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Dahlia once again took leave and headed to Boutique Street. This time, her purpose was to buy a hat since she couldn’t wear the one she bought before to present to the Emperor.

“With the generous funds provided by His Highness, I need to make a careful selection this time.”

Dahlia grabbed the handle of the Boutique Ellie, where she had encountered Lady Praviche before. However, she couldn’t shake off an ominous feeling.

“What if I run into people from Praviche?”

Honestly, facing Evelyn was scary but manageable. However, others from Praviche were intimidating.

“…Let’s give up on this place.”

Dahlia let go of the handle and turned around. However, at that moment, she bumped into someone’s chest with a thud.

“Oops…! I-I’m sorry!”

Dahlia instinctively bowed at her waist. The mysterious gentleman she collided with spoke in a gentle voice.

“It’s alright, Lady. Are you hurt anywhere?”


Dahlia reflexively lifted her head and was left speechless. The beautiful gentleman with hard-to-digest chestnut hair was stunning.

His modest attire and clear blue eyes seemed to convey that he was an honest person. Dahlia, unknowingly, blushed and lowered her head.

“A-Are you alright? I’m not hurt.”

“Fortunately, that’s good. Also, you dropped this.”

The mysterious gentleman handed Dahlia a handkerchief. Dahlia was surprised to see her handkerchief, a gift from Ulysses, in the gloved hand of the gentleman. She almost lost her remaining composure.

Dahlia grasped the handkerchief offered by the gentleman with both hands, raised her eyebrows, and expressed her gratitude.

“Thank you. It’s something precious given by an important person, and I might have lost it if it weren’t for you.”

“Not at all.”

The gentleman smiled brightly and attempted to pass by Dahlia. However, Dahlia unconsciously held him back.

“Um, sir!”


When the gentleman turned around, Dahlia, with reddened cheeks, asked,

“May I know your name, sir? I want to properly thank you later…”

Dahlia’s shy question and apology softened the gentleman’s gaze. He smiled and replied in a lively voice,

“Raphael. I am Raphael Celestian.”

“I-I’m Dahlia Hebe. I’ll make sure to greet you properly later…!”

Raphael smiled gently. He remained in place until Dahlia disappeared from his sight. As soon as Dahlia vanished, he casually removed the gloves he had touched her with and dropped them on the ground.

Raphael squinted his eyes and thought,

“…Dahlia Hebe. She doesn’t seem to love the Crown Prince as much as the rumors say.”

He hadn’t intended to meet Dahlia, let alone leave a good impression, yet his face turned red on its own.

Wasn’t she supposedly deeply in love with the Crown Prince, to the extent of causing a public scandal?

“Well, anyway, this request might be resolved faster than I thought.”

It was an interesting mission, one that he hadn’t received in a while. Regretful feelings were only temporary. He wouldn’t have taken the request if he thought it would involve the Emperor.

Raphael reached his original destination with a light pace, thinking that it might be over sooner than expected. As soon as he pulled the handle of the boutique, the employees welcomed him with great enthusiasm.

“Welcome, Marquis. The Lady has been waiting for you.”

“Oh my, has she been waiting long?”

“About five minutes.”

“She must be angry.”

With a slightly troubled look in his eyes, Raphael, still smiling, apologized,

“I’m sorry. I ran into someone on the way here.”

Evelyn narrowed her eyebrows. Then, as if to say it was fine, she flicked her fingers toward the employees. With that gesture alone, the employees became busy.

Raphael quietly asked,

“Why did you ask to meet in a place like this?”

In response to his question, Evelyn, with a mischievous smile, opened her fan.

“My fiancé dresses so modestly. Buy anything you like; I’ll buy it all if it catches your fancy.”

Evelyn smiled more brightly, as if she was about to show what a century of arrogance was.

* * *

It was while waiting on the sofa for the staff to bring the clothes. Raphael muttered quietly.

“Why out of so many boutiques, did you choose this one?”

“I’ve only offered a few things to His Highness, and if the gift isn’t from a boutique owned by the Marquis of Praviche, it won’t be enough to avoid suspicion.”

One of the expressions of interest is undoubtedly materialistic.

This boutique was known for being selective, even among those that deal in men’s clothing. It had to be at this level for the Crown Prince to be fooled.

Of course, Raphael was aware of it, but even though it was difficult for him to say it aloud, he managed to utter a word.

“That’s not the problem; the issue is that this boutique belongs to the Marquis of Praviche.”

“Yes, and why is that? Don’t you like the clothes here?”

Henry owned many boutiques. Among them, about half are for Evelyn, the rest are for Henry and Tara, and finally, this one is for Assil and Douglas.

Elaborate clothing was always prepared for Assil, who was under the Duke’s protection. Moreover, it’s a boutique owned by the Marquis of Praviche, making it perfect for maintaining a cover.

