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On the day of the party, Ulysses sat on the sofa, anxiously tapping his leg nervously. Today, the man referred to as Evelyn’s fiancé would finally arrive.

‘Who is this guy that could make Lady Evelyn, who has been pursuing me, turn around so quickly?’

Dahlia mentioned that he might be an undercover fiancé. Ulysses initially thought so, too, but no matter how much he thought about it, it didn’t seem likely.

‘Unless she really hates me, there’s no way she would reject my…’

For the record, Ulysses’ “that” was unharmed.

Anyway, the important thing wasn’t that. In the Empire, there was probably no one better than the Praviche family, so who could this guy be who managed to seduce Evelyn in just one day?

‘It doesn’t add up unless he’s an undercover fiancé.’


‘No, even if he were an undercover fiancé, it wouldn’t make sense for him to reject me.’

“My Lord!”

Constantly being called snapped Ulysses out of his thoughts. And of course, by his side was his lover, Dahlia.

“My Lord, is something bothering you?”

Dahlia wore a concerned expression and sat beside Ulysses, holding his hand. The moment Dahlia’s soft hand touched him, all the distracting thoughts in Ulysses’ mind vanished like mist.

Ulysses suddenly smiled gently, feeling a sudden peace in his heart.

“No, nothing at all.”


Dahlia was convinced that Ulysses was hiding something. However, she couldn’t directly question him because Ulysses genuinely seemed to have no worries on his face.

Probing further would seem suspicious. Dahlia gave Ulysses her most affectionate smile and said, “The party is starting soon. Let’s go, My Lord.”

“Sure, let’s go.”

Ulysses stood up first and reached out to Dahlia. However, suddenly, the attire that Dahlia wouldn’t normally pay attention to caught Ulysses’ eye.

Ulysses sighed and said, “Didn’t I give you a dress?”

Ulysses had given Dahlia many gifts. However, she had never worn the dress he had given her, not even once.

Dahlia fidgeted with her hands and offered an excuse, “I thought it was too extravagant for me to wear.”

In truth, today, Dahlia had planned to wear the dress Ulysses gave her. It was to retaliate against Evelyn’s anger with her fan.

‘But what if the gentleman I met before happens to be here?’

The gentleman named Raphael seemed very modest. Not wanting to appear as a woman who loves luxury, Dahlia opted for a simple party dress, different from her usual attire.

However, Ulysses interpreted it differently.

‘Well, she probably didn’t wear it because she was often the target of Lady Evelyn’s anger.’

Feeling sorry for the hesitant Dahlia, Ulysses pulled her into his arms. Dahlia’s characteristic warmth enveloped him.

“There’s no way. That dress was made for you. If you don’t wear it, who else will?”

“I’ll be sure to wear it next time.”

“Good. It has to be.”

Ulysses let go of Dahlia with satisfaction, and she took his extended hand.

They left the imperial palace and got into a carriage. The carriage arrived at the main palace in an instant, and Dahlia cautiously alighted with Ulysses’ escort.

“Ulysses, Prince of Sardrium, may I―”


“My Lord?”

Ulysses stopped the herald before he could continue. Dahlia looked at him in confusion, but his gaze was fixed on something in the distance.

Following Ulysses’ gaze, Dahlia saw a shadow of lovers entwined in the corner.


Dahlia covered her eyes with both hands as if it were too much. Ulysses frowned.

“What audacity in the sacred palace…?”

“Fine, fine, My Lord. Let’s just go.”

But it wasn’t that simple. Ulysses had already heard more than enough.

“Go away, Raphael.”

“Just a moment. Just a little longer.”

The woman’s voice pushing the man away sounded too familiar.

‘No way.’

Ulysses moved involuntarily.

“My Lord!”

Although Dahlia hastily followed him, it was challenging to keep up with Ulysses’ strides.

Under the moonlight, the intertwined figures of the two froze Ulysses in place. Dahlia caught up, panting, and asked urgently.

“Uh, My Lord. Why in the world…?”

