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Despite hearing him call out to me, I found myself unable to respond. The weight of my memories overwhelmed me, drowning out his voice.

Lucian stood before me, unmistakably present, yet my vision blurred as Sihoo’s image overlapped with his. It was as if only Sihoo stood before me. Before I realized it, the surroundings transformed into the home I had lived in prior to being possessed, before I was cast aside.

Sihoo, wearing his high school uniform, was groaning at me.

“Are you really crazy or what? Leave me alone!”

“No, Sihoo…”

“Hey, Ahn Hye-young!”

My brother was so angry that he didn’t even listen to me. He showed me the phone he was holding in his hand.

“Here, look at this. How many times have you called and messaged me? Can you see, huh? Can you see it?”

“…I was worried because I can’t contact you.”

“F*ck! Really, are you nuts? Huh? Sending more than fifty calls just because I didn’t answer your call is really insane.”

“No, I just did it—”

Sihoo, who was shaking with anger, immediately glared at me with a fearful face. It was so strange that I looked at it puzzledly.

“Sister, get some treatment. You’re really out of your mind. I think you’re crazy. I’m not just saying it, I think you’re really crazy.”

Originally, Sihoo had a straightforward way of speaking, which helped to calm me down. However, whenever he started to label me as crazy, my anxiety levels would skyrocket.

“You just need to send me a message. Why do you keep ignoring me? Since you keep ignoring me, I contacted you.”

After hearing my words, Sihoo threw his phone at me with a ferocious expression.


I could hear the sound of my phone hitting my forehead and falling to the floor, and I felt something hot running down my forehead.

“It, it hurts…”

Even though I staggered with my hand on my forehead, Sihoo did not help me.

“Sihoo, please…”

I stretched out my hand and tried to ask for help, but the younger brother stepped back instead and muttered in a trembling voice.

“D*mn it, really. I wish I could just abandon someone like you.”

…Why did that little word come so clear?

And since when did he know that I wasn’t his real sister?

I thought he didn’t know. Nevertheless, I held onto the belief that my adoptive parents had a sense of conscience and would not have disclosed my past to him. This was why I developed a strong attachment to Sihoo, as he saw me as part of his own family.

It was through this connection that I was able to let go of certain behaviors that typically arise during adolescence.

However, did he know?

“I will tell mom and dad. I really can’t live with sister. Seeing you makes me go crazy, too, so stop now.”

He didn’t care at all about the flowing blood. I quietly stared at Sihoo with blood in my eyes, then asked quietly.

“What are you going crazy about?”


“Did you get locked up and hit? Were you starved? Or did you have to wake up with contemptuous glances every time?”


“Did I cling and ask to be adopted? Even if I had tocling, if you didn’t like it, you shouldn’t have adopted me. You were born because I was adopted. Do you know, you might not have been born if I hadn’t been adopted.”

At this time, as Sihoo said, I may have been a little crazy. Why did I vent my anger on my brother when it should have gone to my adoptive parents?

This was something I regret to this day.

“…You’re really crazy.”

“…Ah, I’m sorry. Sihoo.”

I was able to check Sihoo’s condition only belatedly.

Looking at the white face, my mouth was dry. At that time, I knew very well that there was nothing wrong with this child. I had already become an adult, and I did not know what kind of mind and what thoughts my adoptive parents had towards me.

Nonetheless, the obsession I had for Sihoo since childhood did not easily disappear.

He, too…

He treated me as a real family member.

When he called me ‘noona‘ with a face that didnt’ know anything, how could I give up what makes me able to breathe at that time.

He was my younger brother who was the reason for my life.

But… did he know everything?

I lowered my head, feeling a deep sense of loss and hopelessness that seemed to shatter my heart.

It felt like this was the final breaking point.

After holding back for so long, I finally gathered the courage to say the things that needed to be said, but in a fit of anger, Sihoo swore and turned away.

For the first time, I didn’t try to stop my brother from leaving. The upper floor of our adoptive parents’ two-story house was entirely his space. Sihoo, who had been storming around up there, couldn’t contain his frustration and began stomping his feet. Still, when I didn’t intervene, he looked at me with a hint of confusion.

