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The scene unfolded just before Diello’s departure.


Nira’s brush, which had been lightly tracing over the lilies on Diello’s makeup, stopped before he spoke with a puzzled expression.

“The lilies seem to have faded a little.”

“Do you see that too?”

Diello tried to erase the lines that were about to be drawn on his lips.

“The fainter the lilies, the more evidence it is that she and you were close.”

“The makeup is done. No one will be able to figure out the number of lilies until the makeup is removed.”

Thanks to the power of the Shadow Blade family.

Diello nodded briefly.

“Then, leave immediately.”

What he handed to Nira was a power crystal made from Krua’s blood, which had drawn out the power of the source. Nira carefully received the crystal, which seemed to have a slightly reddish hue compared to other water crystals.

“This is something entrusted to you by the Madam.”

It meant that he should do it perfectly. Even if the head of the Argenta family didn’t say it, Nira intended to do so. He clenched the crystal tightly in his hand.

‘You must always be someone who doubts your lord.’

That was what his father taught him.

He was said to be the one who watched over whether the lord was using his power in the right place, and Nira was proud that he had chosen the right master.

The original plan was for Krua to arrive at the upper reaches of the river in time before the talks began and build a dam of ice on the river to reduce the flow.

It was a feasible plan, as the river had recently experienced dryness. The idea was to reduce the amount of water flowing towards the hall, thereby reducing the overall power of the Alors ducal family. The only person in this vast land who could do that was Krua.

But now that Krua was down, Nira himself had to do it somehow.

“I’ll definitely do it.”

He thought of the Madam, who had drawn out the power of the source even as she was collapsing, for the sake of those who followed her.

Her strong gaze as well.

He shook his head, thinking of Duke Alors, who had tried to use even his own bloodline as a tool, and Pentas Alors, who was incredibly stupid. It didn’t matter if Krua wasn’t the head of the family. She was the only true Alors in the current generation.

He thought so, but he seemed to know Alors’ bloodline as well.

Who could have imagined just a year ago that she would suffer from the awakening fever that would make her become the head of the family?


Nira, who had briefly greeted Diello, immediately left the room. Like an assassin, he jumped out the window and immediately mounted his horse.


The Argenta informants who were originally supposed to escort Krua followed him.

“I have to do it.”

Nira was in a situation where the Duke of Alors had taken away the power of the water he had. All he had was the power crystal Krua had given him and his own memories of using water.

Still, he had to do it.

Because he was now serving the strong, real Alors, and that she trusted him with the task. Since his master had shown her strength and will, shouldn’t he naturally live up to his expectations?


The horse he was riding kicked the ground roughly and galloped off.


* * *


Late at night.

Alors’ forces arrived in Argenta.

The two forces faced each other near the conference hall, where only the heads of the families would be allowed to enter.

The silence of the night before the storm filled the air.

Duke Alors couldn’t help but scoff at the sight of Argenta’s forces, who were trying to intimidate him with their sharp movements.

“Acting threatening.”

Even so, they were just poor candles flickering in front of the water.

The power he felt from Argenta’s forces was pathetically weak compared to Alors, even at a glance. No matter how weak the head of the family on their side had become due to the change of heads, he would still be stronger than Diello Argenta, who had not even awakened his power and had poor skills.


Duke Alors’ head, filled with confidence, lifted.

“Please come in.”

And as he entered the prepared conference room, his confidence seemed to pierce the sky. He could no longer feel the power of the lilies from Diello Argenta, who was greeting him with a hardened expression.

Duke Alors had to stop the corners of his mouth from splitting open.

It wasn’t too late!

In that case, the accomplishment of bringing Argenta to its knees shall forever be etched in the annals of history as his, Kellius Alors! With Argenta’s power in his grasp, retrieving the house’s insignia, regardless of who took it, would be as easy as taking candy from a baby.

Suppressing his elation, he forced a frown onto his face before he winked at Pentas.

“Why are you not greeting him?”

As he spoke, Duke Alors locked eyes with Pentas, exchanging a prearranged signal. Since Diello Argenta had utterly failed to awaken the power, they would attack together upon the signal.


Pentas Alors greeted him with a reluctant expression upon receiving the signal.

