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Chapter 166

“The Prince of Abrel always comes as the head of the Garambel delegation every year, doesn’t he?”

“I know that.”

Karmen’s silver eyes narrowed slightly. The bright sunlight glittered on his eyelashes as it passed through.

“I thought you two were close.”

“…What? Why me?”

At Siervian’s remark, Karmen frowned even more and asked. His voice sounded as if he found it ridiculous. It was even more so because Karmen had been looking cold lately.

‘Why was he thinking something so strange?’

Of course, Karmen was generally cold to everyone. He treated the Prince of Abrel the same way. Even if he had a great liking for Siervian inwardly, he often showed a polite and cold attitude to her as well.

“Whenever the Prince of Abrel was around, you’d always approach and talk to him.”


“And you’d always try to go with him wherever he went.”

Karmen usually didn’t even show up if he really didn’t like someone. It’s as if he finds it a waste of time to deal with them. Even so, he always tried to join the Prince of Abrel. So it wasn’t unreasonable for Siervian to judge that he liked the Prince of Abrel himself.



[Karmen Kasselov]
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Thought: How could this clueless girl tell who’s really suspicious? Is it magic?

‘Karmen, you’re pretty sharp?’

She was startled by Karmen, who had suddenly pointed out her ability accurately.

The two of them soon arrived at the Sevinel flower garden.


Siervian was about to continue talking about the Prince of Abrel but turned around at the sound coming from behind.


“…I greet Your Majesty.”


Her father had appeared with a lot of people on his back and immediately looked at a strange place as soon as he arrived. Following her father’s gaze, he was staring at Karmen’s arm that she held.

[Alderuan Erveldotte]
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She wondered why he looked so intently, and she reflexively let go of Karmen. Then, Karmen’s expression hardened slightly. It was a subtle change, different from when she was talking about the Prince of Abrel earlier, but Siervian could tell.

“I thought you didn’t like things like spring picnic?”

Her father looked at Karmen with a fierce look in his eyes. His tone of voice was murderous, unlike the content, which was close to small talk.

Karmen retorted with a defiant, yet respectful, tone.

“I came out to show my gratitude, as I received a gift of clothing from the princess.”

Her father’s gaze swept over him from head to toe, seemingly displeased. His eyes lingered particularly on the robe Siervian had gifted him, a stark contrast to Siervian’s own subdued navy dress.

“You are engaging in pointless actions,” he said, his voice growing colder.

Siervian quickly interjected, sensing the escalating tension.

“Where is Brother?”

Thanks to her, Karmen, who had been about to speak, also shut his mouth tightly. However, it was clear that he was not happy either.

‘Why is everyone acting like this these days?’

She had always known that her father didn’t particularly like him. However, the frequency with which he treated him coldly seemed to increase as she grew older.

“He will be here soon,” her father said, his tone slightly softened.

Of course, Siervian’s intention was not to get rid of Karmen, but his words seemed to have that effect.

“Therefore, I would like you to leave. We have family matters to discuss.”

“As you wish.”

Karmen bowed respectfully again and prepared to leave.

Their eyes met briefly, and Karmen raised his eyebrows slightly, as if to say it was alright.

However, Siervian’s heart felt heavy. She felt as if she was chasing away Karmen, whom she had brought here against his will.

‘Why does Father dislike Karmen so much?’

He was not only an outstanding individual who would one day become a Grand Mage, but also Siervian’s only childhood friend.

‘Karmen is my friend…’

Today, Siervian could clearly feel a slight, nagging dissatisfaction welling up in a corner of her heart.

* * *

When the spring picnic is over, the social season begins in earnest. And fourteen was the age when young ladies and young lords had their pre-debutante balls.

‘It’s already the second pre-debutante ball.’

Unlike the official debutante ball held when they become adults, the pre-debutante ball was more like a light event. It was meant to give them a taste of the social world they would be part of for the rest of their lives.

‘Ellie said it was set for next week, right?’

As they were young, instead of dancing at a ball late into the night, they mostly held tea parties with their peers.

There was a saying that one should do well at the pre-debutante ball to build the relationships that would continue to be used in aristocratic society.

“Siervy. You must be looking forward to the pre-debutante ball, right?”

Damian had come to see Siervian’s pre-debutante ball dress with her and now asked.

He had grown tall and slender, and like Karmen, his blue eyes looked at Siervian with warmth.

