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Skylar tightly gripped the silvery ring that Ariel handed him. He applied so much force that the hard surface of the metal dug into his palm. Nevertheless, he didn’t release his grip and held onto it firmly until his fingers trembled.

The bracelet was a keepsake left to him by his mother. His mother, who had favored only his brother, left the heirloom only to him in the end.

So, it was a meaningful item, and it was also something Devoncia had tried to take away countless times.

The reason why Devoncia did so wasn’t because he coveted the item itself or missed his mother. The first reason was his strong desire for possession, and the second reason was because it was amusing for him to take away things that Skylar cherished.

He coveted an heirloom for that very reason alone. Even though he had so many good things, he endlessly took away what was his.

Even now.

Devoncia was such a strange, incomprehensible b*stard who endlessly stimulated feelings of inferiority.

‘A voracious demonic bastard with a twisted personality who has an incredible talent for everything in sight.’

That was his older brother.

Devoncia, the next emperor, easily took away his possessions whenever he pleased. And when his interest waned, he ruthlessly discarded them, making him even more miserable. No matter how much Skylar resisted, it always ended up happening as if it were a predetermined fate.

He had thought to dispose of this heirloom in advance, thinking it would end up the same way — taken by Devoncia and then discarded like trash.

However, Ariel had picked it up. But not just that, she had jumped into the cold river to retrieve it.

Even if she was merely a countess’s daughter, she was still a member of the upper class with noble status… and for her to do such a thing. Naturally, he had intended to give Ariel a fair reward for her efforts. He thought she had made that calculation as well.

However, she didn’t make any demands.

It seemed like she had no intention of making any demands at all. It was as if her goal was not about receiving anything in return, but rather, she was determined to return it to him without a guarantee for anything.

She was very stubborn.

She chose to abandon the favor of the Crown Prince, despite having the opportunity to secure it, and worried about the feelings of the prince below him first.

She seemed foolish, like an idiot.

…Yet, for some reason, her face looked very upright and pure.

“I don’t understand.”

Skylar muttered.

He kept feeling strange. It was hazy, as if he were floating, though his heart was pounding relentlessly. As his composure waned, his noble demeanor diminished in front of her. It didn’t suit the royal bloodline that should arrogantly dominate and rule over everything.

Still, even so…


He didn’t hate her.



˚ ・: * ✧ * :・ ˚



Ariel immediately checked her phone in a deserted hallway.



『 Favorability rating has decreased. 』

『 Skylar von Aither Lévretin

▷ Favorability towards you: ♥ (He’s interested in you, and if you talk to him, there’s a high probability of him accepting.)





『 Favorability rating has increased. 』

『 Skylar von Aither Lévretin

▷ Favorability towards you: ♥♡ (He feels favorably towards you and might even talk to you first.)



A bad notification. Fortunately, there was some good news that followed.

Seeing the affection level, which had dropped once but then recovered, Ariel let out a sigh of relief. It was more a feeling of relief than happiness. It seemed that the pivotal moment that seemed like it would lead to a major event had been resolved without any significant incident.

“I’ve got my dress, now I should go home.”

Just as she was about to put her phone back in the dress pocket…


Her phone vibrated once more.



『 Favorability rating has increased. 』

『 Skylar von Aither Lévretin

▷ Favorability towards you: ♥♥ (He’s strongly conscious of you and will often initiate conversations with you first.)