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“I really have no idea!”

Was that person even in the original story? All I remembered from the parts I’ve read were just scenes, scenes, scenes. It was all about the setting and scenes, though I didn’t recall anything about such a person.

“…Is that so?”

From his relieved expression, it seemed he really had a close relationship with Chaperil. Maybe that character wasn’t necessary for the story’s progression, so they didn’t appear?

Important details were usually introduced early on.

“Anyway, that’s it. I guess it’s all because I was too popular before I lost my memory.”

It was supposed to be a joke, but Enfrise earnestly nodded.

‘…That wasn’t the reaction I was looking for.’

“It’s a joke, Grand Duke.”

“…Ah, I see.”

Why did he take everything so seriously? Of course, it was true that Chaperil was popular. However, now that he mentioned ‘Kaun,’ it sounded like a cow, and it made me crave those soft, milky candies.

“Grand Duke, I want some candy.”


“Yes. Is that possible?”

“There’s nothing impossible, but… it might take some time.”

What? Wasn’t candy just made by melting sugar? Did we need to go far to buy it, or would it take a long time to make it?

“I don’t usually enjoy sweets… So, we probably don’t have that sort of treat here. And there’s likely no one nearby who sells them…”

“Can’t Tambor make some?”

“I’ll ask.”

Hmm, maybe I was oversimplifying it. I’ve seen someone make rock candy before. They just melted sugar, cooled it down, stretched it, and cut it. Still, maybe it looked easy because the person was skilled.

“Is there anything else you’d like to eat? Tambor has been worried that you haven’t had much appetite lately, perhaps due to the heat.”

“Huh? No, I’ve been enjoying my meals.”

Well, I kind of wanted some cold noodles or bean noodles. I could make bean noodles myself, though that might seem odd here…

And there was no way they’d have cold noodles here.

“…If you’d like, we could go out to eat?”


“Not far from here, there’s a lake with a cool forest breeze that might help restore your appetite.”

No, why was he like this? Even if he trusted me now, letting me outside? What if I escaped? What if there was another attack?

“Don’t worry. No matter what… I will protect you.”

It seemed my face gave away too much. As Enfrise said so resolutely, I responded firmly.

“No, thank you.”

“…Excuse me?”

The fact was, I was more of a homebody by nature.

Even when I was young, I didn’t mind my younger brother being taken out simply because I didn’t want to go out.

All those posts on social media like, ‘If you were confined to a place and got paid xxx, would you do it?’ I’d always thought it was absolutely feasible! Because I was a homebody. The reason I was thrilled when I first entered this body was also due to my love for staying in.

Why should I go out? Honestly, it was even a hassle to leave my room. I’d rather just live in my room forever.

“I don’t want to go out.”

“Are you perhaps not feeling well.”

“No, that’s not it.”

Hmm. An unexpected situation I’ve never even considered before.

How would I avoid this?

To the lake, of all places? But if it was coolness we were after, staying under the cool sheets in my bed was a hundred times better.


Seeing my continued lack of enthusiasm, Enfrise’s expression grew serious. Was Chaperil known for enjoying outings?

“Staying in the mansion all the time isn’t good for your health. Some exercise would…”

“It’s okay.”

Chaperil was the female lead, after all.

Female leads wouldn’t need to exercise to stay healthy. They were just naturally fine! …Unless they have a terminal illness as a passive trait.

“Shall we take some sandwiches and go for a walk?”

Sandwiches, what? I could make those at home.

“Going to the lakeside and making your own sandwich with a variety of fillings can be fun, too.”

“My own sandwich…?”

“Sure. Should I bring three types of bread? Baguettes, croissants, and maybe ciabatta?”

“What’s ciabatta?”

Although I’ve tried the other two before, I didn’t think I’d had ciabatta…

“It might be best to try it for yourself.”


He seemed serious.

Trying to lure me, a homebody, out with bread? No way.

As I turned my head indifferently, resting my chin on my hand, Enfrise’s expression darkened again. Why so? First, he couldn’t keep me confined, and now he was making a fuss because he couldn’t get me out.

“We’ll also bring jam and peanut butter, along with various fruits and vegetables. I’ll include several types of ham.”

…That did sound tasty when you put it like that.

“Add some cheese and butter for flavor. Should I bring some wine as well?”