Diello Argenta acknowledged the greeting with a nod.

“During the talks, escort Lord Pentas Alors to the nearby guesthouse.”


At his words, Argenta moved in perfect unison to guide Pentas Alors. Pentas quietly followed the instructions. This, too, was within their expectations.

‘Impudent wretch!’

However, no matter how much he had anticipated it, he couldn’t help but feel displeased.

Duke Alors, who had been watching this scene, frowned and sat down.

“Why is my daughter not present? Surely, you’re not suggesting that you intend to use my daughter as a bargaining chip in these unfortunate negotiations…”

The Duke looked at Diello with a sharp expression.

“I trust you wouldn’t stoop to such a despicable act, Diello Argenta.”

Diello Argenta’s lips curled into a smooth smile at his words.

“Of course not.”

Duke Alors’s pretense of caring for Krua was nauseating.

“She’s not feeling well and is resting.”

Diello’s words drew a deeply regrettable expression from Duke Alors.

“How on earth could she be so ill, given the demanding schedule she keeps?”

Of course, he was inwardly scoffing. He knew she was in poor shape, but to be confined to her bed after merely putting a single mark on a piece of paper was beyond ridiculous.

“Krua’s complexion wasn’t good when she visited Alors last time either. Before the marriage, she was a girl who knew no pain or injury. Such a precious child…”

Diello smoothly cut him off.

“It seems you have seen the injuries yourself.”

Duke Alors faltered for a brief moment at those words.

Diello’s gaze met his.

“The injuries on her precious body.”

As Diello continued in a gentle voice, Duke Alors’ mood plummeted. The arrogance in Diello Argenta’s eyes as he spoke to him was unbearable.

…As if he knew everything.

…As if he knew where the bruises and wounds on Krua’s body came from.

Duke Alors frowned.

Still, there was no way Diello could know that. The Duke banished the unpleasant thoughts from his mind. Then, he crossed his arms with an arrogant expression.

“Regardless, I am disappointed by this turn of events.”

He spread one hand open.

“How long has it been since we forged a bond through marriage, and yet you dare to expose such animosity between our family?”

Duke Alors shook his head with an expression of disbelief.

“Not only did you deliberately release troublesome monsters into Alors territory, but you also took advantage of the situation to infiltrate your troops.”

It was a blatant lie. Diello’s expression turned cold.

“Surely you know that we merely followed protocol.”

“Are you saying that protocol dictates sending monsters and troops?”

While the Duke feigned excessive surprise, Diello replied without blinking an eye.

“Indeed. Just in case, I looked up the records.”

He spread out the documents he had prepared beforehand on the table.

“According to our records, Alors contacted us about monsters escaping seven months ago, eleven months ago, and nineteen months ago.”

In short, he was saying that he knew they were lying. After all, the talks were merely a pretense, but he had to pretend to be prepared for them, didn’t he?

“The composition of the troops that came here then is exactly the same as the troops you sent to Argenta this time.”


At his words, Duke Alors slammed his fist on the table.

“Are you going to be so brazen? Are you saying that Argenta has never attempted to cause trouble in Alors?”

“Naturally, yes.”

Diello’s lips curled into a smirk as he fought to contain his rising temper.

“If you continue to speak in such a manner, we will have no choice but to take action.”

Duke Alors ground his teeth.

“Protecting the head is the duty of the family. Protecting the honor of the head is also the duty of the family! Yet, Argenta refuses to acknowledge its wrongdoing!”


A blue light gathered in Duke Alloze’s hand.

“We have no choice but to force an apology!”


He slammed his fist on the table once more. Judging from the map, the nearby river should have flooded the building halfway by now.



Nothing happened.

Duke Alors froze just as Diello began to draw his sword slowly.


A strong stream of water splashed through the conference room window as if someone were cleaning it. That was all.

“What, what?”

Where did all the water go? Duke Alors had forgotten to feign anger and wore a bewildered expression.


A fire ignited at the tip of Diello’s sword.

“To throw water at the conference room window is like throwing water in one’s face.”


He flicked his sword and lowered his body.

“I have no choice but to fight for the duty of the family.”

For Argenta.

He swiftly lunged towards Duke Alors.