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It was said that golden eyes were not common in this place.

Hana also seemed to notice it first and stared at it curiously. Likewise, she looked through his piercing red eyes. It was something she had never seen before. It looked fascinating, like the finest ruby embedded.

“Not a wizard. Not someone who handles weapons. Doesn’t look particularly special.”

She frowned.

Despite his fascinating appearance, the way he scrutinized people while clenching her chin tightly became increasingly uncomfortable. She could tell clearly that this person seemed to be something like a human noble. Natural condescension, and his body had grace with a bit of arrogance.

“How did you end up in a place like this?”


Hana brushed away the hand gripping her chin. With the hand left in the air, his thick black eyebrows arched.

“Thank you for taking care of me so far. I’d like to leave now.”

It didn’t matter where this person came from or what position he held.

There was no need for her, who was not from here, to treat him with special courtesy. If she originally hailed from and grew up in this world, having established herself here and thus had to meet nobles outside, it might be another matter.

However, she belonged to neither side.

Moreover, according to the priests, the rules and laws from the outside did not apply here. Strictly speaking, this place was a region with its own owner. The owner of this place, Weed, did not like the idea of uninvited strangers dividing themselves into classes.

So, Hana looked straight at him.

“And it’s rude for a first meeting. Why don’t you start by introducing yourself?”

Hahaha. Well…”

The previously expressionless man chuckled softly. Somehow, the tension or wariness that had been taut for a moment seemed to loosen. He observed her a bit more in this state, but this time, without gripping her chin, just with his eyes.

After a brief pause, he introduced himself with a voice that didn’t carry a hint of laughter. His way of addressing Hana also changed slightly.

Just a little bit.

“Call me Calden.”

“I am Hana. Calden, if you could send me back to where I was, I would reward you.”

“Reward? In what way?”

Hana was silent for a moment. She had said it, but she had nothing. There was nothing she could do. She didn’t have anything. Although she said she would reward him, she honestly felt that anything would be okay if she just went to where Weed was.

She was a bit surprised at herself.

It was the first time she had thought of such a dependent idea.

As Hana hesitated and said nothing, silence fell between them. Calden, who accurately judged that there was nothing she could do right now, stood up from his seat.

“Come with me. Follow me.”

She glanced up at his back as he was about to lead the way. When Hana didn’t get up right away, he turned around with a slightly displeased face. Hana asked, as if questioning.

“Why should I? Why should I follow you?”

She had to go back to Weed immediately.

Hana checked the fruit she received from Priest Rutis by rummaging through her belongings, and it had turned yellow. Even just looking at the darkness around, she could predict, but it meant that more than half a day had passed since the scheduled time.

It was certain that someone was looking for her.

“Then, will you stay here?”


“You’ll get me the reward I want from you.”

Saying that, Calden gestured something in the air. The fireball, burning on the ground through magic, was collected. The flame swirled in the air and soon descended onto his shoulders. It seemed like a signal that he would leave this place right away.

Hana bit her lip.

In this dark place with thick trees, it would soon get even darker as the sun set. She couldn’t stay alone in a place like this. It was scary, and she didn’t even know the way back alone.

‘For now, I have no choice but to follow.’

Calden seemed to know that Hana would come to that conclusion, so he waited patiently. The fireball on his shoulder and his red eyes were also burning leisurely.

In the end, Hana reluctantly got up. Her body creaked, but she seemed able to walk.

And when she took a step…


She lost her footing. Her body leaned forward right after standing up, and as soon as she got up, she lost her balance. Hana looked at the condition of her foot while sitting down. It was stiff and turned brownish. The effects of the poison were already visible.

Only now did she realize that she had almost no sensation in her foot.

As Calden approached, he stooped down and asked.

“Hmm… were you a sinner?”

“No, what are you talking about?”

“Petripin is an extremely potent poison used for criminals. It’s a punishment almost equivalent to the death penalty.”

Hana paled and raised her voice.

“No! It’s not like that! There are some circumstances that led to this.”

“I see.”

“If I go back, they’ll release me.”

“Who? Is it Ligna?”


She replied somewhat irritably without realizing it. Calden chuckled with his characteristic low voice.

He knelt down, bent down, and supported Hana’s back. Then, using his other arm to support her leg under the knee, he carefully lifted her. At first, Hana was surprised by the gesture, but she accepted it. She couldn’t go on alone. She couldn’t walk.

Looking down at her, cradled in his arms and assuming a familiar posture, Calden spoke.

“I didn’t know Ligna had such a bad hobby.”

“Bad hobby.”

“What could be the meaning of keeping the feet of a young woman restrained?”

An extremely potent poison for criminals. It was probably a type that hardens the entire body and causes death. It seemed there was a social hierarchy in this place. As expected, this poison was probably not used on someone who would become a slave.

To be enslaved, the body had to be healthy and free.

However, if it were a young woman…

She thought about the meaning behind his words and blushed. Before she could protest, Calden spoke.


Hana, with an exasperated expression, looked up at him.

Wow, he was really an unlucky person.

She turned her head away, not wanting to see his casually smiling face. Hana decided not to pay attention to the man named Calden for the time being. She looked down at the fruit she had taken out earlier.


It had been quite some time.

She didn’t know where this place was, and she couldn’t figure out where she was headed. She was too worried. Despite the fact that she couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was bothering her, something felt terribly uneasy. Weed had said he would wait there, and surely he would be looking for her if she didn’t show up after some time.

‘Weed will find me…’

She couldn’t easily imagine what Weed was doing at the moment. It might seem a bit amusing to worry about Weed in this situation, but she was genuinely concerned. The face he showed when pleading for her not to die, tears streaming down his face, flashed in her mind.

The ground shook and dug up where Hana had run. She didn’t go far before she started vomiting blood. The trails after her disappearance would likely show a miserable sight.

The situation didn’t look promising, leaving only bloodstains behind.

[ Please answer. ]

Hana wasn’t surprised anymore. Faintly, a voice echoed in her mind. An unknown voice still sought an answer.

[ Please answer me. Did you say this isn’t helping? So, what do you want? I will give you what you want. In return… ]

Has the approach changed? Now, it seemed like persuasion.

Hana knew that if she responded, she would be playing into something she might not want. Ignoring it and pretending not to hear was her only option. Once she realized the reality, the murmuring that used to sound like unintelligible whispering had become even clearer.