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Holly frowned unconsciously. Could it be that the elves think of the humans who come to Lauriue as errand boys?

Cahill, who was absent-mindedly watching her, raised her eyebrows.

“Why should Holly do your bid? She might be in danger doing it…”

Despite his sharp energy, Lyla looked at him with a relaxed expression.

“Because I saved Holly’s life.”

Holly looked dazed at the facts of the past that came out of Lyla’s mouth.

At that time, Lyla wanted nothing. Afterwards, she stayed in Haliem but acted as if nothing had happened, so she had no idea that she would bring it up as a bargaining chip so naturally.

“I know you won’t be able to refuse my request.”

Cahill looked disapproving at Lyla’s relaxed attitude. However, unlike before, she did not come forward and raise her sharpness.

“I feel terrible that someone might be spying on me.”

Lyla showed her vulnerable side for the first time. Holly let out a groan as if she thought this was just a way for Lyla to take advantage of her, but she couldn’t believe it was completely make-up.

Holly, who was contemplating under the Cahill and Lyla’s gaze, nodded her head.


Lyla’s expression, which had been stiff at her answer, improved significantly. Upon seeing that face, Holly felt relieved at the thought of being able to shake off years of old debt.


* * *


As soon as the door to Lyla’s study closed, Holly tugged at Cahill’s arm.

“This time, let’s go alone, just the two of us.”

In the first place, she didn’t think he would send her alone, though Cahill’s eyes were already filled with heat as if he had just imagined something sinister. Holly glanced at his face and opened his mouth.

“It’s something Lyla secretly asked for. I don’t want to tell other people…”

His lips were seen slightly sticking out as though he didn’t like her words.

“More than anything, I miss the times when the two of us would travel.”

Holly added with a slight smile, bringing a smile to Cahill’s face as well.

“Let’s go to the room first, get some supplies, and move at dawn.”

She intertwined his fingers with hers and moved away.

If it were dawn, the workers would be so deep in their sleep that they wouldn’t be able to hear anything, and it was clear that Badin and Adam, who were just guests, wouldn’t care unless they were directly threatened.

“We won’t be able to cook anything there, so we just need to take some beef jerky and fruit, right?”


“I wonder if there is any bread left in the kitchen.”


Cahill just nodded at Holly as if he was happy to be alone with her.

“Can I go alone?”


Cahill, who had been nodding his head at Holly’s joke, froze.

“Forget it.”

He bared his teeth and growled like an animal.

“So, just focus on your plan.”

“I just need Holly…”

He played with her earlobe and muttered to himself.

“We might be wandering around in a secret passageway for days. You say you don’t need anything to eat or drink?”

Cahill, hearing her scolding, arched the corner of his eye.

“I know.”

A deep heat had subsided in his innocent-looking eyes. Holly’s face turned red as she realized the true meaning of those words.

“If you starve, we can’t do that, you know?”

As she rolled her eyes and let out a sigh, Cahill’s hands got busy packing his bag.


* * *


Holly and Cahill were reassigned to the room they had previously stayed in.

Seeing as Lyla entrusted them with investigating the secret space, she couldn’t help but think it was planned. She stood next to the bed and pressed the jewel on the statue. Then, the stone bed split with a loud noise.

Holly glanced down into the deep, dark space and gulped. It seemed that in the meanwhile, Lyla had done some research.

There was a ladder leading down.

“Let’s go.”

“I’ll go down first, so follow me right away.”

As she grabbed the ladder, Cahill blocked her path, and Holly obediently stepped back. She had faith that no matter what happened in the darkness, where she could not see an inch ahead, she would be safe as long as she was with Cahill.

The moment she saw him stepping on the ladder to climb down, a light flashed in her head.

“But wouldn’t it be okay if I called Shiver and had it take a look below?”

Shiver relayed the words into her head that it had no problem going down deep. However, Cahill looked at her with dissatisfied eyes.

“We decided to travel alone, just the two of us.”

“But Shiver is a spirit…”

Seeing Cahill’s determined look, Holly nodded.


Holly followed Cahill down. Because of the darkness, she had to rely only on her senses.


Holly, who was going down step by step, heard his words and stuck close to the ladder. A cold wind blew from below.

“That’s enough.”

“What was down there?”

“Even if it existed, it won’t exist anymore.”

When Cahill answered in a confident voice, her eyebrows gathered together at the vague meaning of the words.

‘…Well, as long as it’s safe, that’s fine.’

She decided to take it easy. Even if someone who came and went without the owner’s knowledge got hit by what Cahill had just thrown, it was something that could not be helped.

‘Who told them to sneak around anyway?’

Her way of thinking was becoming more and more like his. However, Cahill, who was going down well, suddenly stopped in place. She noticed too late and stopped in her tracks. The next moment, half of his body, from his head to his waist, was covered by her skirt.

“Wh, what? What appeared?”

Holly whispered and looked around. Still, the inside was dark, without any light.

Then, something wet and hot touched her between her legs.


The soft tongue pushed away the cloth, and then, it was pushed into the closed opening. The inner walls trembled with tension from the heat that felt like it was going to melt.

Ahht, suddenly, why…!”

Her body went weak at the feeling of her inner walls being licked. However, Cahill’s arms held her slipping body tightly so she did not fall.

“I think I can smell you better in the dark.”

His words were interspersed with a slurping sound as if he was licking water. Holly flinched at the hot breath on her sensitive area.

“Cahill, please… Get down…”

As he raised the tip of his tongue and pressed it against her cl*toris, the red petals trembled and poured out love liquid. Cahill licked t anxiously, like someone who had found an oasis in the desert.

“I can go down, hu, if you let me do it.”

He uttered as he gave her slit a long lick.

No matter how much he drank, he was still thirsty, and as if to quench that thirst, sweet water continued to flow from the valley.

“Alright… Hu, okay.”

As soon as Holly gave her answer, he jumped, hugging her waist. He immediately sat her down on the floor and flipped her skirt inside out before he grabbed her thighs and spread them wider. The hot walls twitched and tightened around his tongue.

“Quick, haa, put it in.”

When she pleaded, looking at him with wet eyes, he quickly pulled down his trousers and pushed his member into her.

Ah-hak! Too… big, ung!

The thick pillar pushed against her inner walls. She was used to the feeling of his pillar filling her stomach, but it was too great to endure with a short foreplay.

“No. You can do it.”

After hearing her sobs, Cahill offered words of support that seemed out of place for the situation. Holly bit her lip and shook her body.

“Try opening a little more.”

Her legs, stretched to their limit, were shaking. Her hips clenched and tightened the flesh inside her.