Try answering that you don’t like it. Seeing my gaze that said just do it, Raphael quickly nodded.

“That’s not the point; I wanted to ask if your family members also know about this contract.”

“Yeah, I mentioned it. Of course.”

Since the social circle is already in Henry’s hands, hiding it would be pointless, and it’s better to speak about it than to create unnecessary misunderstandings.

Assil’s face was one that said he never thought his allowance would be spent in a place like this. Well, what can you do? It’s already been given and spent.

At my brief response, Raphael let out a small sigh of relief. Just as Evelyn’s temperament is well-known, so is the hot temper of the Praviche family. It was clear what they were worried about.

“Don’t worry about unnecessary things. I’ve emphasized multiple times that you’re just a ‘disguised’ fiancé and that we’ll break up immediately if the Crown Prince leaves. There shouldn’t be anything bothering you.”

“…Well, I’m relieved then.”

To Raphael, who breathed a sigh of relief, I added with a fan covering my mouth.

“Also, aside from not liking the clothes, was there a second reason? I understand the sentiment, but don’t show it. As the Marquis of Celestian, you’re pushing an image of simplicity, but at least during the contract period, you should make an effort.”

“…You’re demanding.”

“Did you think anyone could be my fake fiancé? You received 200 goldens.”

Even if Assil gave 200 goldens with a stern face, it was by no means a small amount. I, too, have become accustomed to Evelyn’s spending habits by now, but that’s a separate matter.

Raphael also seemed to know how much money he received, and he soon laughed.

“See, the laughter comes naturally when you think about money, right? You know that becoming my doll and playing along with me can generate income.”

“Your words are quite reasonable.”

Satisfied with Raphael’s understanding, I raised the corners of my mouth in a pleased manner.

“Well, you don’t have to act here. At parties, you can accept money and pretend to act as long as it doesn’t look forced.”

Whether that statement pricked Raphael’s pride or not, he smirked and whispered in my ear.

“It seems you’re underestimating my acting skills. Who could doubt this face?”

Frowning and looking at Raphael, I noticed that he was equipped with melodramatic eyes as well.


For a brief moment, I couldn’t help but admire it.

His excellent acting skills. Indeed, he was skilled at running an underworld operation with a righteous appearance.

“It’s good to get your money’s worth.”

I teased, feeling a bit proud and a bit cheeky, and fanned myself. Meanwhile, the staff and Raphael’s clothes arrived. Although the designer passionately explained each piece, it honestly didn’t register in my ears.

I chose the most elegant, extravagant, and money-scented white attire for Raphael.

“Try changing into this and come out.”


Raphael nodded gracefully. Not long after he entered the fitting room, he reappeared, discarding all the plain clothes and donning the glamorous outfit.

Even if he had been born wearing that outfit, it wouldn’t be too much. Breaking the sudden silence, I casually uttered a remark.

“It looks splendid and grand. How about you?”

Again, Raphael usually dressed modestly. He had even expressed dissatisfaction with the clothes earlier. Honestly, even if he disliked it, I was going to make him wear it, but his response exceeded my expectations.

“If it makes me look good in Lady Evelyn’s eyes, I’ll wear any clothing.”

Raphael still had the melodramatic eyes on. The staff clapped each other’s arms and gave approving looks.

By the way, the boutique staff didn’t know about the contractual relationship between Raphael and me; they only knew about the Praviche family. Frankly, even if Raphael doesn’t act here, it’s fine. We can easily cover the employees’ mouths with money.

‘But if even the perceptive boutique staff can be fooled to this extent, I probably don’t need to worry at the party.’

His guaranteed acting skills. Indeed, it’s a pricey body for 200 goldens.

“Alright. You can go to the party in that outfit.”

I closed the fan and raised the corners of my mouth. This time, I pointed to the everyday wear. Similarly, it was a design that Raphael would never choose for himself, exuding sophistication all over.

“Now, change into this and come out.”

“Yes, Evelyn.”

Once again, Raphael willingly played along with my doll play. Meanwhile, I ordered the staff.

“Pack all the clothes we just brought, along with this elegant outfit, and send them to Raphael’s mansion.”

“Yes, Lady.”

The staff began to move busily, and Raphael changed into the everyday wear faster than I had expected. With a tilted head and a flirtatious look, he asked,

“Do you like it?”

It was perfect. He looked like my favorite delinquent, as if he had been born to wear those clothes. It was the feeling of discovering and refining a gem. No, to be precise, it felt more like casting a handsome man I had street-cast and decorating him to my liking.

“It’s good.”

That face would be acknowledged even if Evelyn dumped the Crown Prince 100 times. Somehow, just by showing his face once at this party, it felt like Ulysses might break up with me.