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“Twilight, we’ve also heard the rumors. We understand why the Lord of the Divine Realm has sent you to the Spirit Realm. We believe this place is suitable for your retreat.”

“The Lord of the Dragonkin wouldn’t assign a perilous task to Twilight, the treasure of the Divine Realm. Moreover, you’re pregnant. Wouldn’t it be better to take a little rest rather than something like that?”

“What did you just say?”

Even Chrys, who had been restraining her temper, finally exploded at these words.

The fairies who approached Dawn sought his help when they saw signs of a rift. To help them… they needed his abilities. But to her, there was only this. Twilight? The treasure of the divine realm? Lord’s love?

Their persuasion in this manner was not just wrong… it was way off.

“I said it’s a mission! What you are saying is that the Lord has entrusted me with a trivial task?”

The fairies’ faces turned pale.

“No, Twilight, that’s not what I meant…”

“I’ll forgive your impudence once, so can you leave now?”

“We made a mistake in our words. We apologize. We just…”

“Don’t you hear my words? Get lost!”

As they hesitated, Chrys erupted with harsh words.

“Get out now!”

However, it didn’t seem threatening to them. They erased the trace of laughter, revealing their true colors.

“We can’t allow that. You need to come with us to the Sacred Tree.”

A few more fairies approached behind them. It was no longer possible to shake off just these two. Only then did Chrys realize their true identity.

They were not trainees but members of the real Skylte Special Guards.

“So, that was your original purpose.”

The fairies released magic into the air, and a threatening floral fragrance began to spread. It was evidence that they intended to resort to force since things weren’t going their way.

“You all, I won’t leave you alone. I’ll make sure you won’t leave with this forever.”

“Now, if you just stay put, you won’t get hurt.”

They ignored Chrys, whose hand clenched tightly in frustration. Her fist trembled uncontrollably. If their purpose were Dawn, they would have used force from the beginning instead of trying to persuade. The fact that they used such a trick from the start was disgustingly hateful.

This was why she disliked fairies.

She hated their arrogance, looking down on her just because she was Twilight. And she hated even more the fact that she lacked the strength to confront them properly.

She really hated it.

When blood was about to drip from her clenched fist, a voice that she would never consider welcoming under normal circumstances reached her.

“What’s happening here? Are you welcoming guests like this?”

It was Sol Noctis.

Rather than appearing to know something, he seemed to have stumbled upon the scene. Pieces of leaves and grass were scattered all over his clothes, indicating that, like Chrys, he had been wandering around here.

“Chryselua, I came to find you because I kept you waiting for long. What on earth are you doing here? And you all, I vouched for her identity for her visit to the Spirit Realm. Why are you behaving like this? Isn’t it too disrespectful?”

“This is the Sacred Tree’s order. You wouldn’t understand.”

The fairies’ attitude, drawing a line for dry branches, was something Sol Noctis knew better than anyone else. Even though he had already exercised his legitimate rights, their attitude made Sol Noctis’s expression hardened.

Still, they said it was what the Parent Tree had ordered. They were fairies who worshiped the Parent Tree like a deity.

Would he take the Sacred Tree’s side? Isn’t that the normal thing to do?

“By the orders of the Sacred Tree? Did the Sacred Tree command to treat guests like this without any respect? Seems like the Spirit Realm is going to rot and ruin.”

However, to her surprise, Sol Noctis, rather than alleviating Chrys’s concerns, seemed more agitated. He started speaking in a refined but somewhat ‘vulgar’ tone that would be rejected by the Spirit Realm.

“You can’t hide your humble origins.”

“How can someone like you understand the Sacred Tree’s will?”

The fairies ignored Sol Noctis, who seemed to be getting more excited. However, they quickly lost their composure at the next voice.

“…D*mn. What the hell are these guys doing?”

It was Naskan’s voice, sounding unusually friendly.

She was so surprised that she almost forgot she was angry. If Sol Noctis was here, it meant that Naskan and Axen Arc, their party, had come looking for her as well. Behind Naskan, Axen Arc was smiling with an intriguing face as if enjoying something interesting.

Nevertheless, there was something more important.

‘This is big trouble.’

Naskan soon grinned, his eyes narrowing with a very friendly expression.

Such a sight of him was something Chrys hadn’t seen in a long time. When the Lord took him in to raise him as a successor, Naskan, known as Dawn, usually laughed it off and acted nonchalant when something happened.

Still, occasionally, he would be overwhelmed by anger.

The most severe case was when Chryselua was almost kidnapped by the devilkin.

Naskan, furious, tried to manifest his dragon form and tear the devilkin apart. Of course, at that time, he couldn’t control his emotions, and the lair given to him by the Lord was shattered, while the devilkin escaped and was never caught.

Whenever such incidents occurred, Naskan would receive punishment from the Lord, and after several repetitions, Naskan managed to perform escort duties perfectly.

When she became terrified of Naskan’s fiery temper, he rarely lost his temper. However, when Naskan, who made efforts in that regard, reached a certain threshold of anger, his efforts came full circle, resulting in an even more terrifying expression.

He would smile brightly while expressing his anger in this manner.

“Are you guys asking for a duel right now?”

The fairies stiffened at that smile and the mention of a duel.

Naskandeolux, the Young Dawn of the divine realm.

After the war with the Demon Realm ended, he suddenly began acting like a rogue, becoming the prime culprit in various problems, excluding the rifts. If there was a dispute, he would never avoid a fight, regardless of the situation or the opponent.

Especially, the fairies of the Spirit Realm must have experienced quite a bit of Naskan’s wrath every time he engaged in such bad behavior.

One of the fairies seemed to tremble at the memory of a dreadful experience.

“It seems like you can’t judge the situation properly now…”

“Who? You guys who flatter and appease when you need help, only to change your stance after solving all the rifts?”

“That’s not the problem!”

Although they were not exactly fighting over such problems, Naskan did not listen and displayed an aggressive attitude, popping his joints. He was deliberately showing that he was ignoring the fairies.

“Why not?”

He continued to grip the fairy’s neck and slammed them onto the floor. The thud echoed, making everyone in the vicinity flinch.


Axen Arc clapped enthusiastically.

Ouch. That’s gotta hurt.’

The fairies hesitated, stepping back.

Fairies, generally unfamiliar with anything beyond their realm, tended to handle unexpected tasks with a certain degree of flexibility. Their attitude towards Naskan was a mix of unease and calculation, trying to assess the benefits of the situation.

Moreover, even if the Parent Tree ordered them, they likely didn’t receive an explanation about why it was necessary.

The idea that the Twilight of the Divine Realm could bring disaster may sound like something the Parent Tree had spoken for the first time. Chrys, and even the fairies, found this information hard to accept.

The fairies, who knew nothing, showed vulnerability in this situation.


In an instant, the second fairy was slammed to the ground. A cracking sound resonated as Naskan’s arm transformed, and soon, one of his arms was covered in stiff dragon scales.

Glistening blue spikes began emerging threateningly.

“Is, is this b*stard out of his mind? We follow the will of the Sacred Tree—”

“Who cares, you moron!”


This was already the third time.