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[ Did you see it? That’s my ability. Now, give me your magic power. ]

Unlike her, who was bathed in joy, the ghost spat out words like a loan shark without blood or tears.

“Take it.”

Despite something flowing out of her, she didn’t feel dizzy or shaken.

[ Ah, it’s been a while since I ate so much. It’s delicious. ]

The ghost spoke as if patting its stomach in satisfaction.

“…You’re like a mosquito.”

[ A mosquito! To Briserd Mayneil Popo Zion…! ]

Karentina found the ghost’s fussiness rather cute as it fussed and babbled. The thought of the grateful ghost who helped her find her magical power, regardless of being the master or a servant, brought a gentle smile to her lips.

“Your name is too long. Popo… what was it?”

[ Briserd Mayneil Popo Zion! ]

“Let’s go with Zion, then. Nice to meet you. My original name is Lee Yeoreum, but… call me Karentina or Karen.”

[ …Karen. ]

Even though he had no clear physical presence, it felt like she could see his actions visibly just by hearing his voice. As she imagined Zion muttering with a flushed face, laughter flowed out from her mouth.

“I have a question.”

[ What is it? ]

“What happens if I make a wish to set you free, Zion?”

[ Free? ]

“Where I used to live, there’s a fairy tale called Genie of the Lamp. The genie disappears along with the lamp after granting three wishes, but the good protagonist sets the genie free as his last wish.”

[ What a useless demon, only granting three wishes. ]

‘It’s because it’s a fairy tale. Still, at least it doesn’t take your magical power.’

Karentina held back the words that rose to the tip of her tongue as she waited for Zion’s response.

[ I don’t need something like freedom. I just need magical power. ]

“Really? But why?”

Her eyes widened in surprise.

[I’ve lived as I pleased for a long time, and being subordinate to Eloisa was also fun in its own way. ]

Zion spoke with a deliberate pace.

[It’s hard to find because there’s no magic that suits my taste, so I’ll just stay by your side. ]


Well, it wasn’t easy to find someone with magical power.

[ Still, I do have one wish. ]

“What is that?”

Zion, who had been silent as if embarrassed, finally spoke up.

[ …I want to become a human. When granting a wish, although I can transform into a small animal, I’m still a formless demon. ]

“Wow, that’s a difficult wish.”

[ So, don’t ask me this. ]

She couldn’t stop thinking that Zion’s grumbling tone was somehow cute.

“Thank you for helping me find my magic power.”

[ I-I, I also got your magical power! I won’t refuse something for free. ]

“All right.”

Karentina carefully stroked the bracelet, feeling as if she had gained a cute younger sibling.

[ Don’t do that! It feels strange. ]

“Well, what can you do? You said that I’m your master now, and this is my bracelet.”

[ …. ]

Zion tightly sealed his lips.

[ Strange human. ]

A chuckle escaped from her lips.

‘If I told people I was possessed, they would probably treat me as a crazy woman. However, when I talk to Zion, I feel comfortable because it feels like I’m speaking as my whole self.’

As Karentina stood up from her seat and straightened her dress, by the door stood a doll that looked just like Ignis stood motionless.

An unusual thought suddenly crossed her mind.


[ You want to make another wish again? You’re quite strange. There was a time when Eloisa didn’t talk to me for a whole year. ]

“You… you said you want to become a person, right? ]

[ That’s right. ]

Looking at the door, which stood upright like a human, she asked.

“Do you want to come inside my doll?”