Dahlia couldn’t finish her sentence. It wouldn’t make any sense. Even though only their backs were visible, it was clear. The man with long chestnut hair was Raphael Celestian, the Viscount.

‘My Lord…?’

Dahlia’s eyes returned to the woman in Raphael’s arms. When the woman felt their gaze, she pushed Raphael away to reveal herself.

Evelyn, with her lavender eyes and flowing soft pink blond hair.

“…Lady Praviche.”

On Evelyn’s usually flawless appearance, there was one flaw this time.

A smudge of red lipstick, smeared beyond her lip line.

Ulysses’ lips twisted.

“Lady, what are you doing here?”

* * *

“Lady, what are you doing here?”

Ulysses and Dahlia were dumbfounded, and judging by their fixed gazes on my lips, I could tell what kind of misunderstanding they had. In truth, the reason my lips were smeared was quite simple.

‘A butterfly landing on my lips… was not a pleasant experience.’

No matter how beautiful Evelyn’s appearance might be like a flower, I never expected a butterfly to land there.

Butterflies were better seen from a distance. Seeing them up close was a bit creepy, and without realizing it, I panicked and freaked out. Latching onto me, Raphael was supposed to handle it, but who would have thought they would show up now.

‘Totally nice.’

Even after the butterfly was gone, it felt sticky and uncomfortable, so wiping my lips vigorously with the back of my hand was satisfying. Raphael holding me even after the butterfly was a godsend.

I laughed lightly, adding a fan flourish to their misunderstanding.

“What do you think I’m doing here? Don’t you see?”

“Why would you do something like this in the sacred palace?”

“Well, what’s wrong with a little lip-biting and sucking outside? We’re engaged, after all. Right, Raphael?”

“Exactly, Evelyn.”

The money-savvy Raphael nodded leisurely. Ulysses’ and Dahlia’s faces stiffened once again. Especially Ulysses, who asked foolishly,

“En…gaged? With him?”

“My fiancé, Viscount Raphael Celestian.”

Raphael gave a light bow. When I affectionately placed my hand on Raphael’s shoulder, he quickly wrapped his arm around my waist.

“His Grace asked me to bring him today. Do you believe me now?”


But their reactions weren’t what I had anticipated. Ulysses and even Dahlia were speechless, their mouths hanging open like mermaids.

‘Why are they acting like that?’

An uneasy feeling rushed over me. I said hastily,

“My Lord, we’ll go in first. It’s our duty not to enter later than His Grace.”

“We’ll meet again inside.”

We passed by the original couple. After distancing ourselves, I whispered to Raphael,

“Their reaction doesn’t seem favorable, does it?”

“Yes, it seems so. It’s more than saying the disturbance hasn’t disappeared. But rather than that, you should tidy up your lips.”


Perhaps accustomed to receiving attention since I possessed her, Raphael took out a handkerchief and tidied up my smeared lips.

I, used to being possessed, narrowed my eyes and pondered while Raphael smoothed my lips.

‘Why does she act so reluctantly when the villainess disappears?’

In “Oh, My Dahlia,” there were many villains, but until Evelyn died, they were just unpleasant to watch. There was no active interference like Evelyn’s.

So the biggest obstacle right now was me, Evelyn.

The villain had to disappear for the protagonists to have a happy ending. But with such a reaction…

‘Does the hellish relationship need me to be complete?’

The worst relationship where the couple’s hearts become one only in the presence of a villain.

‘Come to think of it, it was Ulysses who always took the lead in dealing with Evelyn…’

In the original, Ulysses was the prince on a white horse who rescued Dahlia from the villainess Evelyn.

But he’s surprisingly foolish. To put it nicely, he’s aggressive, or to put it badly, he has a bloody temperament.

Suddenly, the memory of the sun hat came to mind. Ulysses thought I had ruined the hat.

‘No way.’

At that time, a small suspicion had already emerged. Still immersed in shock, I side-eyed the back of Dahlia, who was bowing her head. Hoping it wasn’t true, I prepared for the worst.

A fox recognizes another fox. I asked Raphael,

“Raphael, in your opinion, how does Young Lady Hebe appear to you?”