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“Yes. It was significant enough to be featured in the headlines of newspapers. It seems the temple is even accepting exhibition donations under the name ‘the Tears of the Saint’.”

Zion’s words lingered in her head.



「 In this world, those with very special powers leave behind soul stones containing their abilities and memories when they die. 」



Could it be that the gemstone was a soul stone?

At the thought, she thought that she might be able to identify the soul stone with her ability, the ‘opened’ eye. The thought that if it were a soul stone, she could obtain a tremendous power that could save not only Stella but even Damien made her heart race.

‘Zion, come quickly.’

After a moment, with a polite knock, Zion, dressed in a black butler’s uniform, opened the door and entered.

“Did you call me, master?”

Karentina’s mouth fell open in awe as she watched Zion’s graceful movements. He looked perfectly suited even in the mansion uniform.

As she was staring at him blankly, she suddenly came to her senses.

‘It’s the soul stone, right? It’s a stone left behind when people in this world die, containing their abilities and memories, isn’t it?’

[ That’s right. Oh, yes, Master. ]

‘Just be comfortable when you’re talking to me. So, can other people communicate with or talk to these soul stones?’

Zion shook his head firmly.

[ Impossible. To see the soul stone, you must have an open eye. So, to ordinary people, it just looks like an ordinary stone. ]

A stone and the temple…

‘There’s nothing to lose by knowing.’

Her determination to visit the temple was ignited.

[ Ugh.I hate the temple, but should I warp there for you if Karan wants to? I can do it if you make a wish. In exchange, give me some magic power. ]

Karentina’s eyes narrowed as she looked at Zion again, who looked like a puppy waiting for a treat.


Even though she had recovered some of her magic power, she couldn’t make a wish carelessly with the limited amount of magic she had regained.

“Br, brother?”

At that moment, Stella opened her eyes faintly.

“Are, are you okay? Are you a little conscious?”

“Brother… It hurts. Heuk—

With tears streaming down her face, Stella soon drifted back to sleep.

After casting a worried glance at the child, Karentina turned to Zion.

“Zion, prepare to go to the temple early tomorrow morning.”



゚・ : * ✧ * :・ ゚



The next day, early in the morning.

As the carriage left the castle, the white snow-covered mountains sparkled in the light. Leaving behind that exotic scenery, a bit further down the road, Applewood, known as the best shopping district in the north, appeared.

Applewood, representing the heart of the north, was a bustling area with various shops, including the temple. Recalling childhood memories, Karentina’s heart pounded with excitement as she envisioned the bustling center. The temple at the entrance of Applewood was impressively large and majestic, even from a distance.

When the carriage stopped near the temple, Zion, who had transformed into a coachman, hurriedly offered a hand to help her step down.

“Master, did I do well?”

“Yes, yes.”

As she petted his head, which looked like a dog seeking praise, the maid Sasha held her breath with a flustered expression.

“Ah, Young Lady. Even though it’s the center, please keep your robes tight.”

Saying so, Sasha carefully pulled the hood down deeply.

The moment Karentina stepped out of the carriage, she was speechless at the unbelievable sight.

“The street…”

The old buildings had cracks here and there, and the streets were dirty and messy. Contrary to the memories of bustling people and a unique culture blending well, it was dried up like a dead city.

Sasha hesitated and opened her mouth.

“The residents of the territory aren’t living well because taxes have risen a lot.”

When Sasha, who couldn’t blame Karentina, dropped her head, a pang of sadness hit her chest.

‘The amount of magic stones I confirmed from mining was unbelievably vast. But does this make sense?’

There was no reason for the wealthy duke to raise the taxes of the territory residents.

“The territory residents? I don’t see anyone around.”

“The adults are in the places where magic stones are mined. In Applewood, there are only poor children and elderly or sick people left.”

“And the nobles?”

“As for the vassal nobles who served under Duke Lorraine, the Viscount…”

It felt like she knew it without needing to hear the rest of the story.


It seemed that the greedy Uncle Maurice was killing the once vibrant and beautiful northern region.

‘I won’t let these people go.’

Karentina gritted her teeth in anger. She abruptly turned her head at the stinging gaze that landed on her. As her eyes met with a boy at the entrance of an alley, she was met with a cold gaze.