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“The scale of the wedding, I know you don’t extravagance, but still…”


“The decorations at the venue, since it’s summer and flowers are plentiful, shouldn’t we fill it with flowers?”

“Theo, let’s calm down first.”

Theodore was overly excited.

Our May wedding was being smoothly prepared, but sometimes Theodore’s eagerness was a bit much.

Like right now.

“We don’t need to make it too grand. I know what you’re worried about.”


“People will talk since we’re remarrying, but I really don’t care.”

Hearing this, Theodore sighed softly and spoke in a subdued tone.

“I do care. I don’t like it when you become the topic of gossip among those who love to chatter.”

“I understand how you feel. But it’s unnecessary to spend excessively on the wedding just to impress those people.”

Theodore nodded as if he understood, but he still looked somewhat bitter. Clearly, he doesn’t like people gossiping about me.

But truly, I couldn’t care less about what others said. Their slander meant nothing to me because they held no importance in my life.

I knew very well what was important to me. I knew how futile it was to expend energy on trivial matters that didn’t matter.

“I think it’s unnecessary to have a lavish wedding.”

I cupped Theodore’s face in my hands, looking deep into his ocean-blue eyes where my reflection was clearly visible.

“If it will make you feel better, then do as you like.”

Ultimately, I conceded.

What’s important is his feelings.

Theodore, caught off guard, looked at me with wide eyes and stuttered a response. I smiled and was about to withdraw my hands when he suddenly grasped my wrists firmly.


Calling my name with such emotion, Theodore tightly held my hands. He then closed his eyes and affectionately rubbed his cheek against my palms, reminding me of a pet nuzzling its owner.

“Thank you for understanding my wishes.”

His face couldn’t hide the emotions he felt. I let out an exasperated laugh and spoke.

“Yes, now go back to Valentino Castle and get some rest. It’s already past 8 PM.”

Theodore was currently at Arendelle Castle. In fact, he had been coming almost every day—yesterday, the day before, and three days ago.

The people of Arendelle Castle, who initially reacted with curiosity, joy, or slight nervousness at his visits, now seemed completely accustomed to him. They treated Duke Valentino as if he was a friendly neighbor.

Theodore didn’t seem to mind this atmosphere and had apparently formed quite a bond with the people of Arendelle Castle. It was surprising to see someone with his usually reserved nature open up so quickly. Perhaps it was because the people of Arendelle Castle were so genuine and kind.

“However, you said earlier today…. that I could stay the night…”

Theodore looked at me with a pitiful expression, his eyes wide and pleading. He was pretending to be pathetic. A performance he had perfected from doing it so often.

I rolled my eyes and sighed deeply.

“Your aide was looking for you. He said it was urgent.”

“Ah… Calvin…”

There was a faint hint of murderous intent in his voice when he said ‘Calvin…’. As our eyes met, he quickly erased that look and gave a broad smile….

‘…I had no idea he could be so cunning.’

Since truly connecting with him, it had been one surprise after another.

“The urgent matter… I thought it was already taken care of. That’s odd.”

“….Anyway, go. You can come back tomorrow, right?”

Thanks to the installation of a teleportation circle by Derek, the wizard of the Valentino family, between Arendelle Castle and Valentino Castle had made our comings and goings much easier.

Although a downside was that Theodore now frequented Arendelle Castle almost like it was his own living room…

“Then, I’ll come back tonight.”

Theodore said, with a look that suggested he might go and dispose of Calvin. I gave Calvin my sympathies with a casual nod.

Theodore, with a quick peck on my cheek that was almost stealthy, gave a mischievous smile at me. Regardless of my amused chuckle, he grinned from ear to ear as he walked out the door.

Left alone in the room after he left, I shook my head in disbelief and moved towards the comfortable armchair by the window. I planned to finish the book I had started earlier and relax into the deepening night.

‘Theodore will probably be back before 10 PM.’

He knew I usually fell asleep between 11 PM and midnight, so he’d time his visits accordingly. As had become the norm.

Settling into the familiar peace and quiet, I opened my book. In the lush early summer garden, crickets chirped faintly.