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Despite the peculiarity, they always assumed a human form for serious communication, even though their original forms existed separately. It was an unwritten rule among the three factions, decided long ago by the three Lords.

The reason why Chrys always manifested in a human form was entirely different.

It was simply because she didn’t want to reveal the small and feeble form of the Twilight Dragon. In any case, the manifestation of the Lord Parent Tree, who ruled over the fairies, was far more special than any fairy she had ever seen.

The long, flowing golden hair seemed like delicate saplings sprouting from the earth. The eyes, brimming with wisdom, appeared like a deity embracing all the worries of the world. The beauty resembled the glistening dew of dawn, akin to the unfolding of a flower bud.

It was a wonder of nature that evoked admiration just by looking at it.


The incarnation of the Parent Tree, also known by that name, appeared before Chrys.

However, for reasons unknown, as soon as she laid eyes on the exquisite form of this manifestation, an instinctive uneasiness crept into her chest. And the strange demeanor of the Parent Tree also played a part in this impression.

The Parent Tree, appearing visibly disconcerted before her, was evidently trying to look at her.

‘…Why is this happening? Shouldn’t I be the one trying to look at it?’

Apart from the beautiful appearance, there was an impression that she didn’t want to get too close. Chrys immediately spoke about her matter.

“…May I ask what disciplinary action you will take?”

“Did you come here for that?”

The manifestation of the Parent Tree, Nekinskylte, spoke in disbelief.

She awaited a response with an attitude that was an obvious query. The Parent Tree, who was being cautious, paused for a moment before reaching a conclusion.

“…I did receive reports that the previous ritual was poor. The representative who failed to fulfill his duties and compromised the reputation of the fairy realm will be downgraded to a dry branch, with all the branches underneath him stripped of their magic and banished.”

Nekinskylte, the manifestation of the Parent Tree, explained.

‘Is this tree insane…?’

The words almost slipped out but then went back in.

The term’ branches underneath’ referred to Metius and Astell, the siblings of Sol Noctis, the representative. Stripping them of their magic and banishing them… it was spoken nonchalantly, yet it meant execution.

“No, the fault lies with Sol Noctis. Why should his siblings suffer the consequences?”

“Sol Noctis is capable, but not those branches, even if you give them a chance.”

Chrys had no intention of conflicting with the family punishment system or criticizing the rules set by Parent Tree. It was not her place to meddle in such matters. Nonetheless, personally, if Sol Noctis and his siblings were to be punished, she would be consumed with guilt.

She hurriedly spoke up.

“I came to explain that. It wasn’t Sol Noctis’ fault, it was actually mine.”

She then explained the reason why it happened, as she had promised Sol Noctis. It was not Sol Noctis’s mistake.

It was all because of her.

The ceremony was meant to be carried out by her, but the Dawn Dragon was suddenly taking over caused complicated things. Sol Noctis didn’t make a grave mistake, there was just a slight delay in the ceremony…

However, as she continued to recount her prepared explanations, her voice gradually faded. The Parent Tree had been observing without much focus on what Chrys was saying, causing her voice to wane as she concluded her explanation.

“…So, I think that’s worthy of consideration.”

“Yes. All the achievements of the past year will be nullified, and the branches underneath him will be relieved of their duties.”

“…Oh? Yes, yes. Thank you.”

‘Was this problem really that easily resolved?’

Despite having raised a fuss with Sol Noctis in the first place and having a legitimate reason, Chrys never imagined that it could be resolved so easily. She was prepared to resolve it by any means necessary, even by bringing up the topic of the Lord if needed.

The Parent Tree hadn’t spoken a word since making the decision. There was no response, even to her thank you.

Chrys grew increasingly uncomfortable under its continued gaze.

“Well then… I shall take my leave. May the glory be with the life force of the unchanging power.”

She expressed gratitude to the Parent Tree and bowed her head before turning to return to where the group was waiting.

That was when it happened.


She could feel a strong grip on her wrist, and when she turned back, she was almost being dragged along. The Parent Tree’s manifestation had come close and grabbed her wrist.

Despite being in a human form, the Parent Tree’s manifestation was twice her height. It should have been normal to feel intimidated by its threatening appearance, but she couldn’t understand why she was so annoyed.

Chrys deliberately exerted force to free her hand. It seemed somewhat rude to shake it off like that, but the Parent Tree didn’t seem to mind.

“…You, you weren’t sent by Kiscrios, were you? Then, where is Kiscrios? She hasn’t contacted me! She said we’d tackle the great rift together, so what’s going on…?”

“You can’t reach the Lord? But… the great rift rift?”

“Yes. The great rift. The largest one that inevitably destroys the world, once it starts, it cannot be stopped.”

‘The great rift that destroys the world…?’

In the midst of wanting to wrap up the conversation quickly, Chryselua picked up on something odd in what he had said. It was a somewhat animalistic sense.

The vivid dream that had been so strange.

A black sun rose, followed by an unknown light pouring out. The beautiful end of the world that shattered the entire sky…

“Is that what you call the great rift? Something that looks like a black sun… so big that it covers the entire sky.”

“Yes, yes, how do you know about that?”

“It was seen before.”

“Kiscrios saw it?”

This time, he seemed to be clearly frightened. If the Parent Tree had mistaken that as the Lord of Dawn, Kiscrios saw that scene, it wouldn’t have been an unusual reaction.

For the dragonkin, the dawn meant the time to come.

They were given the name ‘Dawn’ because they could foresee what would happen in the future. What they prophesied always happens.

However, it was said that their vision was fixed.

Dawn could never change the future. Therefore, for important matters, they refrained from using their powers. It was of no use to do so. They could see the future, though they were assessing the possibilities of what could happen in the future. They merely glimpsed one event that would occur in the future.

That’s why the term ‘saw’ was used to describe Dawm’s actions without any grandiose expressions.

“No, the Lord didn’t see it. I did. I keep having strange dreams lately…”


It was meant to reassure him, but the Parent Tree’s complexion grew even paler.

Chrys reached out a hand.

“But what does that matter? I’m not Dawn. I’m just an ordinary Twilight with no abilities. If it were the Dawn, I could understand, but if it’s just something I dreamt up, it’s just a meaningless fantasy.”

Yet, even as he spoke, Chryselua’s mood was becoming increasingly peculiar.

To treat it like that, the dream was too vivid, and it had been recurring frequently lately, stirring up strong emotions. Seeing scenes she had never imagined was another sign. The Parent Tree’s response was also unsettling.

For the first time, she questioned why she was physically weak, why she didn’t have any proper magic, and why she hadn’t received any missions. It wasn’t just a question that had haunted her countless times from her childhood to the present, leading to nothing but laments.

Physically weak, with no abilities, just a regular Twilight

Dawn was named after their crucial abilities.

But why, despite having no abilities, had she been called Twilight, a special name?