“Yes. I recently found a very good white wine.”


I’ve tried it at college welcome parties, but honestly, it wasn’t for me—especially soju, which felt like drinking lamp fuel and beer, but its distinctive smell didn’t appeal to me. However, I’ve always been curious about wine. Novels always mention its rich aromas and fruity tastes…

And perhaps more expensive wines taste better.

“Um, well… if you insist that much, I guess we could go.”

It wasn’t just for the wine. It was because I was moved by Enfrise’s effort to persuade me.

Well, so.

“Let’s go this afternoon, then. I’ll prepare a little and come back. Meanwhile…”

Enfrise pulled a familiar piece of paper from his desk drawer.

‘Oh, that’s…’

That was the consonant and vowel.

“Keep studying hard. If you have any questions, feel free to call me.”

Enfrise’s smile, now completely natural, suited him well.

When did he start doing that? I may not remember exactly when, but I know one thing for sure. I couldn’t resist that smile.

“Okay. But you have to make sure it’s delicious, okay?”

“Of course.”

He chuckled and handed me a piece of paper marked with vowels and consonants.


* * *


“Be careful not to shake it too much, given how much we’re carrying.”

“Can’t Tambor come along?”

“I’d appreciate that too, but… unfortunately, there are still too many tasks left to do. By the way, are your shoes comfortable?”

“Hmm… I think they’re okay.”

“The forest paths might feel different, so please be careful. And make sure to stay close to His Grace.”

Hmm, this was something new. Usually, Tambor appeared calm and gentle, though suddenly, she turned into a fusspot.

As I obediently nodded along, the barrage of cautions soon shifted towards Enfrise.

“Your Highness must also be careful. Lady Chaperil is not as robust as you. Even slightly unfit shoes could cause blisters.”

“…Tambor. I can get blisters from ill-fitting shoes, too.”

“It’s different for Your Grace. You’re a man, and blisters or scars don’t matter much, but for the lady, any marks could be a serious concern.”

“Ha, alright.”

“Don’t just brush it off. You are riding horses, right? Make sure the basket is secured firmly. Although I’ve tightened the bottles, any leakage could be disastrous.”


“And if there’s leftover food, pack it carefully back into the thermal container.”

“I said I got it.”

“If anything happens, let Sherry know in advance.”


As the precautions continued unabated, Enfrise eventually shut up. Whether he cared or not, Tambor’s admonitions persisted. This might sound odd, but their interaction almost resembled that of a mother and child.

“Got it?”

“I’ve been telling you I got it.”

With a hint of irritation in his voice, he responded as Tambor made a somewhat stern expression. As she looked ready to start his cautions anew, Enfrise gave in.

“…Sorry for snapping. I’ve understood everything clearly.”

Perhaps he turned out to be relatively not crooked, thanks to Tambor’s influence. It felt as if they had been together since childhood.

“I worry because you tend to act recklessly, especially today since we need to ensure Lady Chaperil’s safety as well.”

“…I know. I understand your concerns, but it’s fine. I’ll make sure Chaperil returns safely, no matter what.”

…Um, excuse me.

Were the two of them forgetting that I was right here? Tambor surely hadn’t. I saw her glancing at me just now. But why are they talking as if I wasn’t here? It was a bit embarrassing for Chaperil to listen to this…

Hehe, now I feel more confident.”

“Tambor. When will you stop treating me like a child? I’m nearly thirty.”

“Being nearly thirty and still single, and with hardly anyone around you, how can I not worry? You haven’t changed much since your teens…”

‘Um, this is boring.’

They seemed lost in their own world, making me feel rather awkward. And it wasn’t like I could just leave while they were in the middle of this conversation.

Oh, look, an ant.

When was the last time I paid attention to an ant? Though they must have been around, I’ve been too busy to notice them.

When I was younger, I thought their mouthparts looked scary, but now they seem kind of cute. Wow, were their antennae always this long? The color of its body even resembled Enfrise’s hair. I used to place them on sticks and watch them when I was a kid.

I crouch down to watch the ant for a while and suddenly realize it was quiet around me. Because of that, I quickly look up and turn around.


Enfrise was covering his mouth, and Tambor, with a fist over her mouth, was also looking at me.

…Guys, that didn’t hide your eyes. You might as well just smile.

Maybe I should just go back to my room…?