the year I turned twelve?’

It was as if Navafal had appeared instead of The Garden of a Thousand Years incident. Especially since twelve was the age when royals could participate in official events.

‘I have to go see what he’s up to this year.’

Even at twelve, Siervian wanted to read the prince’s mind. However, her father suddenly began to strongly oppose her involvement in state affairs at such an early age. Her older brother, who should have spoken up, also turned a blind eye, his face grim. It was after she vaguely heard that the prince of Navafal was the target of her political marriage in her previous life.

“What are you thinking?”


Siervian turned her head, realizing that she had been lost in thought, and made excuses about state affairs. Karmen narrowed his eyes, sensing that something was wrong in Siervian’s expression.

Siervian couldn’t reveal her suspicions about Navafal yet, so she tried to brush it off.

“No, I was just wondering if Prince Abrel will come again this year.”

At that, Karmen, who had been looking worried just a moment ago, frowned deeply. As if he really didn’t want to hear it.

“Why that prince?”

Despite being the same age, Prince Abrel was very fond of Karmen, a brilliant mage.

[Karmen Kasselov]
Thought: That brat, is he coming again this year?

Siervian blinked in surprise, having thought that the two of them were close.

‘Did Prince Abrel trouble Karmen a lot with magic problems?’