“Yeah, I’ve been looking forward to it.”

Unlike Karmen, who had grown up with the same personality as in her previous life, Damian’s personality had changed completely.

His blue eyes, unlike his father’s, always held warmth.

His brilliant silver hair was still neatly swept back as in his previous life, but with his changed features, he too looked softer.

‘That’s why my brother seems to be much more popular than in his previous life.’

Perhaps because he no longer had to worry about Siervian and keep his distance, his true personality seemed to have emerged.

Whatever the reason, Siervian liked her affectionate brother. He seemed burdened by this kind of external attention, though.

“Were you excited? Did you see any friends you wanted to get to know at the spring picnic?”

“No, not really.”

He had joined her late at the picnic and had been with her the whole time, yet her brother was asking strange questions.

The maids of the princess’ palace moved busily around the reception room. They were preparing to welcome the Carpe Salon.

Siervian watched them blankly, lost in thought.

‘Actually, I’m not really looking forward to the social season.’

Although many things had changed, she only had bad memories of the social season, so she didn’t have any expectations. But this year was a little different.

She wanted to prevent ‘that incident’ that had happened at the pre-debutante ball.

“Hmm, I see. Well, Siervy. Try this. I found a really good chef in the eastern city this time.”

When Siervian suddenly seemed to be lost in thought, Damian offered her a cake he had brought.

It looked quite plain, but it must have been made with good ingredients because it tasted good.

“Mmm! It’s delicious!”

“I’m glad.”

Damian was the busiest of all because of the magic circle inspection.

In particular, he often had to go to cities farther away than Siervian. Every time, he would bring her a gift like this.

“Did you have a good trip?”

“Yeah. There weren’t any major problems this time either. The central magic circle was fine, too, right?”

“Yeah. It was over quickly because Karmen helped me.”

“…I see.”

He answered kindly, but her brother pursed his lips.

When Siervian held back a laugh and looked at him, he honestly spat out his sulky feelings.

“I want to go with Siervy.”

“We can see more magic circles if we go separately.”

Since their father had no brothers, the number of royals was absolutely insufficient.

So it was an inevitable choice that the two successors had to move separately.

“I know… Then I guess it’s better for me to take Karmen.”

“Karmen has a lot to do in the Imperial Capital instead of the teacher.”

Instead of answering, Damian protruded his full lips again. However, he didn’t forget to push the cake plate in front of him to Siervian.

Siervian had finished her share of the small cake and gladly accepted his concession.

‘Surely, my brother doesn’t dislike Karmen?’

[Damian Erveldotte]
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When she glanced at him out of unnecessary worry, Damian tilted his head with a puzzled smile. Siervian nodded unconsciously as she watched the beautiful silver hair flow down.

‘The young ladies came to the Imperial Palace for all sorts of reasons because they wanted to see my brother, and that’s understandable.’

When their eyes met, Damian habitually smiled coolly.

Strangely, the cake tasted a little better.

“Are you going to the pre-debutante ball with me?”

“Yes. I finished my magic circle tour early to adjust the date.”

“Originally, you didn’t like these kinds of events, Brother.”

Unlike the chilly Karmen, her affectionate brother received provocative courtship from the young ladies. In particular, thanks to his position as the crown prince, even older ladies were eager to meet him without hesitation.

Naturally, Damian had never shown his face at such a pre-social gathering except for his own pre-debutante ball.

“It’s our Siervy’s pre-debutante ball.”

Her brother smiled again and brushed Siervian’s cheek.

Then, the cream from the cake that had been slightly smeared got on his finger.

“You’re still a baby, my Siervy.”

“I’m being praised for my perfect manners!”

It wasn’t an excuse to make when she had cream on her cheek a moment ago, but it was true.

Siervian only acted spoiled in front of her family and Karmen because they had all grown up so much.

“Okay, okay. Don’t you have any questions about the pre-debutante ball?”

Damian was always kind, even though he knew Siervian had already experienced all this once. As if he wanted to remain a reliable brother forever.

“Hmm. I wonder what kind of dessert will be served?”

“Haha. I’ll ask them to prepare something Siervy especially likes.”

Siervian slowly recalled the memory, nodding her head proudly.

What she wanted to set right this time was the ‘Red Brooch Incident’ that had caused a stir in the social world for a long time.