Truth be told, I was exhausted at this point. I felt lost, unsure of my purpose or direction in life.

I didn’t understand why I went to college, and I despised myself for living off my adoptive parents’ money while being ignored and looked down upon like this. I hated myself, and now I was ready to step aside on my own… so why was he looking at me with such an unfairexpression?

Why did he still look at me as an older sister?

He admitted that I wasn’t.

While I was blankly thinking about that, Sihoo also bit his lip when he saw my expression… that expression he made when something didn’t go his way…

Nothing had changed since he was young, so my heart got weak again.


Following my habit, I called my brother and stepped forward, but Sihoo turned his back again. Anxiety that it would be the last time I saw him come rushing in, and I grabbed his clothes.

“Let go!”

He said earnestly as I almost clung to my younger brother, who rebelled wildly.

“Noona talked too much. I’m sorry.”

No matter how angry I was, I shouldn’t have said that…

Filled with regret that came too late, I frantically tried to pull my brother back.

But there was no way my younger brother, who had grown much bigger than me, would be easily swayed. Sihoo forcefully pushed me, causing him to tumble down the stairs.

The moment seemed to stretch out in slow motion, etching itself deeply in my memory. His eyes were wide open, locked onto mine, and I felt my breath catch as I watched my brother fall headfirst. And then, as if realizing it too late, I called out to my younger brother.


Surprised, before I could run, my adoptive parents came up from the first floor.

“Sihoo! My son!”

The adoptive father, bursting in a scream, came up and slapped me.

I, who was dizzy because I was already bleeding, fell down with a single slap.

Trampling on me, my adoptive father yelled loudly.

“You…! I shouldn’t have adopted you! I never thought I would be punished like this for violating my ancestors’ words not to adopt a black hair!”

“Darling! 119! Call an ambulance quickly!”

“Hah, hah. Wa, wait… Oh, my son!”

The blood flowing from my forehead and my personality seemed invisible to my adoptive parents. Even at that point, I went down the stairs with trembling legs, worried about Sihoo’s condition like an idiot.

And the look on Sihoo’s face was really…

…Like he saw a monster.








A gentle touch landed on my cheek, not too weak.

Startled, I snapped back to reality and gazed at Lucian with vacant eyes. He held me close, blood still trickling from my wounds. Hastily, I pressed my hand against the areas on my neck and shoulder that appeared most severe, attempting to staunch the bleeding.

“Luci, hurry up and call someone…”

But before I could utter another word, he covered my face. Despite his heavy breathing, his voice carried a kindness that brought tears to my eyes.

“I think it would be better if you kissed me.”


Given the gravity of the situation, where even calling the doctor right away wouldn’t suffice, I found it difficult to dismiss him abruptly as he continued to rub the tip of his nose and plead with me.

“Hurry… Please, Ray.”


In this situation where even calling the doctor right away wouldn’t be enough, I couldn’t push him harshly as he kept rubbing the tip of his nose and pleading.

Haa, deeper… huh?”

I delicately responded to his plea by extending my tongue, gently caressing his teeth, and then exploring deeper within his mouth. With tender strokes against the soft inner flesh of his cheeks, I encountered the fervent warmth that enveloped me.

Simultaneously, I intermingled our breath and saliva while using my hand to staunch the bleeding. With each passing moment, Lucian’s body grew weightier, mirroring his heightened response to our passionate kiss.

As he slid his tongue into my mouth, he succumbed to unconsciousness in that very moment.

My heart plummeted, landing heavily at my feet as I observed his serene expression, as if he had found the death he longed for.

However, the sensation of his breath reassured me, serving as my solace as I gently moved his body aside.

Unlike the times when he effortlessly lifted me, I managed to nudge his form ever so slightly. With hands that still trembled, I hurriedly examined his wounds. While blood continued to flow from those injuries, I discerned that they had somewhat begun to heal.

Instinctively, I was awakened to the realization that I had to continue kissing him in order to alleviate his wounds.