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“…Isn’t Her Highness acting strange?”

Dixie and Jane stared at each other, before nodding. As far as they could remember, Belissa had never acted out of the norm. She always walked the designated path at the scheduled time and obeyed commands. The Belissa they knew would’ve gotten herself in order and prepared to meet Crown Prince Frederick by now.

“…All I know is that she had a change of heart.”

Dixie muttered with a worried look on her face.

Some time ago, Belissa went to see Grand Duke Lucian, and when she returned, her face was as white as a sheet. She neglected eating, and today, she went out in such a disheveled state.

“As for that…”

Dixie’s and Jane’s eyes turned to the table, where the back of a white, round head could be seen reading a book.

Jane gulped. She was already in disbelief when Dixie said that she saw a talking bunny doll, much less when said doll read a book.

“I’m not ‘that,’ I’m Larino—the Seventh Son of Medea!

The bunny doll’s ears perked up as it jerked its head toward them.


Dixie and Jane screamed as they withdrew.

Larino brushed his fluffy ear. His pink nose twitching, Larino jumped up from his seat and raised his head, sniffing the air. Then, he suddenly raised his head.

“Tonight’s dinner is lamb!”

Then, Larino spoke menacingly.

“…You’ll leave some for me, right?”

The bunny doll didn’t only speak and dabble in literature, but also enjoyed his meat. Dixie and Jane nervously gulped—a carnivorous rabbit had appeared!

* * *

As soon as I returned to the mansion, I stormed into my room.

Then, I looked in the mirror and let out a yelp.

Did I really walk around while looking like THIS?

In my two lives, I’d never gone out like this.

No wonder that child called me ugly.

“Your Highness? Is something the matter?”

Startled, Dixie and Jane rushed inside.

“It’s nothing… A-am I unsightly? No way…”

I got married looking like this?

Those words were right at the tip of my tongue, but I kept my mouth shut.

There was a saying, a bird hears the words of the day, and a mouse hears the words of the nights. I should always be careful with my words because there are no secrets in my daily life. If I made a mistake, Eleanor would be the last person I wanted to know about it.

Nobody should hear a word about this.

“…No, I just need to take a bath.”

“Understood, Your Highness.”

For some reason, Dixie glanced around and lowered her voice.

“…Did you know?”




“What happened?”

“He’s a carnivorous rabbit.”

Dixie spoke, dead serious.

Well, since he isn’t really a rabbit, it’s not that surprising.

He also eats food offerings.

“…I guess we’ll have to eat dinner in the room. No, tell them that from now on, I’ll be eating my meal in the room. Ask for plenty of meat.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

I had a good relationship with Larino, so I had no complaints. In fact, Grand Duke Lucian was the alternative proposed by Larino, who promised to help with my revenge. I was quite excited to see what he would tell me to do next.

* * *

The imperial carriage arrived in Florence.

There was a villa in Florence where the royal family could rest. It was in a busy area quite far from the port, so the fishy smell was less intense.

Frederick took a deep breath of the Florence air and exhaled. His chest rose and fell deeply. He slowly opened his eyes, and the evening sky of Florence was reflected in his gaze.

He grinned.

“I have to stay here for two weeks.”

After two weeks, he’d return to Xavier with his princess. Then, marriage. Frederick laughed. He thought marriage wasn’t for him.

He narrowed his eyes in anticipation of the next two weeks he would spend with the princess.

Isn’t this also the last two weeks of him being single.

Frederick planned to enjoy a lifetime’s worth of entertainment in these two weeks.

“Who is the most famous courtesan in Florence? Where’s the most popular salon?”


Unable to believe what he was hearing; the aide’s eyes widened.

Frederick ran his hand through his hair, smiling like an angel as he took in the night view of the street.

“It’s my two weeks of freedom, without my father or mother watching me. I can’t afford to waste such precious time.”

“But, Your Highness…!”

“Shut up and do as I say.”

Frederick curved his lips. Looking at that smile, the aide seemed devastated, and he sighed deeply. Frederick had long forgotten the existence of Princess Medice.

“Go now and find out. I don’t want to waste another day.”

“…Yes, Your Highness.”

The aide bowed his head.

Frederick hummed a tune as he watched his aide go into the street without being able to unpack his luggage.

Embracing the beautiful sisters of the Medice royal family was important, but Frederick was also curious about this street. The people who would most easily provide information were those who sold smiles.

They would give anything to Frederick in exchange for money.

Frederick’s dark-stained eyes looked toward the sea. He coldly recited as he estimated the location of the Navy’s official residence.

“…Grand Duke Lucian.”

Merely hearing that name made his stomach turn.

Lucian may be the emperor’s younger brother, but in the end, he was just a prince who did not ascend the throne. Nevertheless, those cold, arrogant eyes and unyielding attitude when he looked at Frederick—

How disconcerting.

Even his father had his hands full with Lucian—so why wouldn’t he understand?

Monsters like Lucian didn’t deserve human rights and should be treated like the animal he was.

However, the emperor was too soft, and as a result, Frederick was ignored.

“It won’t stay like that anymore, you monster.”

There was a flash in his eyes.

* * *

—Actually, how much meat does Larino eat?

He was slightly larger than the palm of an adult, so I thought his portion would be small.

Larino proved just how sorely mistaken I was.


Larino pointed to the empty plate with his paw.

The small, white and fluffy hands were stained with meat seasoning. His cute pink lips had also turned brown.

Larino’s eyes twinkled, “This isn’t enough. I want more.”

“…You just ate two plates. Are you still not full?” Dixie asked cautiously.

Larino pursed his small lips. Jet-black, bean-like eyes twinkled. Larino tilted his head while rubbing his slim belly.

“How am I supposed to be full from that?”

Two plates of meat.

That should be enough to satisfy an adult man.

“Do as he says, Dixie.”


Dixie walked out with an awkward look on her face. I couldn’t help but laugh as I watched Larino lick and groom his fur. A carnivorous rabbit that didn’t resemble a god in the slightest.

“I married Grand Duke Lucian today, Larino.”

I spoke in a low voice. Larino’s ears perked up.

“I did a good job, right?”

“If revenge is what you seek, then you have taken the first step. But Grand Duke Lucian isn’t an ordinary human being. Just like you, Grand Duke Lucian is of divine bloodline, and is a perfect match for you.”

—Hold on.”

What did I just hear? Divine bloodline?

I slowly blinked. I just couldn’t comprehend it.

Larino pursed his lips.

“You didn’t know? How can people be so ignorant these days!”

Larino clicked his tongue and pointed at me with a sauce-stained paw.

“He’s of divine bloodline! He’s the son of Medea’s first daughter!”

The rabbit licked the sauce from its paw. I still couldn’t fit that piece of information into my mind.

“So… He’s Larino’s nephew?”

“How rude!”

The rabbit’s whiskers trembled greatly.

“That human bastard? My nephew? As if!!”

That’s right. Nephew.

Of course, it was a well-known fact that the current emperor and Grand Duke Lucian had different biological mothers. Grand Duke Lucian was said to have grown up outside the imperial castle until the age of ten. He only came to the imperial castle after the death of his biological mother.

One thing was important right now—

—The special thing about Grand Duke Lucian was that he could be my weapon.