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[ Original world? ]

Karentina was hesitant about how to respond to the ghost’s question.

“It’s a bit complicated to explain. This is the world from the novel I was reading, and I’m not the owner of this body. I went to sleep and woke up as Karentina.”

It wasn’t that she didn’t like living the life of Karentina, who has overflowing wealth, a beautiful appearance, and even a kind older brother she had never met. She was pitiful and felt a sense of similarity with herself, but…

‘I want to live.’

She absently fiddled with the books on the bookshelf, lost in thought.

When she had just transmigrated, she thought that she could survive by simply escaping the room. However, as she became more and more integrated with Karentina’s body, she came to understand.

…That when the gradually dwindling magical power ran out, this body would easily crumble.

Having to live in a fragile body, not knowing when she might die, was truly an unbearable pain. Before the transmigration, she may have been lonely, but above all, she was healthy.

She wanted to protect Demion and Stella and return to her original world.

Although it might be selfish, that was her honest sentiment.

[ Hmm. ]

Seeing the ghost not saying it was impossible gave her a sense of hope that she could escape from this novel.

[It’s impossible for you in your current state. ]

She gazed down at the bracelet with a firm tone.

“Why not? I thought you said you could grant any wish?”

[ The more difficult the wish, the greater the magical power I take. ]

‘What then? It’s useless for nothing.’

The ghost spoke hesitantly as if it was in trouble.

[ It can’t be helped. You’re already the owner of that body. ]

“Why am I the owner of this body?”

[ Do you want to know? ]


[ Then, think of it as a wish for the magical power I gave you, and I’ll tell you. ]

Karentina nodded without a moment’s hesitation.

[ The original owner of your body tried to put you into a doll. ]


[ I guess she must’ve been incredibly lonely. That’s why she broke the taboo of summoning souls from other worlds. ]

“Why does it have to be me?!”

The ghost hesitated as her resentful gaze fixed upon it.

[ You were the one with a similar desire. As the price of the taboo, that child’s life was taken away, and you took her place. ]

“So, so what happened to the original me?”

[ The soul has escaped, so naturally, you died. ]

At the ghost’s composed tone, she slumped back into her seat.

“It can’t be.”

‘…I have no choice but to live in this extremely fragile body.’

[ But you… You have eyes like Eloisa. ]

The devastated Karentina’s gaze once again fixated on the bracelet.

“Same eyes. What does that mean?”

[ I can tell by the fact that you summoned me. It’s said that the eyes that were ‘opened’ are able to see soul stones. ]

“Soul stones? What’s ‘opened’ eyes?”

[ In this world, apart from transcendents, people with very special powers die, leaving behind stones that contain their abilities and memories. Like me. And the eyes that can see or communicate with soul stones are called opened eyes. ]

“I can see soul stones? Wait, you’re not human… aren’t you a demonic beast?”

“I’m a top-tier demon! I’m different from mindless creatures like monsters.”

While the ghost in the bracelet grunted like a Maltese making a growling sound, Karentina fumbled in her memory.

Eloisa Lorraine.

A transcendental person with powerful magical abilities and the first head of the Duchy of Lorraine.

“I know. The first head of the Lorraine family.”

[ Was Eloisa the head? Anyway, she could also see soul stones, just like you. ]