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At first, she was grateful for the help against the fairies, but Chrys felt bewildered.

‘Would he really take them all down here? As a guest? Without even knowing what’s going on?’

Maybe the Parent Tree was right. Despite not knowing his true identity, she didn’t have a good feeling about this. Standing awkwardly after the fight, she somehow locked eyes with Naskan.

As he nodded, Chrys understood his gesture and swiftly leaped up and transformed into her dragon form.

Crack, crack.

A twilight-colored wings emerged from her back, concealing her human appearance in an instant. Chrys, now in the form of a Twilight Dragon, grabbed Sol Noctis and Axen Arc and soared into the sky.

“What, what in the world is happening…”

Sol Noctis, who was suddenly lifted off the ground, looked baffled at first, though his face quickly turned pale and covered his mouth, likely from motion sickness.

Dragged by the back of his neck, Axen Arc looked calm and pulled out a telescope from somewhere.

“As expected of Dawn. Truly remarkable.”

This scene, with Naskan running rampant in the midst of battle, was being closely observed by this crazy devilkin who decided to act as a live broadcaster.

‘Is this okay?’

Even as they flew away, Chrys couldn’t shake off a sense of doubt about this decision.

“Thanks for the help in taking care of the senile tree! You b*stards!”

Naskan’s triumphant roar echoed from below.



“Those absurd things!”

Bam. Bam. Bam!

Chrys, in her dragon form, kicked the ordinary-looking trees as if they were the revered Parent Tree.

“I’ll tear that Skylte! D*mn b*stards!”

Escaping the deepest part of the Spirit Realm’s barrier and finally settling in a sparsely populated area, the two men finally had a moment to catch their breath. However, she, still seething with anger, couldn’t contain herself and unleashed her frustration on a sturdy tree.

Axen Arc tried to stop her, but Sol Noctis, using one arm, intervened to hold him back. Not a word was spoken, just a nod.

Haa… Hu, Haa…”

After a while, Chrys stopped his actions and gasped for breath.

Gasp, d*mn… uugh—uhk…”

Exhausted from the ordeal, Chrys dropped to her knees while retching. Her head was spinning, and she couldn’t endure it.

Haa… I almost miscarried.”


“What did you say!”

The men, who had been silently watching her, rushed over, surprised by her words.

Hastily finding a nearby spot to sit, they forced Chrys to sit down. Seeing the serious expressions examining her, it seemed they had genuinely taken her casual remark to heart.

“…I mean, I was just joking.”

“What kind of joke is that!”

Sol Noctis wiped his pale face with a trembling hand. The irritated demeanor seemed as if his own child had almost miscarried.

…Well, in this case, there was some truth to it, but anyway, he was too sensitive.

Sol Noctis glanced towards the direction of the Spirit Realm barrier for a moment before turning his gaze back to Chrys.

“…What crime did you commit?”


“Why on earth did those disgusting bastards show up?”

Well, in this situation, she did have something that could be considered a crime.

The fairies who approached her were the official guards of the Parent Tree, the Skylte Guard. They were active when protecting the World Tree or carrying out its orders while living without much happening elsewhere.

Usually, they appeared when screening out and expelling fairies who hadn’t achieved proper results or suppressing those who could potentially rebel.

Considering Sol Noctis’s background as a dry branch, it was likely that he didn’t get along well with such individuals.

However, how should she respond to that? If harming the World Tree was a crime, then it seemed like she had committed a sin. Still, it was self-defense. She acted that way because the Parent Tress was acting crazy as if she was a disaster.

How could she explain this to Sol Noctis, a fairy who spent his entire life bound to the Parent Tree?

Nevertheless… the dream she had been having was also bothering her. The figure leading the burning of the Parent Tree in the dream was undoubtedly Sol Noctis, even though his appearance was much darker than it is now.

If Chrys were Dawn, she might have been able to honestly tell Sol Noctis about the possibility of him confronting the World Tree in that dream.

Though she was Twilight.

What did that even mean?

“Chrys, I’m dying.”

“What are you talking about, ah…!

She thought that Axen Arc was making nonsense again in the midst of serious contemplation. However, smoke was rising from the pendant around his neck.

Chrys urgently reached out to his throat.

“No! Look at this.”

The magic control device had a structure that the wearer couldn’t directly touch. She almost tore off the necklace. Axen Arc’s skin, which touched the restraint, was reddish and looked as if it had been burned.

Since the restraint burns magic in case of problems, the inside was likely more damaged.

Cough, cough…”

“Are you okay? I mean, why did you insist on following…”

Common sense dictates not to do such things to a guest. Even if he was a devilkin, Sol Noctis, who had established a certain position in the spirit world, was a guaranteed guest, and there was even Dawn as a companion.

This was clearly because of her.

…From being chased by the guards when trying to leave the spirit world to the magic control device on Arc, despite being guaranteed.


Sol Noctis, understanding the implication, had a very tense face.

“What really happened?”

Chrys turned her head laboriously to look at Sol Noctis. It wasn’t the usual refined profile. When she said she almost miscarried, and now, he seemed constantly worried about her.

He had reason to worry, for whatever reason.

Their visit to the spirit world came entirely depending on Sol Noctis, and with this issue, he had the potential to suffer tremendous disadvantages.

Rather than leaving quietly, she had injured the Parent Tree and fled. Despite the spirit world being the domain of the Parent Tree and the fairies, she rejected their proposal, and even Dawn went on a rampage.

She was not a good guest by any means.

“Could you at least tell me what happened?”

Chrys examined Sol Noctis’s expression again. She could sense his discomfort in this situation. Normally, he would have taken such words as sarcasm and had a face as someone frustrated by a blocked path to success.

Starting from working in laboratory experiments to entering the spirit world together, the brief few days brought back memories of her past vulnerable self. If she hadn’t experienced all these recent events, she might have doubted him, telling him to grovel before the Parent Tree.

Sol Noctis’s expression now didn’t seem to be calculating the disadvantages that would fall on him.

Just pure concern.

This newfound trust was partly due to Sol Noctis’ strange face in the dream while confronting the Parent Tree. Why did he set the Parent Tree on fire in her dream? How did he know the Parent Tree’s weakness as if offering help in a crucial moment?

Should she believe him? Should she take his side? Should she provide answers?

She didn’t know. At least, she had never thought of relying on others until now, wanting to be understood.

After much contemplation on what to say, Chrys spoke candidly, as was her nature.

“That rift… It might be because of me.”


“The Parent Tree said disaster would come because of me.”

“…Can’t you speak properly? I don’t know if you’re joking like before or trying to say something. I can’t seem to understand what you’re saying.”